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the tittle pretty much says it^^^^^^^

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Mila Johnson
How can i fall asleep people? without taking the night pill?
how can i sleep without taking the nightquile? i usually take the night quil to fall asleep.cause it's getting hard for me to fall alseep lately, i been on it for 2 months now!1 what would happen if i continue to take nigh??

James F
Try melatonin (sp?) it is your bodies natural hormone that tell you to go to bed.

count sheeps

have someone sing a lullaby to you

Practise yoganidra a technique taught by the Bihar School of Yoga.

Miss Blue
this is kinda stupid but count sheep ?? it works for me

some people i know get drunk so they can fall asleep. and others i know just stay up very long until they get messed up enough to go to sleep.

Ok , here are a few ideas.
1. watch a VERY boring show on tv and put the tv on sleep timer
2. Put on a tape of someone talking about something REALLY BORING (tape a math teacher or something)
Then snuggle comfy in bed and close eyes
3. Read a book while lying down ( tires your eyes)
4. Just get cozy in bed and turn out the lights and think happy thoughts to start up your dreams.
5.Get married to a very snuggly person.

Good luck

You should contact your doctor for a mild tranquilizer to help you relax and sleep. It sounds as if you could have anxiety, and or insomnia.

mi deng
Just stay up for one whole night and then sleep the next day. Never fails for me.

Susan Yarrawonga
Some warm milk at bedtime is supposed to help. Further remedies can be found in a web search for "natural sleep remedies".

A ?? ?
eventually it will have an opposite effect and wake you up instead of put you to sleep.. Ahhh the joys of "the nightquile". It not only effects the minds ability to sleep but also has negative impact on ones ability to spell, evidently

Give up caffeine. Don't take naps during the day. Exercise regularly -- if you have worked out, you will be tired enough to get a good night's sleep. Try to sleep on a regular schedule.

Those are lifestyle choices that will help you. I've had trouble sleeping myself -- I'm a very restless sleeper. The above has worked for me.

You can also try to read something fairly boring or slightly difficult right before bed. Like some classical literature.

Good night & good luck!

Take valerian root. it is natural with no side effects

I have chronic insomia
Get yourself a peaceful bedtime ritual
dim the lights. drink caffeen free tea
take a long hot bath
have a clean comfortable bed.
If your head doesn't stop thinking. write down what you need to thinik about it and tell yourself you will do it tomorrow at 9am.

Banannas and warm milk work well

Clearly not of us know as we are all awake at midnight, just like you. But I would not take that stuff nor would I take meletonin or a natural sleep aid, (they can contribute to depression and other unpleasant things). Meditation works, but it takes practice. But sitting on the computer will not help you or the rest of us. Go to bed at the same time, and try to create a regular, yet peaceful routine.

the reason often is that the mind is tired , the body is not. so one should tire oneself out. try learning meditation. but dont drink to fall asleep. thats a nasty habit to get into.

Try reading, that makes a lot of people start to get sleepy. I have a hard time sleeping to, so usually I'll read for about 15-45 minutes before I go to sleep.

Some teas are very calming. As is a mug of warm milk.
I know lavender lotions or bath milks help people to sleep.
Have a really busy day, then finish everything you need to have done (or can possibly do) before settling yourself in bed. Don't eat dinner too late or watch a lot of TV. Read a novel or write in a journal.. sometimes they help clear your mind and make you sleepy. Or just relax and close your eyes.
I reccommend yoga. I had sleeping issues and a friend said I should try yoga. They teach you how to clear your mind and meditate. These are also good techniques to help you fall asleep.

Meditation helps a lot,
learn how to control your breathing and through that you learn how to control the rest of your body, right after meditation sessions you loose your sleep for the stream of energy that just went through your body, but after 20 or 30 minutes you really fall into a deep relaxed sleepy mode. Trust me!

There are several meditation techniques out there just browse the net a liffle and you'll find one that will interest
you, start with a lite short one though, you don't want to stay
there all night when you get started, remember you are trying to sleep... wright?

you will be addicted to it and have to go to meetings a better way of getting to sleep is be more active during the day go ride a bike go to the gym or do some type of activity that would wear you out physically

close your eyes and dont think about anything, counting sheep doesnt work, I used to have the same problem as you.Also make yourself active in the day so you will be tired at night.

ok here is the REAL info..

Nyquil has DXM (dextromethorphan) in it which is also known as dissociative anaesthetics. It can have powerful psychedelic effects at sufficiently high doses.

These can be highly dangerous.

I would try methods that are useful such as..

-No caffiene after 2pm
-Try not to watch a drama series before bed time.
-Do light stretching, nothing strenuous, you'll wake yourself up again.
-Dont do any other activities in your bed such as homework, work, etc. Keep your bed for sleep and resting only.
-Lastly, is all else fails, watch something so boring that you fall asleep from boredom


Hope this was helpful! :)

There might be a reason why your brain is not allowing you to fall asleep - perhaps there is a problem or ten you need to deal with first. Maybe seeing a Councilor can work? Try to avoid all types of caffeine five hours prior to you going to sleep; try exercises; try meditating. I read somewhere what also helps is to drink a glass of milk before you climb into bed, and while you wait to fall asleep, focus your mind on an object. It's worked for me so far.:-)

Lea F
Well, I am no doctor, but I do have experience with meds. And there's a risk of dependency. Especially with sedatives, like Nyquil, though I am pretty sure in all my experience I've never been addicted to it.
A good way to fall asleep is to lay in a dimly lit or dark, comfortable space and do something completely boring. Or just think of yourself sleeping.

#1 it's addictive #2 your body has become dependant on it
#3 time to stop b 4 is get further out of contorl good luck

Count sheep, or make a story up in your head and keep trying to fix it. It works for me...
one sheep...two sheep... 2343sheep later...ZZZZ

Answer my question, I answered yours...

Stretching your body helps you to fall asleep

mialove ♥
okay, this sounds really insane, but...
when i can't sleep, i listen to the soundtrack from 'titanic'.

hahaha, YES, there is someONE who owns that soundtrack :)

isnt nightquill medicine that gets over the flu or something? just lay down, and close your eyes, and start day dreaming with your eyes closed ,and hopefully befroe you know it you will be asleep

read, in dim light.

don't eat, drink alcohol, smoke, or work out for at least an hour or more before bed.

seriously though, reading is very good, tires your eyes out, but just keep on going, always try to keep going, and eventually you'll get to the end of a page and be too tired to turn it to the next one, or you start dropping the book on yourself. then it's game over, just close your eyes and succumb to the beautiful ritual that is sleep.

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