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Help me please!!! I'm so scared! Serious answers only?
I have this thing on my right butt cheek. It really hurts. I think it's a bug bite but I'm not sure. It's circular and it has some sort of puss filled dot in the center. It's about half an inch in diameter. It really hurts to sit on it. I live in Houston, tx just in case that helps figure out what it is

A pimple

I seriously hope it is not , what I think it is,...but from what it sounds,..you better get your *** to a doctor quick. Have you ever heard of staff infection. well, in most cases,..a staff infection looks simillar to a spider bite,...like a pimple except with puss, (do not pop it)
you do not want to expose it to air. anywhaze...if you do not get medical help right away,..it will eat a big hole into your skin.
look up staff infecttions on the internet. this is a serious issue.
you can get it at public restrooms, ....I have seen first hand what a staff infection can do...most people think "OH! I got bite by a spider"
sorry,..it aint true....it's a staff infection....get help right away it aint no joke!!!.....if you don't you can die,..if the infection gets into your blood stream...if you think I am joking...look it up on the internet. take it serious!!!!!!!!!!! good luck~!

it's called a pimple or an ingrown hair?? pop it and clean it with soap or alcohol... loll

Christopher S
prob a big butt pimple??

stevo yo
Probably just a pimple

sounds like a cyst, I know someone that had one and they had to have surgery to get it out. Or it could be a really big pimple.

See a doctor. Don't worry it's probably nothing big.

Cody M
it might be a bump or a boil but if you are really worried about it you should get it checked by a doctor or a parent hope this helps.

i have had the same exact thing to me before. its an infection! its very very painful i know. but you need to call your doctor they can lance it right there for you. they might put you on some antibiotics and some painkillers...but dont worry you will live i promise :)

It is a butt-cyst. It is just a really huge zit. There is nothing to it, it will hurt and you will keep trying to make it pop. It will feel as big as a tenis ball when you finally pop it. Trust me, it's disgusting.

A. J.
fire ant.

Phone or go to the ER

Kara B
Sounds like you have a Spider Bite!! I used to live in Texas and have had everything or seen everything from a scorpion sting to fire ants. It's usually a painful bite and hurts when touched at all. Try to get the pus (which has the venom) in it out. Put some honey on it and cover it with a bandage, this helps draw the poison out and prevents bacterial infection. You can use a topical over-the-counter ointment like Cortisone to relieve the swelling or CVS or any drugstore usually sell ointments specifically for Spider Bites. Best of Luck!

Well it could be a zit, we can get them on the butt. or it could be an insect or bug bite. I would wash it, keep it clean, wear cotton underwear.

Put an ice pack on it. If it is swollen and hurts.

If it isn't itching or anything you could put some anti bacterial ointment on it, such as Neosporin. If it is swollen and itchy, then try Benadryl ointment or Cortaid, they are good for bites.

If things persist and gets worse, I would get it checked out.

Elena K
either a pimple or a bug bite nothing big still should see a doctor

It could be a cyst but it could very well be an ingrown hair. put a wet wascloth in the microwave till its hot/warm and set it on it. if it gets bigger go to a doctor. one of my friends had this and it got kinda bad. he had to have it cut and drained.Don't panic. I forgot what it was called that he had. but just keep an eye on it. the compress might make it drain but that's good. you wanna get that stuff out. especially if it's an ingrown hair.
But do not pop it! It could pop inwards which could cause infection and make it worse! i repeat do not pop it. just use a hot compress...

It could be an insect bite - or a rash or pimple or a boil- Have someone (like your mom or Dr). -- look at it -- you may need some medicine and a dressing on it - Don't scratch it -as it could get infected - and you could have a staff infection set up in it - which wouldn't be good - as it can get into our blood stream -

If something really hurts then u should go to a doctor have him check it up. Tell him/her that if theres any medicine to make it numb, or to make it go away. Houston is a pretty big city so there has to be alot of professional doctors.

Holly Diana
could be a poisonous spider bite. sure its not a pimple?.... just a thought. lol. if your that scared go to the ER to double check. better safe than sorry

go see a doctor

that is a boil..

Dr. Neema
It sounds like a furuncle. It's almost like a pimple. I get them every now and again. I just squeeze them until they pop (although it does hurt a bit) and then rub the area down with alcohol. It works much faster than waiting for the inflammation to go down on its own.

one of my parents friend had it and it was serious the doctor told him that it could get really serious if he didn't get it treated. do you live in a really hot place?

My mom used to get those alot, sounds like a boil. Putting neosporin on it helped hers. Keep it clean

It's probably a cyst. They usually don't hurt unless infected of inflamed. So go to a doctorr!!!

It sounds like you have something called a "Boil". You can look it up in Wikipedia or on a medical web site or consult your local physician.

its probably a boil... relax... boils usually form when one or more hair follicles — the tube-shaped shafts from which hair grows — become infected with staph bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus). These bacteria, which normally inhabit your skin and sometimes your throat and nasal passages, are responsible for a number of serious diseases, including pneumonia, meningitis, urinary tract infections and endocarditis — an infection of the lining of your heart. They're also a major cause of hospital-acquired infections and food-borne illnesses.

Staph bacteria that cause boils generally enter through a cut, scratch or other break in your skin. As soon as this occurs, specialized white blood cells called neutrophils rush to the site to fight the infection. This leads to inflammation and eventually to the formation of pus — a mixture of old white blood cells, bacteria and dead skin cells.

These measures may help the infection heal more quickly and prevent it from spreading:

Apply a warm washcloth or compress to the affected area. Do this for at least 10 minutes every few hours. If possible, first soak the cloth or compress in warm salt water. This helps the boil rupture and drain more quickly.

Gently wash the boil two to three times a day. After washing, apply an over-the-counter antibiotic and cover with a bandage.

Never squeeze or lance a boil. This can spread the infection.

Wash your hands thoroughly after treating a boil. Also, launder clothing, towels or compresses that have touched the infected area.

It sounds like a boil...put warm to hot compresses on it until it opens....DON'T,....I REPEAT,..... DONT...stick a pin in it or scratch at it with your fingernails....of course unless you want toxic poisioning....if it gets any bigger, or you start to run a fever, go to the ER and have them lance it.

Brian Reigeford
could be a poisonous spider bite, if it has continued to get worse over time, you definitely need to see a doctor right away,

You have a boil. Don't squeeze it, because you can force bacteria into your bloodstream, which would be very bad. Instead, take a warm, damp washcloth and hold it against the boil. This will actually encourage it to get worse, and then it will break open and drain. After that it will quickly heal.

If it's really driving you crazy, you can get a doctor to lance it for you. But if you can wait it out, why pay the money to see the doctor?

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