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¡ǝɯosʍɐ ɹn sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ɟı
How Can i stop my nail biting habbit?
ok so i have a nail biting Habit for as long as i can remember i have tried EVERYTHING gross tasting nail polish,hot sauce,Tape, Dirt, nothing works do u have any ideas???

I used to have the same problem and nothing worked. In the end all it takes is a little self discipline.

tobasco sauce on fingernails is the only way to go...
just don't rub your eyes.
you have to reapply frequently...not just once a day.

my mother did this to me as a child, now i have long beautiful nails.

stop it. just like that

Trilinie Sarah S
Become more aware of yourself.

how about by cutting it every morning.

Proud arabian owner<3
Think about all the dirt and bacteria you put into your body when biting your nails.. Also keep yourself VERY busy so you dont have time to chew your nails.. Anouther thing is always have something in your mouth like gum or hard candy...
It didnt work for me but ive been biting my nails since i was 3..
Well it worked for like a week but they got too long..

just buy a filer from the dollar store or somethin 2 fix it up, but otherwise put on really hevy gloves

Erik Sedeno
put your fingernails in onion. LOL

will power

Jill :)
try getting on fake nails, that way, you cant get to your actual nail. and you wont bite. :)

Joe C
chili powder on your fingers. you wont keep biting... trust me

keep band-aids or duct tape on all your finger nails and try not to take them off for a week or so. then dip them in hot sauce or the nail polish. it worked for a couple of my friends.

I too am a nail biter but, I found recently that if I cut my nails with a nail clipper quite short, then I wont feel the need to bite them.This usually works for me.I find that if my nails are cut down short, they just look and feel healthier (and its an easy way to get rid of that grime and dirt underneath the nails) However this may not work for you if you dont like short nails and prefer them longer.But you should try it!

Kevin L™
My sister used this stuff that tasted like crap! You should try it you can get it in the nail polish section of a store.

Put on some gloves. Even plastic surgical gloves.
Or duct tape on your mouth.
Sorry couldn't resist.

Lucky for u i knw how to help

Just keep a packet of chewing gum with u at all times. chew tht for a while. and u will stop
worked with her

Good luck xoxo

Abby ♫
Cut the spiciest peppers in the store you can find then wash you hands off and keep them away from your eyes but when you start to bite then you will get a spicy surprise lol.
But other ideas are you can do it with Lemon too.

put tape on it and wen u bite ur nails it going 2 stink

here's what i did and it's working pretty well. i've been biting FOREVER and i mean forever.

i got a manicure, and as soon as i feel the urge to start biting, (a rough edge, nail showing through), i go get another manicure. it might cost a bit more, but having polish on and seeing my nails pretty really motivates me

HaHa i had the same exact problem..(i still do sometimes) if you want,one of the things i have tried before is i painted my nails with clear polish and then when i get the urge to bite i just kinda bite off the polish. If you think that is to weird looking, what you can do also is eat fruit whenever you get the urge to bite! another thing i do is get a stress ball, you can usually find them at most dollar stores, whenever you wanna bite just squeeze the tress ball! that's all the info i can give you....... good luck - meow

I have the same problem. i have been biting my nails since i was like 3. lol
i used so many things too and nothing workd. the best advice i can give to you is just try ur hardest to not put ur fingers in ur mouth..its very hard. but i gotta try to stop to.

sorry i cant give u anything to help you,
well hope this helps,

I have the same problem but when my boyfriend would come home, he would always get me to scratch his back and I wanted to do a decent job so, I got my nails done, let them grow out, and my real nails were long and pretty..for the first time EVER..I liked them so much that I painted them almost everyday..they were so pretty..but then he cheated on me, so I'm back to having no fingernails. But thats what I did in the past. Just have an incentive.

put like a pot holder over u hands or wear gloves.

put vinegar on your nails

<3 K <3
have you tried Vaseline????
that works really well
and keep the tape on for a LONG TIME
like weeks if you have to
and when all else fails do rewards
if you dont bite your nails for a whole week
then get yourself something between $1-$5. then if you hold up another week get something from $5-$10 and so on
also try getting into a healthier habit
like chewing sugar free gum
or eat mints
i used to have the same problem
hope this helped

I bite my nails all of the time...well used to...I would even bite the skin of the side of my nails. I would still bite it with nail polish on to...never tried the other stuff...but i found something that works...its a lil expensive...but i have been getting acrylics. These are tough and lounger and everytime i try to bite it i can feel the difference in my mouth. Plus there arent like easy to bite off or anything and they are hard to damage if you accidentally try to bite one.

I bit my nails for years
Only when I found out I was getting married did I stop
(I wanted nice nails for my wedding day)
But before I was married I used to wear fake nails
Nothing worked (sorry)

Susan Yarrawonga
Perhaps you could kill two birds with one stone and wear a swine flu mask.

That's a habit that if you can break it when you are very young like 4 to 6 years old it may work, but if you do have the habit for 15 or more years then it is much, much harder to break.

Try to figure out exactly when you bite your nails and write it down for 1 week.
Do you bite them when you are reading?
Do you bite them when you are on the computer?
Do you bite them when you are listening to music?
Do you bite them when you are watching t.v. or a movie?
Do you bite them when you are talking on the telephone?

Now figure out how you are feeling at the time when you are biting your nails and write it down for 1 week.
Do you feel loved?
Do you feel unloved?
Do you fear something?
Are you nervous about something?
Is someone demanding perfection in you?
Do you have a parent/guardian/grandparent that corrects you constantly?

Now you have something you can work with to help you try to correct the problem. For one week you have written down exactly when you bit your nails and how you felt at the time so next time you have the same feeling or problem remind yourself to do something else.
Try writing out your feelings
Try drinking some water or juice
Try eating a healthy snack
Try doing some exercise

If you notice certain types of t.v. programs or movies bother you then don't watch them.
If you notice that certain types of music makes you nervous then change your music.
If you notice that reading certain types of books bother you change the type of books your read.
If certain girlfriends or boyfriends are demanding or bossy to you and make you scared or nervous then drop them and find other friends

If your parents/guardian are demanding, expecting perfection or constantly correcting you then ask them can you please sit down with them for a talk when they are not busy, and just tell how it makes you feel when they do this particular behavior to you.
(Example: It hurts my feelings, it makes me sad, it makes me feel nervous, it makes me afraid, it makes me angry, it makes me feel unloved, it makes me feel you don't care about me as a person)

I always tell everyone to read Psalms 23 when you are sad, troubled, lonely, need comfort, need help or need peace. No matter what religion you are or are not this is one scripture that can help you.

Hope this will help you to soon be able to break this lifelong habit and have beautiful nails.

william m
gum maybe?

chandrasekharam b
You may always feel relaxed, be calm, think less, work more, and never keep yourself idle.This may help to get rid of your nail biting habit!

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