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 in the past 2 days ive slept for about 2 hours i cant fall asleep no matter how hard i try! any reason why?
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 Even if I sleep approximately 7-8 hours a night, I'm still tired in the morning? What is wrong with me?
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∂εɔιтση яεʌεη υσʎ ℓяιƃ εнт
How can i not be tired in the morning?
Im 15 and in the 11th grade. I wake up at 6:00 am and go to be at 9:00 pm. Im so tired during the day, sometimes when i am supposed to stay after, i will just skip and take the bus home right after school because i am so tired.

How can i be more 'awake' during the day besides going to bed earlier.
Additional Details
i cant get up later cause school starts at 7:25

start taking a shower in the morning if you dont already

i have the same problem, when you wake up try drinking cold water or cold pop it helps me, i dont know why but it does

i find that i have a lot more energy when i eat full meals..like legit food, especially for breakfast, if you have a big breakfast you have more energy throughout the day. also, drinking coffee helps too.

Eat right and drink more water. Less caffeine and less sugar. And stay of the devils lettucce.

Drink cofee, wash your face, and laugh a lot!

get up later.

go to bed earlier, wake up later and try to get a better sleep it could also be iron deficiency or whatever you call them

drink alot of coffee. and yo 15 and 11th grade? im 15 and 9th i shud be 10th

Barry R
go see a doctor tell him whats happening, drink some red bull maybe

well i wake up at 5 and go to sleep at 1 so i only get 4hrs of sleep...
sometimes less than 4hrs... me i dnt know how i stay up the whole day...

but in order to keep your mind up is lookin forward to somethin...

like plan on somethin u r goin to look forward too...
tat shud help a little and the rest depends on how much u r willing to go through the day...

sleeping early doesnt help.. it actually makes u more sleepy......

Alex R
have a full breakfast and coffee

I can haz cheezburger
drink more water and cut out more caffine

Maybe, if you can, in the morning make a flask of coffee and drink it during the morning. Also sports and singing can make you feel more alert. Giggling and laughing with your friends can also help. Eat some sugary food and sweets to improve you sugar level, make you a little hyper :) Hope this helped xx

You need to go see a doctor. Sounds like you are getting enough sleep and you should not be tired. You may have a medical condition such as anemia, diabetes, thyroid problem (just to name a few) that makes you feel tired all the time. See your doctor and find out why you are so tired all the time. Fatigue in your case could be a symptom and not the real problem.

Hope that helps.

Samantha M
Try eating breakfast. I know, that technically it doesn't make much sense, but eating the right foods (whole wheat and grains) will give your body some extra fuel throughout the day and help you fight fatigue.
You should probably start taking a good vitamin that's appropriate for a girl your age. Visit your local VitaminShoppe and tell them you're tired all of the time.

brian-z r
well if you go to bed the same hours EVERY night, then you shouldnt be tired, but, if you got to bed later on the weekends, make sure you sleep in a little longer than normal (Ex: 9pm-6am weekdays, 11pm-10am weekends). the best thing to do is sleep 9-6 everyday. eat better and workout more also helps. dont drink energydrinks (at all) if your serious about it. if your still tired, you may need to tell your parents, they will know what to do. if somehow they dont, do a little research online or see a doctor.

Deb 344

you may have a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. what that is, is that you stop breathing while you are sleeping meaning you don't get to rem.(rapid eye movement) which is the deepest sleep you can get. i have it. what they do is give you a sleep study test which they hook you up to a bunch of wires while you sleep to see if you have it. don't panic it is common for people to have. and if you have it they give you a machine to wear over your nose and mouth that help you breath at night.

Yo Mama
wake up earlier i don't know why but when i wake up in the night and stay up i feel more energetic although i crash in the night because of this.

Try getting up that half an hour later if you can and make sure you eat a good break fast, something like porridge or ready break is great for energy!

Keep the same bedtime routine every time you go to bed. Go to bed about the EXACT same time every night. Then wake up the EXACT same time in the morning. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep. I hope this helps!!:D

Sometimes when i get too much sleep, I have a sleep hangover. Try cutting down to 7-7.5 hrs of sleep a day. Also, are you getting enough protein? Don't get those energy drinks because they will ruin you, but bring along a granola bar or something. Try your best to not take naps during the day because it will not compensate lack of sleep. Good luck!

circa 1980
Sometimes sitting all day can be tedious. Are you getting enough water and vitamins? Vitamin B6 helps with energy. If this doesn't work, go to the doctor and have your thyroid and iron levels checked.

don't get up until 7, when u are teenager you need sleep because of being so physically active and growing up, have lot of rest and gie your self more time off

Eat a variety of food groups for breakfast.
Eggs and meat give you energy,
as well as whole wheats. Drinking
orange juice gives you energy as well.
Don't drink caffine because you'll be awake
in the first two or three hours then you'll
be exhausted.

lucky by chance
sleep earl at night and wake up at 7:30 do Little exercise for 15 mints then do ur breakfast after tat go to school then never u will feel tired

i feel crappy in the mornings and then i exercise and my day is GoOd...try it!!

You could have some type of sleep disorder. I'd see a doctor.

Andres G
Do some exercise and eat healthy foods. Sometimes bigger people are more tired

I'm not sure, but I have a few ideas:

1. Don't eat late in the night and go to bed on a full stomach or your system will use up too much energy processing the food and you'll wake up tired.

2. Eat a good breakfast every morning. The biggest mistake school-age kids make is not eating breakfast. Make sure it's something solid, including milk, bread and a fruit. Also, you need to exercise, even if you just take a walk every day.

3. Drink lots of water, it filters the blood. If your blood is sluggish and has many impurities, you will feel listless. Besides, you're shortening the life of your liver.

4. Have your blood checked for blood-count and general well-being. It's amazing how much a blood test will reveal.

You're too young to live like that. Rise up and do something about it! Best wishes.

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