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 Cant Fall Asleep!!!!! Please help.?
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 need help getting to sleep!? and how many hours should i get?
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 i know a girl who?
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she doesn't bite her nails.
it doesn't seem to hurt her, but she is generally quite stressed,...

 How many times do we have to change our underwear?

 I can't sleep. Anyone got any good natural methods to get to sleep?

 can i use a tack to pierce my ear?

 I swallowed poison, emetic help!?
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 I Can't sleep!!!!!!!!!!! Please help!
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How can i Quit my Smoking habit?Tried many times but could stop onlyfor 3 mnths max. Cant we stop it4ever?
I smoke 32 cigars a day. Now i really feel to quit it but i am helpless. Whenever i see someone smoking i feel to. also after food its a habit for me. Is there anyone out who successfully get rid of this habit ? pls guide me. hope it will be very useful for others also if you can post your story. Thank you.

wait...you quit for 3 months and you started again? all i can say is, just quit. it's the only way. if you use gum or whatever, you'll just end up addicted to the gum. everything should be out of your system in like a week, to break the habit of smoking, find something to do with your hands. stay away from other people that smoke. it is possible. be strong, don't let it run your life.

wish i could help i have exactly the same problem in fact i am smoking right now
i gave up for 1 year once but a few beers and a bit of stress and off i went again
to make it worse its bad for your ears[every time the wife sees me smoke the nagging starts]

is that you tom? you know i quit 8+ years ago. i followed a simple 2 step plan.
A. quit buying them
2. quit smoking them
a stay in the hospital thinking i was dying also supplied the proper motivation.

Start slowly. u have to take ur time. maybe if u smoke 32 cigars a day, for the first week, smoke only 25. then the next week, smoke 20 and so on. till you kick the habit out of u. have candy or nuts after dinner. talk to your family about it so that they will support you.but the most important of it all.. you need to have self control. good luck. smoking can kill you keep that in mind.

You have to treat all the different areas of your addiction. The obvious and most talked about is the nicotine addiction, the patch is probably a good option with a person with such a heavy habit as yours. But there are other elements. When I smoked, I would walk outside and the first thing I would do was reach for my pack, because I needed something to do with my hands. You have to find something else to do with your hands. And also, you have to avoid the places where other people smoke, as that is also a powerful trigger to light up yourself.

Everyone is different, and this is stupid, but when I quit, one of the things that helped the most was (I was in college), I started riding my bike everywhere. I spent less time outside and when I was I couldn't because you can't ride a bike and smoke.

Anyway, good luck. I am so glad I quit, I feel better every morning when I wake up for not having that habit in my life.


Do it cold turkey,,,,,just quit,,,,,and just think of opportunity of not getting cancer or other lung diseases later in life and dying from it.

Quit Smoking Cigarettes... Information about Tobacco
Read this please

To start quitting is a pretty good idea.

You'll find usefull info there.

Good luck !

I smoked for a couple of years and luckily it was for only like 4 years. What worked for me was just going cold turkey, because when I tried to "gradually quit" or use a different method such as patches, gum, etc. all I did was reduce smoking for a little bit and than just start again at normal level when I was "stressed". I told myself this would be the last cigarette and I never baught a pack again. When quitting, just keep in mind that a very few quit the first time they try to quit. I have heard on average, it takes around 7 times!!! So don't give up hope, I quit, millions of others have, and so can you. Also, expect to be reallly irritable, it's natural and others around you can either leave or just get used to it because you're trying to change your habit, which is extremely addictive.

What worked for me was to set a date and quit then. Throw out all your tobacco products. If you can, schedule a vacation or a trip for that time and leave without tobacco, the change of environment occupies your mind so you are not thinking about tobacco. When you do think of tobacco give yourself some mild negative reinforcement. M I L D. A pinch on the forearm, enough to hurt but do no damage, 10 or 20 pushups, just mildly negative stuff your brain will associate with thinking about smoking. And remember to do that every time you think of tobacco. You are done with the physical addiction in only 4 days, anything beyond that is psychological and you need to play whatever mind games it takes to win. Good luck!!! And congratulations for taking the most important step--the decision to quit.


try taking the nicotine gum. take it when u feel like smoking.
It's cheaper in the long run too :)
good luck

Yes you can, just quit!

chew regular gum all day, and all night. when you think about smoking, chew some more gum.

♥ goddessofraine ♥
Honestly..... It is in your head.... you don't need it to survive, and you can try and quit every day if you want, but until you understand it is in your head and you decide for yourself that you really don;t need it you will never be able to quit....

Try and make a limit for the day..... instead of 32.... tomorrow decide you are only going to have 30 and sort out how often you can have one and do not let your self have more than 32..... try that for a few days then say I am not going to have more than 28 and so on..... you might find that when you get down to 10 after a month or so.... Geez i dont even nedd these anymore....

It is also a good idea to busy your self.. and keep saying ill have one when i take a break.. but then start another project.... soon you will forget you even wanted one...

Best of luck - i know its hard =)

Elyn C
I went on cold turkey for 2 weeks to quit smoking. I took leave and slept in for 2 weeks, only to wake up for small meals. I was really drowsy without nicotine so the best way for my body to heal is sleep! I lost weight after kicking off the habit too...

if you stopped for 3 months that should be it. you are weak.

I just stopped smoking after 33 years!!!! My quit date is the 22nd of June, 2006 and I've not a smoke since, do I miss it, Yes.....

I do believe the number one thing for me is the honesty that you have to have with yourself. I admit that I loved my smokes, I had a relationship with them for all those years and acknowledged it. Then I did write a letter saying goodbye to the companion that has been with me longer than anyone. I cried and cried some more that day and the next few days, off and on. to be with something for so long and have to give up is somewhat hard to do. Almost like a bad relationship!!!! This relationship was special to me, when I was sad it was there, happy it was there, angry, lonely, tired, hungry and so many other emotions, so to give it up after all those years was a life changing experience and the best thing I ever did in my life.

I'm honest with myself every day about my feelings towards it and I go with how I'm feeling. I do have to admit that this is going okay and not as tough as I thougth it would be.

My twins brought home a pamphlet from school with a picture of a smoke that had been broken down into the areas where the government puts all its chemicals into it for us to smoke!!!! THAT WAS IT FOR ME,

I want to be healthy and smoking those chemicals was not healthy, I realized that I was the one who had the control back in my hands and I ran with it. I'm 46 and want to be around for a while.....

Good luck and keep healthy,

I quit cold turkey. I watched my grandfather take his last breath, due to cancer. Have you ever watched someone die in front of you...If so, it should prompt you to quit any bad habit you have.

Ps..I believe that anyone can quit anything, ONLY, if they truly want to and have come to terms with the reason they are quitting.

I spent 5 years trying to quit - then one day I woke up and vowed never to smoke again.

It wasn't easy & 18 months on I still occassionally want a cigarette - but I always ask myself these questions:

If I have a cigarette now, will I enjoy it?
If I have a cigarette now, will I regret it?
If I have a cigarette now, will I have another?
If I have a cigarette now, will I start smoking again?
If I start smoking again, will I want to quit again?
If I start smoking again, how long will it be before I am able to quit?

Quitting is a promise you make to yourself - nothing else.
It is not easy.
Think of it as something positive - rather than thinking you are quitting something you enjoy, think of it as becoming free, or becoming a non-smoker.
Challenge yourself in the beginning: Day one, try to get to work without a cigarette, when you do - feel proud of yourself & set a new target (ex: complete a task or work for one hour without) - Each time you accomplish a small task without a cigarette - BE PROUD.
If seeing people smoke makes you want one - either try to avoid smokers - OR - actively seek them out and enjoy their second hand smoke - I did!
You can use anything to help: Gum, patches, chew on a toothpick, drink lots of water...
I tried karate - it got rid of all the tension & each session I found I could breathe a little more easily.
Appreciate the benefits - you can sit ANYWHERE in a restaurant!

Once you make a promise - you cannot break it.
But if you need time to make that promise then do that.
Make a promise that by the time you are "age" you will be a non-smoker.


Me like too.There is noway to avoid it.I can say only to you my friends, try try.and again try.....

Kookie M
I too smoke and wish I didn't it is the hardest thing to quit and I've been addicted to herion and meth so I know how to quit hard things but I just can't seem to stop smoking.

I heard on the news that will be coming out with a vaccine to quit smoking. hopefully it will be sooner than later and then we can quit smoking together!!!

Try chewing gum when u get that craving; some say it works for them.

sorry, I'm a smoker also BUT I can say if all they had were menthol cigs I wouldn't be a smoker at all ... (well of cigarettes anyway )

First of all tell people who say things like "just quit" to go to Hel*. They have no idea what they're talking about.
Now, step one. Write down the times that are hardest for you. Like after eating. With morning coffee. In the car.
Step two. Plan what you will do at these times instead of smoke. Hard candy, pencil and paper. Whatever works for you. It doesn't really matter what it is as long as it's the same thing every time. Replace a habit with a habit.
Step three. Write down all the reasons you want to quit and tape it to the mirror you look into in the mornings. Read it every morning.
Step three. Get help. The patch. the gum. what ever.
Step four. As new things come up that make you want a smoke, write them down and make a plan. As new benefits come to light, write them down too.
Good luck. I know how hard it is.
Just KEEP TRYING. If you smoke one, quite again.

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