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A! C! S!
How much water is a person supposed to drink in a day?
Im 13 and by the way if that affects it at all.

Uygug J
8 glasses

1/2 a gallon (or 8 glasses/cups give or take). But I've been told that's not really necessary, because food we eat has a lot of water in it anyway. Honestly, drink if you're thirsty, try to make your pee as clear as possible.

8 cups

which is either 64 or 48 fl oz.

8 8 oz. cups of water

Greg C
Depends on body weight and the type of food you eat plus activity level.

8 cups of water

helllooooo life!
8 glasses...
or if you can't, try drinking what your body needs, and maybe if you want, add a little bit more everyday until your drinking 8 glasses.

8 cups

you should take 3 liters per day and a healthy diet

Most healthy teenager/adults need between one and a half to three litres a day, so aim to drink six to eight medium glasses of fluid daily. Beverages such as tea, coffee and fruit juices count towards fluid intake, and may bring with them other nutrients or benefits.

You may require more fluid if you're very physically active or during periods of hot weather.

You can judge whether you're drinking enough by the colour of your urine. If it's a pale straw colour then your fluid intake is probably fine. If your urine is dark yellow, you probably need to drink more.

Christina S
8 glasses, but did you know most every drink you drink has water in it so your drinking a lot per day. But try to lay off soda and sugary drinks, there bad for you

mike m
Yea you might need more depending on how much sodium you consume

The standard answer is 48 oz.=1/2 gal.
Research has shown that this is just a guess. What is important is that you get 48 oz. of LIQUID/day. That means cold drinks, coffee, tea, juices any and everything that has liquids. However 48 oz./day is a MINIMUM.

Drink whenever you feel thirsty is the advice most doctors give now. However, you should not drink more than 72 oz./day without checking with the doctor as to why you're so thirsty.

More that 108 oz./day can cause water intoxication that Can lead to death w/o additional salts and enzymes.

They say a lot...
It makes me wonder: How do they expect us to play outside and all that, go to school, all that. If they want us to drink so much water and eat so much healthy food, aren't we going to be in the bathroom all day?

8 glasses is the standard but if you play sports and during warmer weather it's best to drink a little more.

Here's a great site to have a read of:-


[email protected]
8 glasses but not everyone gets 8 glasses a day so just enough so your not dehydrated or have a huge headache.

Kyle Y
eight 8 oz. glasses.

on average 64 ounces or 2.3 liters but it differs person you're younger so probably less.

A person
I think correct amount is 16 oz.
Around 2 bottle of water.
Since you are 13 may you want to ask for second opinion.

8 - 10 eight ounce glasses.

I've heard around 2 liters. That also counts in your food intake.

Bonnie Blue
On the average of each day 8 - 8 ounces glasses of water a day. If you are exercising or live in a hot climate and perspiring more than usual you can drink more according to your thirst level. You brain sends a message to your body when it's becoming dehydrated.

64 ounces or

eight 8 oz. glasses

Mr. Goodkat
Half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 110 pounds, you should drink 55 ounces of water.

Anthony G
They say 8 glasses a day...64 ounces.
Some also say drink when you are thirsty...
Your pee should be clear... if it's not...then drink more water.

at least 8 cups
but we all kno no one would do that:)

so eating fruits helps as well with the water in it also with vitamins and minerals

Skittels S
1.5 Liters minimum, also 8 cups. It might be a little less depending on how tall / big you are.

8 ounces 8 times a day!

Melanie Z
Each person is suppose to drink half of their body weight in in ounces.For example: If a girl weighs 100 pounds then she would drink 50 ounces of water a day.

8 8oz glasses per day

3- 8 oz glasses

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