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 How do you get to sleep faster?
I get into bed fairly early, but I go to sleep really late, I just stay awake for 1, 2, 3 hours.

I don't want to take any medicine, I want natural things. My mum gave me a lavender ...

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 How do you get to sleep when not tired?
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 When you drink & then get drunk, is it bad to take a shower?

Additional Details
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 I can't sleep. Any adivce?
Latly i've been tired but i can't sleep. Last night I stayed up till 6am and sleep till 10am. Right now im tired but I can't sleep....

 What's better: eat more at lunch or dinner?
explain pls....

 I'm 19 can i still grow any taller than i already am?
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 I'm super tired during the day What's happening?
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 can anybody please tell me what's good for migraine headaches?
she's taking presciption pills already but it not helping. this prescription is not the first they (doctors) have given ...

 I'm soooo tired, what is the best way to keep me awake?

 quitting smoking. feel horrible. help?
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lets say all your veins burst at once and your body fills with blood...or would it? lemme know....

I go into my bad about 10:00 im only 13 years old. And i turn of all the lights i close at the wall then close my eyes. And i never fall asleep im just thinking about things and stuff. Maybe its ...

 cutting, normal or not???
i was wondering if i cut more than normal at one time. i dont cut that often, maybe once a week but when i do i do what i feel like its a lot.
(these are on my leg)

 Mommy is taking me for a Blood Test. I'm scared, and don't want it. PLEASE HELP ME I'm 13.?
I'm 13. Mommy is taking me for a blood test - to test for something.

I'm really scared of needles - so don't want to go

She can't make me go - can she ?

 Hypochondriac's Delight - What do you think you are dying from?
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 What's the best way not to think about smoking when trying to give up?
Gave up 5 minutes ago and really want to do it this time....

Jeanine P
How do i fall asleep quickly?
no pills or drugs.or and thing that will make me drousey

The Local Retard
Chloroform :D

Have you tried zolpeim or ambien cr? Those are the only pills that help me. Otherwise I won't sleep for 5 days in a row.

you should eat alot for dinner so when you go to sleep you will be sleepy

Say your prayer and tell Him how thankful you are for all your blessings. You can name them one by one and you will probably be asleep before you have named all of them.

well, u can try a change of mattresses. sometimes a lousy mattress can lead 2 lousy nights. 1 popular mattress i recommend; & even sleep on is a TempurPedic.

the key is just lay in bed when i cant fall asleep i do things but that keeps me up if you are laying in your bed doing nothing you will fall asleep.

please answer mine.

I have this clock that you can project the time on the ceiling or wall, maybe if you got it and I'm just thinking of it now since you asked, well maybe you could just stare at it and watch each minute go by slowly. I really doubt you can just stare at it for too long without growing bored and sleepy. I forgot to mention it has sounds too...the waterfall sound might help you sleep. Good luck, hunny!

don't go to sleep until you're tired, when I was young I would get in bed when it was "late" and it would take forever to fall asleep and now I stay up until I'm tired

or drink less cawfee

Aqua Man ▀▄▀▄▀
I will tell you what helps me. When your in bed, try not to think about anything. Nothing. Completely clear your mind. If you start thinking of something, stop.
Next don't move around a whole bunch. It might be hard not to but don't, just stay in one position, and try not to think of anything. Get a fan to blow on you and have a big glass of water before you go to bed. Your lifestyle and how you eat will determine how you fall asleep too.

being tired should help..

Eric C
punch your self repeatedly

Drink a big glass or two of milk. Turkey and potatoes are supposed to make you sleepy also.

you should hear a lullaby or just drink some tea it makes me fall sleep so fast ...try it i'll work...Or count to 100 backwards i made me fall sleep also for hamsters a sweet lullaby so so cute. ..really works..

Morgan Thewes
Wat i usually do is listen to one of my favorite songs on my ipod and put it on repeat and just keep listening to it until i fall asleep...it helps on those nites when i have trouble sleeping..

tire yourself out

i had that same problem... i would lie awake just wondering and thinking... till my cuz helped me... he told me that all i had to do was think of nothin... just darkness making my mind blank... it was hard at first but after i got the hang of it it was easy... so now i can go to sleep fast.... it worked for me and it should work for you as well...

You can warm up some milk, Stay up until you fall asleep, take a walk or excersize or tire your self out. If none of this works out that you might be an insomniac.

An aromatherapy method is lavender. Use lotion that smells like lavender or burn incense. It's very soothing and helps your body relax.

Forrest P
try to relax and calm your mind, make some hot tea or if you like milk then heat it till its warm and it will help calm your nerves.

The only way to fall asleep quickly without taking durgs like Ambien, etc.....GO TO SLEEP AT THE SAME TIME EVERY NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE. That is it, that is the key, it is a lot harder then it sounds, however if you fall asleep within the same one hour time frame every night you will fall asleep.

The best things that work for me are to listen to classical music, or the news on the radio, and turn on a fan. Another thing that works: Try to relax each part of your body, one at a time.

But here are the facts:
If you want to be able to go to sleep at a routine time, you should try and go to sleep the same time every night so your body's clock gets used to it. Eating before bed will make you sleepy, but it can give you unwanted weight (because you don't burn many calories sleeping).

The Dirty 69
Think of a peaceful place like a waterfall or a beach. Also don't drink anything with caffiene in it before you try and fall asleep either.

exercise a lot during the day so you're really tired at night.
or you can try counting backwards from 1000. you'll drift right off.

Montreal SOS
I know it is a pill, but it is a vitamin, Melatonin, it does not make you drowsy.

Do NOT exercise shortly before going to bed; it will keep your metabolism boosted so you will have difficulty falling asleep.

Drink some warm milk; do NOT drink tea or coffee - the caffeine will keep you awake.

If you have a room air conditioner or a fan, run it; this will create "white noise" and help you to relax. Or you could buy a white noise machine and run it.

Don't engage in arguments or animated conversation close to bedtime; it will keep you mentally alert and your mind racing with related thoughts. Practice relaxation exercises; will each part of your body in turn to relax. Clear your mind and imagine emptiness. All these things will slow your racing mind and lower your metabolism so you are in a state ready for sleep.

If you can't fall asleep right away, don't get stressed out about it; that will only keep you awake longer. Instead, just roll with it. Lie there and let your mind wander to peaceful thoughts or memories or fantasies of calm seas and white beaches or whatever touches your fancy and relax. If you don't fall asleep some nights, at least you will be somewhat rested and refreshed despite that fact.

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