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pestie58 the spider hunter
Have you any idea what maybe wrong with me?
Lately I have not been feeling well .
I get a crushing pain in my chest & have trouble breathing & the fingers in my left hand go tingles .
I am a little worried it may be a heart problem but I don't want to go to a doctor & I don't want to worry my family .
It seems to be getting more frequent
Additional Details
Thank you edoedo , it you know my mother from this site please do not tell her she has enough to worry about.

[email protected]_KISHORLAL
You have the basic question and you dare to express your trouble,

Your nervousness is the surrendering to situation where you cannot fight or express your anger to it..
Your situation can not be changed by me but I have some ideas to tell you

You have the basic question and you dare to express your trouble,
We live in world where all our expectations will not be fulfilled. In the todays world, we get more chances to get angry, due to completion, injustice, betrayal, criticisms at work, home and by friends, and there are endless reasons which makes us angry. Anger arises when the other does not behave the way we expect, or other wants us to behave the way s/he wants us to behave and we are not able to / interested to / wish to / contrary to our respect
It is a common wisdom given to us from childhood, never be angry, do not show your anger, to be angry is not good.
The anger is hurting us first and then hurts the person who is target of our anger.
If we are strong we hurt other very deeply and also carry the wound within. But if we are weak, we get hurt. And we fear to express anger, still the wound within is there. So Anger expressed also hurts and anger suppressed also hurts.
The negative effect of anger on us is multifold, Physical Violence, Anatomically we get acidity ulcer and indigestion. Emotionally we get upset, concentration goes, blood pressure increase/decresses, get depressed,
Thus we are affected from all the angles, we can not afford to express or suppress . Best way is to Transform the powerful emotion in creative way.Anger is our Emotion and it is really great force, those who do not get angry are cold. Those get angry get cold after loosing the energy in anger...
Now Anger will arise and arise every day, then what to do with it...how to get rid of it...

There is a Dynamic way to do it.... every day get up early morning... or when you have some time for one hour for this only...
This exercise is divided in four parts, and has three level
Primary, 20 minutes
Secondary 40 minutes
Final 60 minutes

We start with Primary level
First part is dealing with activation of your system, dormant emotions are waken up, your system is charged,
Second part is expressing the gathered stuff out,
Third part is again charging the body
Fourth part is just silent.

First part you choose a silent room, exclusive to you only, wear loose clothing, stand relaxed, both hand by side of waist. Legs one foot apart, knees slightly bent, relaxed,
Room should not be too airy or too cold/hot,

Start breathing out with force from nose, keep mouth shut,
And continue for five minutes, in breath will be automatic, you concentrate on out breath.

Continuing up to five minutes, then come to second part

second part is just expressing your ACCUMULATED EMOTIONS, NOT ONLY ANGER BUT ALL, cry, shout, weep, shake your body out violently and wildly... with all emotions released. In beginning it may not be feeling easy or you may feel shy or afraid of family or neighbors but know that THIS IS YOUR LIFE AND YOU ARE SUFFERING, not your family, or neighbor. If they are disturbed by your sounds, you ensure that your shouts are not heard to them, your sound and voice are expressed without Sound, and just wild expressions... continue expressing for five minutes... you will have hell of time, but you have to dare and start, your life is at stake.

Third part, you jump with your soles coming down heavily on floor and you make the sound of hoo, hoo, hoo, from navel, such that it too is not heard by others if they feel disturbed...
Thus your navel will get strong and purged of negativity, weaknesses...
Jumping up down may feel painful but continue,

Then fourth part,
Be silent, stop all jumping shouting, remain standing statue, in silence. Just feel your rushing blood, heavy breathing, heart beats, and aching body, but do not move be a statue...

These twenty minutes will be an ordeal for you, it will be a total blast for you and your system will be cleaned.
This will be a challenge to your Will power to Challenge Yourself.

If you continue for a month, and feel the difference, how you feel anger, how you react and how you feel afterwards...
Now during the day time when anger arises let it arise, but you be alert of this anger and feel your breathing, what is happening to it... just be aware of breathe.
Thus you will feel the anger but anger will not be overpowering you, as your breathe will make you alert that now you are suffering body and mind. So come to relaxed breathing and your angry muscles will relax and the anger will also relax...
There is no direct way to attack enemy but thus indirectly we treat it.

in evening you can spare 20 minutes for sitting exclusively for yourself, watch your thoughts, close eyes, and feel the breathing at nose point, in out in out, sit with crossed legs, on cushion and straight spine, neck, crossed palms
This twenty minutes will give you account o

Tim F the Gardener
By now you should be in the hospital to receive emergency care. I understand what you meant when you said you don't want to go to the doctor, and most men like me are like that. We as men all need to feel more comfortable with these doctors and see them more often. Most men are not getting enough medical care, but you do need to see the doctor more frequently because this sounds very, very serious.

Please take my personal advice and see your doctor more often, and don't worry about your mother or anything else, just look after yourself.

First, you need to address the issue as soon as possible with your physician. That means having a conversation with your parents prior. The symptoms you have could infact be heart related, however, it is also possible it is not. You could have pulled a muscle, you could have a pinched nerve, and you are stressing out in fear which also can cause heart-related symptoms.

Please, set your mind at ease and go to the doctor. Be mature and speak with your mother now. Do not delay - communication is everthing. You are not alone, because anyone would be frightened with these symptoms. Don't think the worst - it may be something minor. Good luck to you!

Dear BELOVED Brother Brian;

I've Been Told that Sharp Pains in Your Heart are Not as Serious as having a "Crushing" Pain.

The "Crushing" Pain I've Been told (IS) a Sign that you are having a Heart attack or Will have one !

PLEASE go to the Hospital (IMMEDIATELY) !

My Love IS With You Pestie !

'maters Granny
Go to the Dr. now. It sounds like a heart situation but it could be stress related and/or anxiety. You have been thru a lot lately and this could be how it is exhibiting itself.
Please, see a Dr. today.

במדבר פרח
Dear brother, will you tell us when you find out? Hoping to find out you're ok soon...

It has now been 8 [12] hours since any activity of your account, so I'm definitely hoping that you're taking the advice of everyone who earlier responded to your question.

You appear to be a procrastinator, like so many others . . .
especially when it involves health matters . . .
(including myself, when it involves a doctor visit!).

The following are provided for you to research, when you get things back 'under control':

"Congestive Heart Failure"

"Heart Attack—What Can Be Done?" :
- Heart Disease--A Threat to Life
- Recognizing and Acting On the Symptoms
- Actions for Survival
- How Can the Risk Be Reduced?
- The Road to Recovery

"The Marvels of the Circulatory System"
- The System's Main Components
- A Tour of the Cardiovascular System
- Elastic Arteries
- Red Cells in Single File
- From Venules to Veins to the Heart
- The Lymphatic System

Just look at all the loving responses from our worldwide family . . . !
How 'heart-warming' is that . . . ? (;

Please, Pestie...go to the doctor's. It could be anything or maybe nothing, just don't put it off.

Classic signs of a pending heart attack. Doctor, NOW!

Nikkii Porter kitty kitty
My dear friend please go to the doctor. If it is heart problems imagine the worry and sadness it would cause your family if you died and there was some thing you could have done about it if you had seen a doctor. It could be stress too. I know you have been through a hard time with the loss of your good friend so it may be nothing but go to the doctor he will be able to treat you what ever the problem is. Heart problems if treated early enough can be cured

Adam's Rib
You need to go to the doctor right away. Heart problems are nothing to ignore. Please go asap. If there is nothing wrong, then you will feel better. If there is something wrong you need to find out.

One Tooth
The "crushing pain" in the chest and tingling/numbness down left side remind me of a bus-ad campagn a few years back to alert the public to heart problems. I assume you have already gone to the hospital / called a doctor as I type this. You family shouldn't be worried so long as you are taking the proper pills ect.

Loads of people live just fine with heart problems- A family freind had angina then a heart attack 17 years ago and he's still very much alive, rushing about the place and happy!

It can be either of 2 things. Both of which I have had personally.

1. Chronic indigestion or heartburn. Acid from the stomach comes up the wind pipe around the chest and hurts!!! This cannot be handled with simple Rolaids. It is much stronger than that. If left untreated or delayed like a friend of mine, it can result in damage to the esophagus or voice box. Even a type of cancer can happen. If treated early, a few pills and you are fine.

2. Congestive heart failure. This too feels like a heart attack but it is not. The tingles in fingers are poor circulation getting to the nerves in the limbs. Walking up a small amount of stairs causes chest pain and not able to get your breath. Caught early, medication can treat it as long with changes in diet and exercise. Failing to do so could mean surgery.

Now it could be other things as well, but this is my experience. So you are better off going to the doctor to find out. Early enough and it will not cost as much or be so bad. Wait and you will pay dearly whatever it is.

Pestie, she's going to worry more if something happens to you!! GET TO THE DOCTOR NOW!!!

Leslie H
Brian. Go to the doctor. Now. Don't be concerned about worrying anyone. If you died, they would be so much more worried and grief-stricken. You MUST go to the doctor. You know I lost my mother to a heart attack three years ago in January. You know how devastated I STILL am about it. Your wife and mother would be crushed, and you cannot mess around with your heart. PLEASE, go to the doctor today. You have a responsibility to respect your life as much as you respect others' lives.

What would you tell someone you love if they came to you & told you what you are telling us here?, I pray that you are at the doctors & read this answer when you get home!
Agape from your brother in faith

Rachel R
pestie i think you may have heart problems. so you *may* have had a slight heart attack. i'll come back and edit.

EDIT: these are some of the possibilities; heart burn, heart attack (mild) or a heart attack leading to a stroke. so get in the hospital NOW!

Do you realize how many people love you and care about you? What you are describing can be very dangerous, but caught in time, treatable. I've lost entirely too many in my family to heart disease, and you are now part of my extended family.

Please get to doctor, or to a health clinic if that's quicker, and get checked thoroughly. Then follow instructions. Do you know just changing your diet and exercise could make a big difference? But you have to find out what's wrong first.

Just think how your mother would feel if you died because you didn't go to the doctor. Do you realize she would blame herself? Is that what you want for her? And any others among your family and friends? I may be sounding mean and hurtful, but it's not my intention. I know what that kind of loss does to the ones left behind, so I'm urging you to not waste a minute.

Rick G

No short cuts to the new order allowed, you have to go there the same way we are going.

Besides, if you "drop dead", you won't see the finish to this system of things. All you'll have is the video...


yes. go see a doctor...
a crushing pain in your chest needs to be checked out...

best wishes and warm regards...
salams... xx

Those are classic angina pains, meaning the heart is not getting enough blood/oxygen. The heart muscle is in danger of dying, you may have damage already. I wouldn't delay going to the doctor long enough to read this.

Those are the exact warning signs of a serious heart condition.

An Earthly Hope
This sounds very serious, you need to get to the Doctor NOW.

Bailey's Mommy
I'm not sure this is appropriate for Y!A, I suggest going to the doctor, there are far too many possibilities and you're better safe than sorry.

Go to the doctor ASAP! The sooner you go the better your chances of treatment are. If you go now you may be treated easily if you wait to long and your symptoms increase the situation could get way worse. You would benefit yourself and your family the most by going to see a doctor sooner than later.

the cook
brother get to the er now and please do not wait. get off the computer and go now.

lone dissenter
Pestie Go to a doctor , do not be stupid .
I know I told Granny I wanted to shoot you & threatened you but that was just anger , I did not mean it & I have calmed down now.
Now get to a doctor now, not tomorrow but now.

GO to the DOCTOR fast as you can! Don't be strong head go to the Doctor!
Just go to the Doctor and think about your family that loves you and don't be strong head it is not fair for your family. Go to the DOCTOR!

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