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How do you make your headache gone away without taking any tablets?

Drink lots of water. Press the pressure points on your temples and at the base of the back of your head.

a quiet dark room and lie down for a while.

Total honesty here I havent taken any form a chemical in tablet form for years and never suffer from anything.
You feel like sh## for a few months but after that you wouldnt believe it.

It's great!!!!

Nat B
Relaxation..good calm music and fresh air.

gatorade - it really works

Drink more water and make sure your environment is properly lit and you're sitting far enough away from your computer monitor.

the best thing for headaches without taking pills is Indian Tonic Water - originally designed as a treatment for malaria, it will help alleviate the headache because it contains a small amount of quinine, which helps to calm headaches and even fever.

I find A stong Cup of Tea is quite good and a lay down afterwards in a dark room.

Hypnotherapy works on most people - which is an advanced state of relaxation. So just relax - or better still don't get stressed out in the first place.

Get Head On. It is a new product in which you rub that medicine on your forhead.

Not called Katie
Depends how high a pain threshold you have, try laying down for a while with your eyes closed, sleep if you can. I don't like taking tablets and will do only as a last resort if it doesn't go away after a few hours or if I go to bed with a headache and awake with one I'll take something, but generally I either just try and ignore it and see if it goes by itself or I try laying with my eyes closed or have a nap.

Try putting pressure on the top of your head with the fingers from one hand for a count of 20.

Main causes of headaches are dehydration, stress and over concentration.

Drink water
Give yourself a 10 minute de-stress every couple of hours with fresh air if possible.

Good luck

[email protected]
An elderly lady once told me she would drink a cup of hot water for a headache. She said it worked every time. She lived to be 100 yrs. old. Maybe she knew something.

There are a number of things you could try: 1. Lie down in a dark room for 10 minutes 2. lie with a cold facecloth over your eyes for 10 mins 3. Buy new product "forehead" which you just rub over your forehead 4. Tie a man's tie around your head like "Rambo" style, this takes the pressure off your brain. If headache still persists maybe see dr for blood tests. This could be an under-lying problem!!!

Sometimes headaches are caused by dehydration so my advice is to drink plenty of water. Then open a window, turn all the lights off and sit in a dark room and breathe the fresh air. Sometimes a nice head or neck massage can help to relieve the symptoms.

if it is really bad you could put some heat on it to make it go away. also getting off the computer and not watching TV and just lieing down may help.

Sleep!! That's the best way to get rid of one for me. I get horrific migraines and when I'm out of meds, sleep is my medicine. Also, you can draw putting ice on your head or even a cold rag across your eyes. In that same respect, heat also works on the back of your neck (for tension headaches). You could try diffusing peppermint oil and breathing that in. It's worked for me before. Massage is another way, if you have the time. Yoga breathing works as well. There is also a spot between your thumb and forefinger, in the fleshy part of your hand, that when direct pressure is applied will help to ease a headache. There are many ways to get rid of one without meds, but sleep is probably your best bet. Good luck and feel better!

caffine is suppose to also help relieve headaches, but just relax and lie down in a cool place for a while

sleep or even a catnap works for me

tracy r
I use some stuff called 4head, it contains levomenthol and you rub it onto your fore head (obviously). Works for me.

put something cold on your head

You can stick your feet in freezing (very cold )water for no longer than one minute. it helps for headaches but not always for migranes.

Sarah A
I have headaches a lot.I usually use tea or coffee when i know its about to happen and avoid crowds,excessive noise and smoke..if it doesnt subside then better to take the tablet at the onset of the headache rather then when its full fledged

Try a heating pad placed under your head. The heat will relieve pressure by allowing blood to flow more freely in your head. Lie still in a darkened room with your eyes closed. This advice worked for me when I had a migraine recently.

I get migraines & sinus headaches a lot. I've already had 3 awful ones this month alone.

Here are some things I do before I reach for my 24hr pills:

I lay down in a dark room and put a heating pad behind my neck making sure part of it touching part of the back of my head too. I try not to read or being around to much noise (which is hard with 3 kids who are home with me all day long). I also noticed with this last migraine I had I got an ice pack and put it on the top of my head for a bit too. That helps me. If I put a little bit of ice under my top lip that seems to help. (weird i know but it helps a bit).

One thing I tried when I had a VERY bad headache I read online that if you put your feet in VERY VERY VERY hot water for as long as you can it helps pull all the blood to your feet so less blood is in your head. I know it sounds weird and crazy but it did just ease up my headache some.

Being in a very dark room always helps me.

Go here: http://www.otan.us/webfarm/emailproject/rem.htm & scroll down to headache. This webpage has a lot of home remedies from all over the world. I always find myself going back to this webpage.

exercise releases certain chemical into the body and relieves tiredness and headache

9 out of 10 headaches are caused by deydration - make sure you are sipping water regularly (it makes you pee a lot at first!) and take breaks in the fresh air, particularly if you are looking at computer screens or reading for long periods.

♥ ♥ Miranda ♥ ♥
headaches are often caused by dehydration you can easy this by drinking plenty of water and or Orange Juice

♥ ♥abc
lie down in a dark room and put a damp cold face cloth up on your forhead this does work for some people

you need to maybe try relaxation techniques.. possibly go into a dark room no sound or anything.. try to relax...

Are your sinuses blocked or is it just a general pain? Try using menthol crystals in a bowl of steaming water if it is sinuses, or just the steam from a cup of tea.

Nice, clean fresh air

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