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 I'm stopping smoking on 1st Feb?
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 Bizzare things happening to my belly it's jumping, no seriously!HELP!?
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 How did you quit smoking?
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 Embarrasing, but i'll ask anyways?
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 I get too tired too easily. Advice?
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 ACK!! Why can't I sleep?
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I'm desparetly trying to quit smoking!The patch constipates me terribly!Any alternatives besides cold turkey?
I've tried cold turkey, high fiber foods,laser.Nothing helps.I'm at my wits end!Want to quit sooooo bad!!!Please help!

There's a medication called Zyban, it really does help you to give up cigarettes, you would however need a script from your GP.

Rachel L
Chantix is a non nicotine medication that is supposed the help you quit smokeing. Try asking your doc about it. Its pricey but so are the patches

Susan Yarrawonga
Contact the Quitline and join a Quit Smoking Clinic.

After being a smoker for 27 1/2 years I decided to quit. I found a MD in my area and had acupuncture done. At that time it was 6 treatments for 75.00. Haven't had a cigarette in over 7 months :)

There are so many different methods, patch, gum, inhalator... Go to your pharmacy and ask about all the different methods and you can see which ones works best for you, becos every smoker is different.

Heinz M
Tapering off and self control. ~

David K
Speak to your doctor as he/she will be happy to make you stay off smoking.

instead of cold turkey you can do it in steps like one day you smoke 5 the next you smoke 4 and so on that's how my boyfriend quit.

control ur self bout dont quit cold turkey
10 in 1 day
9 the next
8 the next
all the way until u quit
keep urself busy don't let yourself think about it!

Have a peppermint each time you crave a cigarette, the craving will go away.

And to have lots of water, and the nicotine will wash out

Make sure you get a lot of fresh air and exercise, it will help your brain recover

have faith

I've tried to quite smoking at least 10x in the past from the patch, gum, cold turkey ( miserable), I tried everything. ..

The only thing that worked like a charm is this medicine called CHANT IX. Your Doctor has to prescribe it; you take this little blue pill once in the morning and once at night for a few weeks. The first week you are on it, you can smoke so the medicine builds up in your system. After a week and you try to smok because it's habit; you will feel no stress relive, you will not feel it in the back of your throat, It will feel like smoking nothing... It is a miracle medicine! It blocks something in your brain so you will have no withdraw systoms and you will not have any desire to smoke cigarettes.

The habit of smoking is the hardest to break but once you quite you will feel so much better, barley cough any and be able to breath much better. Plus, you will have extended your life by a few years and save lots of money! Good luck, You can do it. Seriously check out Chant ix, it's well worth it!

[email protected]
Try the commit lozenge. My mother in law was trying to quit and the lozenge was like a cough drop the gives you low dosages of a nicotine substitute. It was very effective for her. It starts off at a high dosage then decreases. You can find it almost every pharmacy.

Have you tried hypnotism? It worked for me really well, but my wife sitting right next to me and was even taken up on stage to prove that she was hypnotized didn't work. I think it was cause she didn't want to believe in it therefore she refused to try to make it work.

theres an injection that has a 70% success rate,i seen it on tv, talk to a doctor i cant remember much about it but no side effects and no risk.

Twin--you can level with us--woman???Right...Stop buying---throw away what you have--no such thing as a last puff. Drink coffee in the morning--quit...Coffee cigerette association. Drink beer or other spirits--same--quit. Smoking is no longer socially acceptable. You will never understand how smelly and stinky nausating cigeretts --pipes--cigars-- till you quit and then ask yourself why did you start in the first place...Weed is 2 times worse at ripping out the lungs. To help stop---clean your nicotine stained house--cllean your smelly clothes---clean your nasty car---Don't paint over nicotine stains the brown will bleed thru
The best time to quit is when you get up in the morning and did not smoke. Now Quit --Never light up another.

Cold Turkey---Cold Chicken---Cold Duck--Cold Roast Beef
Call it whatever. Usually women who date and you smoke and promise to quit never do--lose the lady. The women know that. Smoke and be smelly cool or quit and have sweet lovin in your life.


congrats on having the strength to quit!

my friends mom used this method:

every time you crave a cigarette, eat a wintergreen mint from lifesavers...they taste great and will take your mind of cigarettes!!

good luck!!

single occupant
Here's a technique that really helped a friend of mine: she carried around a little jar with some water in it. Every time she smoked a cigarette, she, put the butt in there, to get soggy and nasty. Every time she wanted another cigarette, she first had to open the jar and take a sniff.

She quit in two weeks.

If you want to quit you can.

i stopped smoking when i became pregnant with my son, i did it cold turkey, but i did carry a cigarette and when i needed a puff i would puff away, only difference is that it wasnt lit! i also had an elastic band on my wrist and would twang it as much as possible to delay the craving. as a former smoker i find its the habit i miss and not the nicotine! good luck! dont try the gum its horrid!

Jackie Oh!
Please try to quit smoking and do it cold turkey if you can. Try hypnosis.

My mother died in December from COPD, which is emphysema and bronchitis, she suffered with this for 10 years. It is a slow, suffocating death where you never have enough air to breath. Imagine going through life for 10 years gasping to breath even on oxygen.

Please quit smoking! You can do it. It's all in your head-just tell yourself you don't want them and they make you sick.

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