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 A pencil lead is stuck in my palm since I was 5 years old. I'm now 48. Is this poisonous?.?
There's no pain. But sometimes intimidating....

 I can't wake up in the morning and my alarm clock is loud. Is there a louder one out there?
I can't wake up in the moring. I have missed the bus many times, and my alarm clock is very loud but does not work for me. Is there an alarm clock that any one knows about that will wake up even ...

 can anybody please tell me what's good for migraine headaches?
she's taking presciption pills already but it not helping. this prescription is not the first they (doctors) have given ...

 I'm soooo tired, what is the best way to keep me awake?

 quitting smoking. feel horrible. help?
it has been a few days since i started to quit smoking. i have the gum and it seems to work okay but i still feel like a truck has run over me (even when i use the gum). I have also tried the patches ...

 how long would you live if all your veins burst at once?
lets say all your veins burst at once and your body fills with blood...or would it? lemme know....

I go into my bad about 10:00 im only 13 years old. And i turn of all the lights i close at the wall then close my eyes. And i never fall asleep im just thinking about things and stuff. Maybe its ...

 cutting, normal or not???
i was wondering if i cut more than normal at one time. i dont cut that often, maybe once a week but when i do i do what i feel like its a lot.
(these are on my leg)

 Mommy is taking me for a Blood Test. I'm scared, and don't want it. PLEASE HELP ME I'm 13.?
I'm 13. Mommy is taking me for a blood test - to test for something.

I'm really scared of needles - so don't want to go

She can't make me go - can she ?

 Hypochondriac's Delight - What do you think you are dying from?
So, like many hypochondriac's, I wake up in the morning and before I even get a cup of coffee I start worrying why I am so tired and what I must be dying of. Then all day long I find myself ...

 What's the best way not to think about smoking when trying to give up?
Gave up 5 minutes ago and really want to do it this time....

 Does chapstick have an expiration date?
I got thinking,and does chapstick have an expiration date?...

 Dizzy for over a week?
I have been dizzy for over a week and my doctor ordered me to get my thyroid checked but it was ok. I saw him again today and he said that one of my ears looks pale(?) and I may have an ear infection....

 Was this the right thing for me to do?
I was flying to Canada BC, and there was a kid who sat beside me the whole time. He was 14 years old, we talked for about 1 hour together. He seemed extremely sad, almost like he was going to cry. A...

 after i've been out drinking...?
i've been sick bringing up black stuff!!! should i be worried about this???...

 What's the purpose of a belly button?

 I have been drinking hard alchohol since noon and I am still wide awake. What's wrong with me?
I thought for sure it would help me get some sleep, but I am wired. I have anxiety and I got to get some sleep tonite. What can I do?
Additional Details
I dont normaly drink at all. I ...

 I smoked weed for my first time 2 days ago. I have to take a drug test tomorow for work. Am I going to fail?
It was my first time and I didn't do a lot.. Please help !!...

 I have very bad breath that doesn't seem to go away and it is affecting my relationship.?
She can't kiss me half the time without being disgusted and it's hard for us to hold up a face to face conversation.

It's gone for a while when I brush my teeth or use mouth ...

 what is the LEGAL substance available to combat tiredness?
I dont mean Cafeine.

I once read about something used in America that makes you feel realy refreshed, but i can't rememember what it's called.
Additional Details
it ...

How long does it take you to fall asleep at night?
I have ADHD and autism but I don't really have sleep problems so it takes me about an hour to fall asleep, is that normal

how long does it take you?

It takes me about 20 minutes but when I was younger it would take an hour. It's normal.

I dunno , but for me it depends when i have something on my mind about 30 minutes but usually 5-15 minutes.
i suggest mabye do excersice before sleep to get tired mabye that will help or take pills

Clair H
on sunday nights it takes me 3-4 hours... no joke... but normally anything up to an hour.. it depends how much exercise i do that day...

20-30 mins
how long is a piece of string?<~~~ please answer mine

it takes me an hour and i need noise to be able to sleep. half an hour is average but it depends on the mood you are going to sleep with like if you are depressed you will not go to sleep for a long time

I had ADHD but think I've grown out of it. It took me approx 3, sometimes even 5 hours to fall asleep, sometimes I stayed awake the whole night just lying in bed and thinking... But now it takes rarely more than an hour.

if you sleep for less hours than recommended, you get really tired (obvs) and i fall asleep in 10-15 mins wen listenin 2 i-pod, but i always go and run around on our local golfcourse with mates from bout 5pm-8pm so excersice (even if it walkin) makes yu tired if you need tips.

Mabe A
i think that it's normal, however when i'm too tired i fall asleep in like 20 min =]

about 5 seconds normally. I'm like one of those dolls that's eyes close when you lie it down!

♥ gӘm''gӘm ♥
an hour or so. I think thats normal though.

2 minutes, I get up at 4 am to go to work so I'm always tired

i say around 25 mins.

Kara M
Same as you takes a hour!
if you are having trouble have a fan at
your faces the air will make you cold so you will go
in your covers and cuddle and the noise will help!
it really helps.

Hope this helps

It takes about 3 hours to fall asleep, thought I never really get any sleep >.<

there is no time really. it takes me about an hour too.

About an hour for me too, it's irritating isn't it?

Andrew H
about 0.2 seconds

Captain Hellboy
thats how long it takes me

No joke, it takes me up to 4/5 hrs to fall asleep. If I take sleeping pills its a shorter time. I wish it could take me only a hour to sleep without pills. So my time is very abnormal, and I hate it soo much. When I was younger I slept prtty good. Since senior year of highschool sleep to me is a privledge.

physically it takes approximately 7 mins to fall asleep....

however if your mind is preoccupied, it can be difficult to get to the actual "falling asleep" stage

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