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(these are on my leg)

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I'm really scared of needles - so don't want to go

She can't make me go - can she ?

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 what is the LEGAL substance available to combat tiredness?
I dont mean Cafeine.

I once read about something used in America that makes you feel realy refreshed, but i can't rememember what it's called.
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it ...

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 Any good tips on how to fall asleep?
Anything besides reading, sleeping pills, or listening to music.

How can i get rid of rats,I've tried trap, rat poison but they keep coming back?
I live in hostel room, in central india, they often disturb my sleep, during night they just play in my bed!

oh, i know what to do. try taking pictures of yourself then, put them at every corners of your house. For sure, the mouse will be very scared, they will all ran at once. : P

Play WITH them.

try sealing up all the holes and cracks by which they can come into the house prevention is better than cure

paul m
Get either a cat or an airgun both are pretty effective. Failing that contact your local council if you are in the U.K. Do this first if you live in a council property.

Get a Rat Terrior.

Get some great big cats

put decon in cheese balls leave it out at night make a couple out

Oh dear. Try to catch them one by one and put them out!!

nest near by ? MOVE

thats a good question, but i dont think you should look for the answer on yahoo, ask yourself that question good luck!

flame thrower
you can buy one from eBay

The environment outside the house must be bad, drains, rubbish, etc. ask the local authorities if they can help, even in India they must have some form of vermin control.
Use the rat traps, poison kills 'em ok but they go away and die somewhere you cant get to them, smell and cause more disease. Rats carry not only diseases but lice that can make you very ill. Get rid of them as best you can. If handling dead rats always wear gloves and wash your hands throughly after.

Good luck.

Firstly you have to make sure that any food sources are kept in airtight containers that they cannot bite through. Ensure you're room is completely clean at all times and don't eat in your room.

Secondly, block all the holes with expandable foam (commonly used in building refurbishments) or a mix of concrete and glass and perhaps stick pins in there too. It'll deter them as they have been known to bite through concrete in the UK! Also ensure that any gaps under your doors are blocked too.

Thirdly, use peanut butter in your bait and but the poison, traps etc along the walls etc where they'll run. You'll have to wait for approx 10 days to notice any difference.

Other than that, can you move elsewhere?

Little Miss B
Get a cat.

Get a Jack Russel dog. they're great rat'ers.

okay i was told that rats don't like chili pepper seasoning. i have used it sprinkling generously around the perimeter of my yard it seems to keep them out also, another method is to pour full strength peppermint oil at your door threshold and any other area you think they are entering from. in order to keep peppermint fresh soak strips of fabric or cardboard in the oil and place along the above mentioned areas. you can get the peppermint oil at a pharmacy or health food store.

rats generally keep coming back because they smell food

try and cover all the food and left overs in air tight containers and no food should be on the floor, bins must be thrown out.

if they smell food, they will come !

also seal all the holes / gutters / drains before you sleep with a plastic bag, thats where they come from !

its a hostel not a house, so unfortunatley you can only control whats in your room.

rats are highly unhygienic creatures, bringing germs from the sewage into your living area, their excreta can cause diseases, so keep clean !

good luck.

rats huh..they are really difficult to get rid of.. the best thing u can do is find the source..find exactly how they enter ur home or room..n then try to block their entry, as well as use rat poison n other rat killing stuff...

get yourself a cat

Andrea P
A cat or small dog eg terrier.

Get a pest killing company to help you.

I've never been to India so I'm not sure if this will be any use to you but ferret poo is meant to be a very effective rat deterent. However you probably don't want it in you're bed!! If you can get you hands on some put it by the place of entry. It sounds mad but I know people who swear by it.

Peace...................... Off.
Buy or borrow a dog or a cat - they will soon disappear

I lived near a lake one time and rats kept getting in the house, I used everything but I finally moved. I would get a couple of cats, it might work, I got a cat one time and it helped. I also would put foil scrunched up in every hole (hurts their teeth) and put oil of peppermint on cotton balls and put them in any corners,around my bed (they hate the smell), seal up all food,good luck.

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