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How do I get some sleep?
It is summer now.. Which is good news and bad news for me. Whenever summer comes, I stay up really late or all night even if I am exhausted or bored. I just can't go to sleep. Right bow it is 3:37 am and once again I can't go to sleep. Do you have any tips for falling asleep or explanations as to why this is happening to me?

Chimera's Song
I'm the same, I usually stay up late at night even when i am very sleepy. Its a bad habit of mine. Usually it happens when i am on the internet, I find it so hard to tear myself away.

I do two things to prevent it. One thing I do is set myself a time to go to bed, and stick to it. So if I want to be in bed by 11, i make sure that I am logged off by 10.30 - if I am sleepy and not online, i find it much easier to just head for bed.

The other thing i do, is to just not switch on the computer at all lol

♥ Blondie ♥
Hey.. it is summer time.. U have a different schedule..
If U don't have a job.. and don't have to go to school...
who cares..????

I mean.. during the school year.. it is UP early.. and
to bed early.... so enjoy..

If u want to sleep at night.. MAKE UR SELF GET UP

then watch what you eat after 6pm.. no caffeine.. sugar
I am sure you are anxious ... everyone going place doing
things.. it is understandable.. it is the anxiety.. that is
keeping you a wake.. no pc games or PC at all after 9pm
that way you will begin to chill..watch ur diet.. take care

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