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How can I pass out With out being obvious?
I need to know how to pass put but like without people knowing I am purposly tring to Pass out! Please Help!!

that's dumb

all you gotta do is stay awake for like ten days and then when the time comes just let your body fall... or... you could always pay some guy to come up to you and punch you right in the kisser... that should do you well....

Hmmm..... try laying upside down then get up with a bloodrush and spin around in circles and run straight.

This sounds really childish. Why do you want to pass out? To avoid something or to get attention. Or both.

Well I don't know why you would want to do this...but I do recall doing crap like this when I was a kid just for jollies.

Sit with your head between your knees, take really deep breaths until you feel light headed, then get up and cross your arms over your chest. Have someone push on your arms.

Stand bent over breathing heavily again until you get light headed, then run foward. This hurts.

Stand against the wall and have people push on your chest.

Granted, every one of these is bad for you and incredibly stupid, though I will admit I did them when I was a kid.

draw eyes on ur eyelids :)!!! IM A [email protected]

hold your breath...dont breath, dont effin breath.
you may want to cover your head with a plastic bag, and just keep breathing.
increase the pressure to your head by tightening ur neck muscles and or stomach muscles. dont breath. when you release, you pass out.

lock your knees standing up for a period of time but be careful how u land, i saw a guy loose his front teeth next to me

Over and Over
I have been told that when you are standing for long periods of time locking your knees will cause you to pass out.
I have never actually tried it, but in the army when standing for like 45 minutes they warn everyone to keep their knees loose instead of standing with locked knees to avoid people from passing out.
So there has to be some type of truth to it...

drama queen?

Stupid X-Rays
Do it while you are alone.

Nobody will know.

The only way I know of is if you're standing up in one spot for awhile, all you have to do is lock your knees and keep them locked and you will black out.

Fake it

... like when your drunk?
why would you want to pass out? just go to sleep....


yawn first then proceed to close your eyes slowly like you are going to sleep.

babycakes (:
don't do it everyones going to find out eventually.


It's simple and verry acurate and 100%, take a small cloth that you can hold in your hand and spill medicinal alchool on it put it discretly on your face and use it as a air filter the achool vaoprs will make you pass out...

Clem Olson
okay i dont know why you would want to do that but you should try thrashing your head down to your knees and back up as many times as you can... i guarantee you will pass out.

Misuse Of Muse Use
Why would you want to do something like that? And why would anyone try and help someone who is trying to do something like this?

His LadyBug
you could always just fake passing out. Or hold your breath. My best friend held her breath to try to get rid of the hiccups and ended up passing out lol. Are you trying to get out of a test or what?


I did stuff like this before, then at age 23 I had a stroke. Don't be stupid like me. (im not kidding)

me too
wow, so you want to deprive your brain of oxygen?

why not just face the thing you don't want to...instead of living in fear.

Um... Fall down & close your eyes. Fake it.


Sit down for ages, then stand up really fast & when you get all dizzy & your vision blurs, let yourself faint.

flex your abs.legs/hands/feet as hard as you can and your face will go red..do it for like 45 sec and you will pass out for about 5 sec

its weird

I don't think you can make yourself pass out. But you can fake passing out. Act really sleepy and then suddenly just fall out of your chair and don't move

Sparkle Bean
There's really no way to do it without being really obvious. Sorry dude. All of the known methods to make yourself pass out kind of call for attention.

Why the **** are you trying to pass out? Are you mental?

I don't know why you would want to do that, but if you stand with your knees locked you will pass out after a while.

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