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Jack A
How bad is it to smoke a cigarette once a day? 10 points!?

Joseph H
Every puff you take, you cut down 2hrs and 50mins of your life.

it can reduce 1 day of your life...

One puff leads to a cigarette, one cigarette leads to 2, then 3, then before you know it you're on 10. Don't play with fire and think it's okay now and then. Smoking kills, there's no two ways about it, just doing it once a day makes the damage occur maybe a little slower, but you're still harming your body. Don't even tempt yourself. Don't even consider it.

all by myself
smoking is bad anyway as the effect of smiking is commulative.there 'll be harm but will appear in longer time so it doesn't make any difference u better give up smoking

well smoking one aday will still *** up your health as its a drug .. but it wouldnt be as bad as smoking day 10 a day ..
best is to not do it at all and maybe have the odd one if yuu feel yuu really need to ..

1 is better than having 2 aday .. but having none is better than 1 aday x

Riley C
its bad to smoke, full stop. No matter how often, it's just terribly bad for you and i encourage you to quit and be proud of yourself when you do =D

Well if one puff from hash is the same as 10 cigarettes at once, I would say it isn't as bad as Hash, but it is still very bad.
Just remember, there are many people who have smoked only once and already been taken by the addiction.
People might say "I am just doing it once" well that's what every said right?
Don't do it, not even from casual it is very bad. Causes lung cancer (Leukemia )

You asked for it
what's the use if you're only doing it once a day? this means you are not addicted, and you can stop before you do! trust me, you don't want to get started.

Very poor idea. Once I tried and failed. It is very difficult to count and smoke rather you would feel restless and tend to exceed the limit. One puff even addicts a person for another puff of smoke. Try and see!

My advice is to quit at once, no need for nicotine to our body systems.
It won't relieve any pain in smoke form: its medicinal quality.

Dave Z
May as well smoke more, you scilia is gone anyway. And air quality is bad nowadays..... Its bad, real bad.

Every cigarette you smoke is 5 minutes off your life. Those rack up.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov said that we shouldn't smoke, we have enough desires without it.
The main thing is Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Please. Cigarettes are like potato chips. You can't have just one. BUT...hahahaha....if you do...you do not need to be smoking. Every puff you take makes it harder to take the next breath. Fact.

cam R
i dont smoke but u know the adds were people need to get there foot amputated and stuff. it sounds like a load of crap to me. i think smoking does nothing to u


don't even smoke one cigarette.

deepak v
Same as you smoke 10.... 10 or 1 .... it definetely will have a say in your health..

Well it's a lot better than smoking 10, 20 or 30 a day but it's worse than smoking none a day.

What is the point of smoking one cigarette a day? You might as well go all the way and make the healthy choice by not smoking at all.

There is nothing in a cigarette that is good for you so it can only be bad for you.

its sounds corny but
every cigarette is doing you damage
it yellows your teeth
makes your clothes and body smell terrible
you cant hold your breath for long amount of times
theres over 4000 deadly chemicals in a cigarette
and 40 of them are cancer causing
and would you serisously smoke rat poisen?
to be honest to girls, (in my opinion) guys that smoke is a big turn off!

xoxo smoke free is the way to be :)

When I was 18, my mother gave me the answer and I laughed in her face. Forty years later I finally was able to quit after several attempts to stop. Listen please, one cigarette does lead to five or more a day. Really. If you want to blow you money on cigarettes, blow it my way instead. I need food.lol

Hey, its still bad to smoke right?
even ONCE a day, your liver might have a problem and all.
:D do you get what i mean?
cause when you add up the days you smoke, its really suprising.
so i tell you, its better NOT to smoke.

I smoke about 5 a week, and i'm not addicted to nicotine

It's obviously not GOOD for you...but i don't think it's terrible either...i mean they say 'all is fine in moderation'
they key is not getting addicted!

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