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had it for about 10 days on and off....

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The Ghost
I'm building a bomb shelter in my house, what medicine should i have and how much can i expect to spend?
How much would it cost to but enough medicine for ten people, a wide gammit of medicine, about a clinic's worth of medicine for 10 people. I would imagine that the medicine would have to be replaced every so many years. Is there discounts for buying in bulk. I know it'll get expensive, but how expensive is expensive? I'm looking for a real answer, this is important.

LOL why are you building a bomb shelter do you live in Baghdad or something?

Mr. Know It All

leonard s
the medication would only last a year or so. it's not inportant.

Clumsical of the !MC! Squad
half the medicines you would need you would get arrested for trying to buy in such quantities anyway, so i would suggest just hope you get lucky if a bomb comes, that no one is sick

15 M
why r u f***ing building a bomb shelter freak

Jackie 64
if there is a nuclear attack bomb shelter wont help you much
you will just die of radiation poisoning slowly and painfully

1. medicine 4 ur mental illness
2. pills and headache medicine in case u get nervous
3. rlly expensive
4. dont 4get 2 get food

CocaCola Babe
Do you l;ive in like a war area? Or are you just one of those people who are scared? Well a lot of $$$$

cam s
This a real answer!

It is not fake

lots of iodine and cotton balls. Gauze pads are important too.

Collin K
You dont need a bomb shelter...

Make sure you have a very basic first aid kit. Many first aide kits come with medication. Make sure you have the typical pain killers, antacid, and antihistamine. Also be sure to have all prescriptions. But you need to make sure that you rotate it. I'm not sure what you mean by a clinic's worth. Because that's not entirely exact, or reasonable.
Try Costco. They sell bulk medication.

Where the heck do you live? and if people are seriously trying to bomb you stay where you are!

Mary Jo W
a lot
but, if you are afraid of a nuke war, and want to survive,
building for 10........good luck.
you better have a huge warehouse, and tons of food and water.
better figure a septic system in as well.
I want to be at ground zero when it happens.
vaporized in a second

louie l
a medicine called booze take two bottles and call me in the morning.

bill a
LSD It will make your shelter seem nicer.lol

Your So stupid.

mike c
If you are really serious about this, then I would make sure I had plenty of pain meds, Ibuprophen, tylenol. Plenty of cold medicine like sinus pills and cough meds. But most of all you need to make sure you have prescription antibiotics, cepro, erythromycin and such, Dont forget bandages and rubbing alcohol,and stomach meds, there is no telling what you'll need in the future.

jard jard binx
one word, "paranoia".

Look Away, I'm Hideous
go to Mexico to get your meds. you can take back three boxes(months) of each prescription, but you will have to fly into a non border state or they will limit you to one month.

Go to the American Red Cross web site. They have a list of everything you should have in an emergency shelter, including how much for each person.

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