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How can I set up a relaxing bath?
I tried to do it, but still it didn't feel right. Please help me if you can.

Elliot Rulz RAW
go to a health shop and buy some of them relaxing Cd's and put some scented candles on a platform of some sort and tell everybody else in the house to not disturb you and dim the lights.

Candles, mellow music, scented bubbles, a glass of wine, a folded towel for behind your head, and a really good book.
Don't fall asleep :)

Put on some relaxing music pour in bubble bath and get a tub with jets. Turn all the lights off and light 5 candles! Now that's what I call relaxing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

first put ever one out the house run you a warm bath with some therapeutic bubbles bath dim the lights put on some smooth jazz with a class of wine.

Kermits friend
just fill a bathtub with water and your favorite bath liquid. Have some sented candles. and some music.

.::KoKo NaTiKiNz::.
rose petals
turn of the light put the candles on
hot water
read a book or listen to soft music
and maybe ur guy bf next to u

Before all the bubbles and candles i would recommend that you thoroughly clean the bath room and take a nice long hot shower followed by a ice cold shower followed by a half hour of meditation or a good book. The hot water should be back up by then so arrange the flowers,light the candles and sink into a mountain of well earned bubbles!...:)

Start a bath with bubbles. light a few candles around the outside of the tub and turn off the lights. maby read a magazine to mellow down and just relax.

candles potpouri in the room warm water wth oils or beads or use baking soda or oatmeal that you blend a cup to a blender till powder quiet music classical or cool jazz ,

Lock your door, and just take a bath.

Wally Y
Hot water, extra virgin olive oil added, bubbles, champagne, a man.

Candle Lights
Bubble Bath
Classical Music
Jetted Tub

The Glorious S.O.B.
U gotta get some scented candles, bath crystals, & hook up the iPod 2 the boombox w/ a Norah Jones/Josh Groban playlist. & if it's all right, could I b the 1 2 help arrange your bath? I kinda like watching a woman slowly sink & emerge in the tub, u'no, the way that her wet skin just glistens in the candlelight & her hair smoothly adheres 2 her soft shoulders.

O yes. One answer mentioned a tub w/ jets in it. I don't think u need my help in relaxing w/ those if u no what I mean! lol (But that's still ok w/ me.)

1 more thing. I dunno if you're n2 this, but ever heard of JellyBath? Just put the stuff in warm water & it becomes this gelatin-like stuff that keeps the warmth locked in for 4x longer then water. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

have someone else set it up for you... it's not so relaxing if you have to do all the work setting it up and cleaning up afterward

Candles, chocolate, and lots and lots of bubbles. Maybe some nice music too.

Ken H
lights dimmed scented candles, soft music.

this chickk
1st step fill the tub
2nd step throw in about 4 spoon fulls of Bath Salts
3rd step get in the tub
4th step clear all of your thoughts and don't let anything distract you!
5th step put on a good facial with the cucumbers on your eyes while your in the tub.
6th step then you can maybe give your self a pedicure and to end the day just read your favorite book

And there you go a bath that will be relaxing and more if you want your whole day to be relaxing!!!

What I do after a long and hard day or when I just don't feel well...I get a nice hot bubble bath, turn off my cell phone, and turn on some music. I use bath bubbles from bath & body works because I love the smell of them and they help relax me. Get some magazines to read and use tons of bubbles...use some smelly candles if you wish! Hope this helped

get some candles and soft music and some Calgon and sit back and relax. I do this for my wife and it really helps

I've heard that bubble bath candles that have a relaxing scent andsoft music can help. Try it.

bubbles, candles , maybe some rose petels and some soft music

Your water has to be nice and hot. (or warm if you can't take a lot of heat) But the hotter the better for me. That' will start the relaxing process

Then make you a real relaxing CD with some of your favorite slow music. Turn it kinda low just enough to hear it when you are in the tub.

When you run your bath water add some of your favorite fragrances bubble bath. I also add oil to my bath water. It makes your skin so much softer.

Then you light some of your favorite smelling candles. Sit them around your tub, or in the bath room somewhere if you can't set them around your tub. That aroma smell helps you relax also.

Then turn off all the lights. This will set the relaxing mood.

Before you actually get in the tub, I like to have some water to drink, because it can get extremal hot. But some people take a class of wine in with them.

If you can find a bath pillow, then get one. And sit in your tub, This way you can get so comfortable.

Then you just relax. I stay in until my water gets cold.

You should be able to relax if you do all of these things. A relaxing bath is one my favorite stress relievers.

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