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 I can't sleep. Any adivce?
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I'm Sleeping in to Long...?
well im not gunna lie, i get to bed late almost every night, and sometimes so do my friends, but they dont have a problem getting up in the morning, i sleep in till like 1:00 pm every day and i dont mean to, but i cant help it. my mom trys to wake me up but i just cant and its wasting the day away and i dont like it. to make a long story short does anyone have any advice on getting up and not sleeping in? and dont say go to bed earlier or use an alarm clock because they dont work for me, i just fall back asleep...so thanks :)

Dawn M

Natalie P
Maybe go to a sleep doctor. They set out a plan of ways for you to fall asleep earlier and wake earlier.

Once you get into a better pattern it shouldn't be a problem.

Good luck

go everyday to bed a a certain time and 12 is not "early"
if u want to wake up before 1pm then go to bed at like 9 and mayb it would help to c a sleep doc.

gwen p
You have answered your own question! You know what is wrong so correct it.

neal d
I have the same problem and even when I am tired at night it takes a while for me to wind down and fall to sleep. One thing that I have noticed is that when I sleep longer I feel more tired. If I only get 6-7 hours of sleep I feel much better. And I did hear about a new study that said people really only need 6 hours of sleep instead of 8. So maybe try that. I dont think all people need the same amount of sleep. And this does work for me so I hope you try it!

Get some sleeping pills to go to bed earlier, and you in your question you spelled to wrong it's too not to :]

Diane M
Everyone is different as far as the amount of sleep that they need.
Even though you said don't say it...go to bed earlier!

From the Mt. Sinai Sleep Study Treatment Program, they tell you to slowly move back your sleep time...about an hour at a time.
Create a regular bedtime routine. Do the same thing every night. Don't do exercise within 4 hours of sleep; avoid computers, texting, etc.

Brush your teeth, wash up, get into sleep clothes, read something boring, etc.
Make room as dark as you can.
Just before bed eat a snack of lean protein on whole grain bread. Whole grain carbs make you tired.
Keep room a bit cool.

If you wake up during night, DO NOT look at clock.

If this may not work make yourself sleep less...about 2 hours less than you usually sleep. Then after a few days cut another hour.

You ought to be sleeping about 9 hrs a day if you're a teen.

Sleeping more will just make your sleep worse. If you are not drinking, doing drugs or have something medically wrong, you should be able to make yourself wake up.

Have your mother open blinds/shades in windows.

Try Melatonin...take 3mg 1st night; 2mg 2nd nite, 1 mg. 3rd nite, none 4th nite, 5th nite repeat rotation. This will prevent your own melatonin from turning off.

You can do it if you want.

Good luck

Christina P
i sleep for 12 hours and then wake up you might just ned more sleep.. only good thing is I can stay up all night if I have to then just catch up with a bit over 12 the next day

Just get your "dead a** out of bed...........If you were in the miitary you would be up.........trust me........they will throw your bed and you across the room..........they take no prisoners....so force yourself to get your butt in bed by 10 and up at 7, you will be a better and healthier person for it.....It sounds tough..........but it's not.......you will feel better and have less problems........just get moving.......We were up at 4 or 5 in the military.......I know that's rough....but 7 is a must.......just do it

Wish I know the answer to this one. I have the same problem. I don't take in any caffeine or sugar after 3pm. I try to stick with a routine before I go to bet and take sublingual melatonin supplements. Melatonin is produced by the body while you sleep and is supposed to help you get to sleep. I haven't found I get to sleep any faster yet, but at least I'm replacing what my body is losing by not getting a good night's sleep.

Get yourself a job and get into a steady routine.If you put in a days work you will feel the need to retire earlier in the evening and feel fresh in the morning.You should be thrown out of the house so you can see the world through the eyes of an adult not a wimpy kid.

I realize "sleeping" is not the problem here but perhaps going to bed earlier might be part of the solution. In order to do that you may need to "disconnect" from electronics (computer, gaming, tv, music, etc.) for a couple of hours before you hit the hay.

Several people I know have taken melatonin (sp?) and that helps them GET to sleep.

My teenage son has friends who sleep that late too, but they aren't going to bed until 3,4, and 5 a.m.

If you're going to bed at a decent hour (10pm?) and are still having this trouble, you should probably seek medical advice.

How old are you? I'm suspecting you're probably a teenager going through a growth spurt and therefore need a lot of sleep, which is fine. But you're right that sleeping through the day can make a person depressed. I don't know how else you expect to wake up earlier without the two things you mentioned (getting to bed earlier or using an alarm clock). I mean, what are the alternatives? If your body isn't waking up on its own, you need help, either an alarm or someone waking you. If you CAN find a way to wake up earlier, you'll eventually be tired earlier in the evening and your schedule will start to shift. But if you enjoy going to sleep at 1:00 a.m., I don't think your sleep schedule will alter too much, unless you get to the point of needing less sleep.

Some peopel are night owls some not, you are like my daughter and possibly need more sleep than the norm.
but once she got a job and saw those paychecks she started getting tired sooner and waking earlier. she loves that money, haha! thats all I can say.

Get a less comfortable bed.

There is an easy way to correct this. If there is NO underlying psychological problem, then you simply have your sleep-wake cycle turned around. To turn it back around you need to hold off on sleeping and stay awake as late as you can. For example, tonight go to bed at 3am. Wake up at whatever time. The next day go to bed at 5am. The following night go to sleep at 7am. You see a pattern? The next night don't go to sleep AT ALL, but rather stay awake through the night and into the morning and throughout the afternoon. That night you will be VERY tired and I assure you you will sleep deeply and peacefully around 9pm or earlier and will wake up the next morning very early and fully rested.

If you want a faster result then stay up all night tonight but dont wimp out and fall asleep at sunrise. You need to stay up the WHOLE day. You will probably feel miserable and I don't recommend you drive around or operate machinery.

I have seen this method prescribed with success to a mother whose 10 year old son would stay up late watching movies and playing videogames.

If there is a psychological problem underlying your situation it will be harder to turn your cycle around. Usually the problem is attributed to your brain making a positive coorelation with staying up late. You need to reprogram your brain into making a possitive relation with sleeping early. I have seen this technique applied by a clinical psychologist to a pedophile. The reverse method would be to create a negative relation, i.e. to connect sleeping late to a negative (almost repulsive) idea. I have only seen this done once on a voyuerist but it did not work. Either of these two methods would require careful planning and guidance by a proffesional therapist.

Best of luck, and take care.

Your body may be a little dehydrated. So you drink a lot of soda instead of water? Caffeine and lack of water can dehydrate your body and cause your brain to want to sleep a lot. Try drinking two glasses of water when you get up in the morning, one half hour before you eat, and two hours after you eat. Also drink water during the day whenever you are thirsty instead of soda or juice.

I learned this from www.watercure.com and Dr. B's book, "You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty"

I've got the same problem, here's how to fix it:

set your alarm for say 9:00, and when it goes off, get up, turn it off, and run to the kitchen and have coffee or Mountain Dew! That night you'll be so freakin exhausted you'll fall asleep at a normal time, then have no problem waking up if you do this everyday.

When you say, "going to bed earlier and alarm clocks don't work" you are saying "I am going to fail". It is simply mind over matter. If you really wanted to get up early, you would do so. Any more questions?

Do you remember waking up a lot during the night? or maybe even having very vivid dreams?

Do you aerate your room so that you have plenty of oxygen to breath in? If not, open your windows during the day and perhaps even keep your door open during the night. It also helps to have thin curtains which let the light in...as the body's internal clocks knows that it must wake up when it sees light. Thick curtains would trick your body into thinking it's night time...which the body's internal clock interprets as 'sleep time.'

Put a glass of water right next to your bed. When you wake up make sure you drink the whole glass. Then if you feel like sleeping after all of this...i'm sure your full bladder will probably get you out of bed. Once your out of bed...make your bed..so it's not as appealing to get in.

the problem could be more serious...something like sleep apnoea, a condition where you don't inhale enough oxygen during sleep..which might even cause you to wake up during the night. In this case it's best to go to a sleep doctor, but chances are like most of us you probably can't be bothered. Make sure your you eat well during the day...go to the doctors and get a blood test. you might be iron deficient...which i know from experience can make a person VERY tired.

I hope this helps and that you try it out, as i haven't mentioned anything about alarm clocks or getting to bed earlier ;)

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