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How do you quiet a cough?
I have a tickle in my throat and I keep coughing.It is driving ne crazy.The coughing keeps me up at night.Do you have any home remedies or solutions?

try drinking sleepy time tea and water with honey and lime

I don't know if this works, but, somebody I know says that you can put Vicks vaporub on your feet, and put socks on before you sleep. I have no idea about the connection, but, she said it worked with her. Goodluck.

hey u cud put use 2 pillows at night to help i kow it really helped me. Go to a chemist for cough medicine :) i know what its like mine was so bad i stopped breathing and was sick :(


Will The Typical White Person
just remember there are two types of cough medicine. there's the kind that will MAKE you cough to get the congestion up and I think that's called an " expectorant " and then there's the kind that will just quiet the cough

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