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 Would you rather lose your leg.....?
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 Now I am old I cannot believe it is here...you never think that you?
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I'm 19 can i still grow any taller than i already am?
I'm 5'8 what else could i do besides drinking milk, streching, proper nutrition, and more sleep to become taller??

You can't "Do" anything to become taller.. It's mostly in your genetics.

Men stop growing when they reach the age of 18.

Plus don't worry :) 5'8" is pretty tall

Nothing besides dangerous hormones which are extremely dangerous to take.

You've grown all you're going to, Shorty...

Amanda Lee

Cracker Jax
Boys complete growing in height at 21 and gals at 18.

five eight is really not short you'll be o.k with a good eating and workout regimen.

Eat your veggies...

I really think you would be better served by concentrating on being the best that you can be with what you have to "work with"! My son had a complex about being short, and went through many years wasting time and energy trying to be something he is not. He now says he wishes he had gotten over it sooner. Try to focus on something you really can change. Besides, your height is within what is considered "normal range" by our society's standards. My son is 5'5"!!

5'8 is a good height for me ;-) you don't have to grow taller

There is nothing you can do. Your genetic gene's will determine how tall you become. But guys can grow until they are 21. Girls usually stop growing at 18.

yeah you can still grow, but it's less likely to happen. im 5'10" and i think i've finally stopped growing. :)

Jeep Driver
That's really about all you can do.

There is no definite age at which you stop growing. You could hit a growth spurt when you turn 20, you could hit one at 24. Who knows. All depends on how quickly you matured and if your growth plates are still open. You can (not reccomended) take growth hormone to speed your growth, assuming your growth plates are still open. However, this can sometimes result in funky side effects.

If you're looking for the hormone route, consult an endocrinologist.

well, you might grow another inch, but don't count on it. but anyways, you don't have to be tall to be hott. take axl rose for example, he's only 5'8 and he WAS the hottest guy ever. in fact, he was so hot that he could turn any guy gay... anyways, my point is that 5'8 isn't that short, even though its a little short. ;) hope this helps if you understood anything i'm talking about.

why yes honey theres always a possibility that young men your age are not done growing yet.

dreson k
you may grow taller. I did I grew at least another inch from 19-21 but i don't think you can induce any more lenght you will grow to your predestined hight

Nunoyvgvna Awi
Your height is set be genetics....milk makes bones stronger, more dense, not longer....stretching makes muscles more elastic and tendants more flexible, has nothing to do with bones and proper nutrition is basic over all body health, does not cause bones to grow for most part.

You will be the height you will be. A good way to figure this out is to average out the height of your parents. Sometimes add in both sides of grandparents heights as well and divide by the total of people. You'll be within 1" of that height.

Most men stop growing by 20, most height is done by 18. Feet, hands, shoulders and groin is what continues for a bit to 20. Ending of the hormonal change from puberty.

you stop growing UP when you are about 18, for guys anyway. after that you start growing OUT! if you are 19 and 5'8" you arent going up anymore.

Play sports and be active.

yep ur gonna grow until ur 21 im 6' 3 meself.

Heck yes you can. Your body doesnt stop developing until your 25

More than anything you can do, at this point, it actually resides in the genes. Our family has late growth. My grandfather grew an inch after he got out of the military at age 22. I am female, went through menarche at age 12, but grew almost two inches after I got to college. My brother graduated from high school at 5'7" and in college, reached his adult height of 6'2". But many families do not grow that late. If you really want to know, you will have to spend the money for an endocrinologist who specializes in growth issues. They take detailed family history, and determine bone age, and if the growth plates have indeed closed.

Five feet eight inches is well within the average height for adult males. Depending on how much confidence you have in yourself, which will be reflected in your body language, you may be perceived as much taller. Concentrate on your inner self, finding a talent and perfecting it, broad basic knowledge of this world, and emotional maturity, and you will be less concerned about feet and inches.

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