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 Is cracking your fingers good for you?
I've heard mixed stories. Help?
Additional Details
People have told me a doctor said it cures artheritis! Odd, but almost everyone in my class is doing it....

 How do you get to sleep faster?
I get into bed fairly early, but I go to sleep really late, I just stay awake for 1, 2, 3 hours.

I don't want to take any medicine, I want natural things. My mum gave me a lavender ...

 How can i get rid of rats,I've tried trap, rat poison but they keep coming back?
I live in hostel room, in central india, they often disturb my sleep, during night they just play in my bed!...

 i'm a 16 y.o. girl haven't been eating & sleeping lately...?
idk what's causing it or how to fix it. i'll go for about 8 hours without eating until i finally get hungry enough to force myself to eat something. but any food just makes me feel sick to ...

 How do you get to sleep when not tired?
How do you get to sleep when you can't sleep. I have this problem and because of it i cant sleep please help me!...

 When you drink & then get drunk, is it bad to take a shower?

Additional Details
Because some are saying that if youre drunk & took a shower, your blood goes up to your head & thats where "the common passing out" thing really ...

 I can't sleep. Any adivce?
Latly i've been tired but i can't sleep. Last night I stayed up till 6am and sleep till 10am. Right now im tired but I can't sleep....

 What's better: eat more at lunch or dinner?
explain pls....

 I'm 19 can i still grow any taller than i already am?
I'm 5'8 what else could i do besides drinking milk, streching, proper nutrition, and more sleep to become taller??...

 I'm super tired during the day What's happening?
I've noticed I have less energy in the day by the time I get home from work I'm exhausted, (I usually get close to 5-6 hours of sleep a night). I also noticed I have bizarre hot and cold ...

 A pencil lead is stuck in my palm since I was 5 years old. I'm now 48. Is this poisonous?.?
There's no pain. But sometimes intimidating....

 I can't wake up in the morning and my alarm clock is loud. Is there a louder one out there?
I can't wake up in the moring. I have missed the bus many times, and my alarm clock is very loud but does not work for me. Is there an alarm clock that any one knows about that will wake up even ...

 can anybody please tell me what's good for migraine headaches?
she's taking presciption pills already but it not helping. this prescription is not the first they (doctors) have given ...

 I'm soooo tired, what is the best way to keep me awake?

 quitting smoking. feel horrible. help?
it has been a few days since i started to quit smoking. i have the gum and it seems to work okay but i still feel like a truck has run over me (even when i use the gum). I have also tried the patches ...

 how long would you live if all your veins burst at once?
lets say all your veins burst at once and your body fills with blood...or would it? lemme know....

I go into my bad about 10:00 im only 13 years old. And i turn of all the lights i close at the wall then close my eyes. And i never fall asleep im just thinking about things and stuff. Maybe its ...

 cutting, normal or not???
i was wondering if i cut more than normal at one time. i dont cut that often, maybe once a week but when i do i do what i feel like its a lot.
(these are on my leg)

 Mommy is taking me for a Blood Test. I'm scared, and don't want it. PLEASE HELP ME I'm 13.?
I'm 13. Mommy is taking me for a blood test - to test for something.

I'm really scared of needles - so don't want to go

She can't make me go - can she ?

 Hypochondriac's Delight - What do you think you are dying from?
So, like many hypochondriac's, I wake up in the morning and before I even get a cup of coffee I start worrying why I am so tired and what I must be dying of. Then all day long I find myself ...

Momma of 3
How did you quit smoking?
I attempted twice. My husband smokes and it makes it very hard. I am a very nervous person....that is another thing. But I am really tired of smoking and how it makes me feel. Any advice would be very helpful....Thanks..

Ask your doctor about Champix

ThA GiRl ClAsS ClOwN xD
Try to throw his cegrettits or what ever he smokes away and make sure he goes to the docotors smoking these days leed to cancer

just bored
I quit when I was so sick I couldn't breath once and I quit once when I was tired of it like you. My husband smoked too and it bothered me greatly but I guess you have to purpose in your heart to do it regardless if he is no matter how he is continuously tempting you. Then you will also have to refrain from telling him he "stinks" lol after you quit as well or it will lead into an argument. You can't expect him or everyone else to change because you are unfortunately it is a personal decision not joint so just gather up your strength and just do it :) you will feel a hell of a lot better!!

i stopped smoking when i got pregnant 1 because for my baby but 2 also because i ended up really sick and it scared the crap outta me. a friend of mine made a jar where she put water in it and she put a few buds in the jar and placed it in the sun and when she had a craving she smelled the inside of it. also i heard chewing straws ans sun flowers seeds help

You can attempt to use nicotine patches from a pharmacy, but they are quite expensive. Nicotine is the thing that attracts you to start smoking. You should try nicotine gum or patches, but smoking is very hard to quit. DON'T GIVE UP HOPE, THOUGH!! KEEP ON TRYING AND YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Never started

me too...can't stop i always smoke more than less. bad me.

Find a hobby or a new habit try reading maybe the bible. The more you study about God and his son Jesus Christ you will learn that smoking is definitely something that is despised not only by non-smoking humans but by our creator and our brother

Here is what worked for me. I witnessed many people with breathing problems (oxygen tanks, etc.). The cost of smoking was another thing, so my point is you got to want to stop. Then pick a time of year when you are under the least amount of stress (vacation). Pick a method, I chose patches, and follow the instructions closely. If the box says to use step 3 for 6 weeks than you should follow that. When I first started on step 2, I didn't even think about smoking or even buying a pack of cigarettes. The patches did bring some weird dreams, and they can be irritating to skin. I hope this helps, and good luck.

Steve R
You have to get him to quit with you or you'll always smell it. Or you can divorce him.

I quit about 8 days ago because my Dad sent me a video on the u tube called Mom is dying. I don't want to die and I have been praying for 2 years to God for his help to make me want to quit.

Please check this out!

I hope you can do it!

I didn't. I found it was easier to convice myself it was good for me. Try the nicotine gum. It helps me on long flights.

Mikey's Mommy
Well, you probably wont want to do this, but I will tell you how I managed to quit anyway. I got pregnant. Yep, that's it. I got pregnant and all of a sudden I couldn't even stand the smell of an unlit cigarette let alone try to smoke one myself. My husband smoking made me vomit constantly so he had to start going outside to smoke!

More gravy than grave
you won't be able to quit unless you and your husband BOTH quit together. watch the movie Thank You for Smoking...start rationing your cigarettes incrementally: 3 packs a week, then 2 then 1...eventually 1 cigarette a day...until you go a full week without 1 puff...then it gets way easier to resist. I don't know if you guys have kids, but if you do don't you want to see them grow up? Lung cancer is one of the few cancers that science hasn't made great strides against.

Cheese F
ya need a good hobby to keep your mind of it like exercising or somethin helped me

eat a lot of candy and gum it works, thats what my dad did I SWEAR IT WORKS ALL THE TIME!!!

Kaile K
Okay, what you need to keep your mouth busy with other things such as gum or a lemon drop...then you'll be busyy w/ your mouth so you won't be as tempted. Try a nicotine patch or gum also, that might work...don't try meds. Not good for your mind or health.

Maybe, asking your husband not to smoke around you until you have control over the addiction. I helped my friend quit... it was hard for her... but so worth it. Every time you get the crave, think of the consequences, how it makes you feel, how important it is for you to stop. Only you can do it, but support helps of course. :)

I never started :)
but my dad quit after several years.. he used to smoke a lot.. but not like a pack a day or anything.. he just couldn't quit. Somehow he succeeded though. My grandpa quit right away, immediately after he came here to the U.S.
Amazing :)

what will i do i just cant stop smoking?

Soccer Girl ♥
ive heard of Chantix program get it from your doctor! or stop buying it in the first place, waste of money anywayz and waste of health!!

My mother quit smoking when she had half of each lung removed, had a tracheotomy and lost half her tongue to mouth cancer.

Cool guy
I remembered that I didn't want to die of lung cancer.

someone beatiful
go to a doc and ask which one is right for you there will WILL be one for you
i am so GLAD that you want to stop it can give you like 15 different cansers


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