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lu h
I'm 12 years old & having a Blood Test. Will the Needle sting ? Plz help me?
Mum is taking me to the nurse for a Blood Test.

I'm scared & don't want to go. Will the needle sting me ?

Are the nurses nice? Will she mind if i'm scared & start to cry ?

i didnt even feel it when i got it done and it depennds on the nurrse you get how nice they are mine was nice but i dont think they would really hire a mean person for that job

the toughest wrestlers cry.... so don't worry.. depends where the needle is going to be.. if on your top shoulder then it feel's like... em... a useless bee trying to hurt you but don't feel anything... and nurses must be nice it's how they where trained....

i got my first one when i was 12 too..

i fainted.


(it wont hurt at all, but i fainted when i looked)

There are better needles that wouldnot hurt you.they will definately use a better one,ad the nurses are always polite and loving.

well think pinch your skin with 3 millimeters between your fingers and squeeze n its the same feeling just don't look or tense when it happens.

bearbear w
Of course it will sting, but it just for a nanosecond. 'Its like bitten by a mosquito' thats what the nurse told me when i was 5 and it was true.I saw kids and even teens cried when they have their injections and sometimes they even turn as pale as a sheet of white paper!! But dont be scared cause those kids or teens are afraid of blood or a cry baby thats all ! Be brave sweetie ! I tried before and i didn't even cried and i was so proud of it!! Brave and courage thats all you need!!

Good Luck and be BRAVE!!

Hurts less than getting your ears pierced, and the nurses are always nice.

You will be okay.It will sting a little but you get over it.

Don't be scared, it's not such a big deal. Once it's over you'll wonder why you were scared to begin with. The needle will pinch a bit and, if they are taking a lot of blood, feel more like someone pressing down on your arm with their finger than a needle.

I'm sure the nurse is nice, but it won't matter because it'll be over before you know it. Anticipation is the worst part and you'll be relieved once it's done.

If you get really scared, no one will mind if you cry. Go in with an iPod or something to keep you distracted if you think that will help. Of course, your mom can be with you to hold your hand, too.

Just the smallest pinch. You'll feel it but it won't hurt much and once it's done it doesn't hurt at all Helps to look away if you're nervouse so you're not quite so tense. Staff are so good and if you're worried..tell them it's your first blood test...they'll make sure to be extra careful. Nurses won't mind if you cry/pass out..they're used to it. Lots of adults faint. You'll do great!

Andrew L
no, its not painful really, the scarriest are needles in ukraine, there they have these hooks on them and stufff. the biggest pain is when u put yo hands in the dirt and get infection there....it hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was also very scared before my first blood test. and it really does not hurt that much at all. the secret is - you must just relax your muscles while the nurse inserts the needle. and DO NOT WATCH!turn your head away from the nurse and your arm. but ask her to tell you before she insert the needle. most nurses are nice and very understanding. tell her beforehand that it is your first time and that you are very scared. Good luck!!

The needle will probably sting, but the pain will only last a few seconds. Most nurses and medical assistants are very nice and extra sensitive to children's needs. They are used to such reactions and won't mind. You should be able to have your mom with you, so don't worry. Everyone is there for your best interests. Good luck. Try to get ice cream afterward!

nurses are nice dont worry they understand somepeople fears .there are big strong wieght lifters that are afriad of needles ,dont worry it will be fine when your done you will be wondering what the big deal was for good luck

Be Still and know He's God
Haha, I used to think it might hurt too. But it doesn't, and now I sorta like it (I give plasma).

Sue B
Awwww you're a sweetheart.
It stings for a second. That's it!

Look away - most people do.
Think of this. Everyone has shots & blood tests. Be brave. Sit tall, take a deep breath and it will be over in a split second.
Remember.....be brave, young one! Then - go home proud of yourself!

pinch your arm. that is what it will feel like. the nurse will not mind if you are scared and start to cry, people cry all of the time due to the needle. it's intimidating, just try not to think about it. if an adult is coming with you, ask them if you can squeeze their hand or if they can come in the room with you. the pain is not that bad at all, and it's quick.

good luck!

I was scared to death at your age too. I passed out the first time.

It pinches when the needle goes in (do not watch) and then that's it.

It's quick, relatively painless and you have no need to worry.

I absolutely don't mind needles anymore. Good luck.

Most nurses are very nice and understand that you maybe scared. If you pinch yourself that's probably as hard as it will hurt.

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