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Gross, but it keeps happening........?
Ok, I have never been able to use cotton ear cleaner things without gettin an ear infection, but I tried it the other day and now all the wax in my left ear is so far jammed and packed in there, I cant hear out of it!!! I need a quick solution...Ive tried steaming it out with hot water and it doesnt work! HELP!!
Additional Details
Does the water shooting into ur ear hurt??

Go to an ear, nose and throat specialist. They have all the proper tools for something like this.

that happened to me once when i was a child. my doctor took a syringe and shot water into my ear hard and it fell out. you have to tilt your head to the side. i thought it would hurt, but it didn't, surprisingly. i actually thought it felt good, but everyone is different.

maybe just maybe you should go to the doctor!!!!

LOL... go to the doctor! maybe he has a solution you can use on the ear. I love cotton swabs I dont know what I would do without them!!

Hawaiian mkg surfer
ok, get this thing for ear, you have to pick all the ear wax out fo there or go to a doctor and tell them what they reccomend. i do this daily and it hurts a little cuz they stick this tiny tool all the way up your ear to get the wax out.

Go see your doctor. They will be able to clean it up for you.

Paramedic Girl
You need to go to your doctor to have your ears drained. NEVER, ever use a Q Tip to clean out your ears... all it does is pack it in and cause other problems too.

I use Google for your answers.
There is something one of my teachers used. You put a wick in your ear and light it. The heat of the candle draws up the wax from your ear. They have groups that do this, don't do it by yourself.

John P
You can purchase ducosate stool softener, ok ok sounds strange, they come in little gel caps. Simply break the capsule and allow the fluid to run into your ear. The solution will effectively break up the ear wax. Allow the solution to sit no more than 10 minutes in your ear cannal before turning your head to the other side and allowing the solution to run out.

Ummm, see a doc' or something.

Oh, and are you sure that you use the cotton things right? Because if you just jamm it in your ear, it packs in. two words: cricular motion!

Good luck with that!

rico suave
they sell ear wax removal kits in the pharmacy or your dr can do it for you

Personally, I would see your doctor. You could damage your eardrums. Be very careful with your ears you need them your whole life.

go to the doc and ask them for an ear wash! alot of nasties will fall out of your ear and youll be able to hear better. same thing happened to me but come to find out it was an earwig! no joke! i didnt think earwigs actually crawled in your ear!

if you can't get to the doctor today there is a ear wax remover at any pharmacy ask the pharmacist and they will help you until you see the doctor. and quit putting water in your ears not wise. some wax is good to protect your ear drum but not a lot where you can see it if your look at some ones head and their ears look dirty. and you don't put the Q tip all the way in your ear only on the outer part of the ear and in the creases(NEVER ALL THE WAY IN).i have a problem with Q tips also i can't use them because i get ear aches after wards.

Doctors will help with this. Go see one!

Go to Walgreens and by an over the counter Ear Wax kit. It's cheap and effective. If this doesn't work, you need to seek out a profession. (ENT-Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor)

you need an ear wax rtemoval kit with a tube that flushes your ear gently with drops. My dad had that and he was most annoyed but after treatment, he was OK.

Go to a doctor. They'll fix that up for you in 2 minutes. My Dad had similar problem, got it fixed last week. He said it was quick and painless. Hope that helps....

try peroxide. put a little in your ear and let sit for a while they drain

I do this from time to time best way to clean your ears

yeah you are going to have to go to the doctor right away to get that out.

and while you are there, have him/her teach you the proper way to use a q-tip.

You can buy kits with a rubber squeezy thing that you fill up with warm water which you spray into your ear.

You can't shoot water into your ear unless it's the right temperature or you'll hurt yourself. So it's got to be about body temperature (or slightly warmer). As long as it's not too hot and you're not squirting water with too much pressure, it won't hurt. Just start gently.

After several attempts, the wax should be coming loose and dislodge. Just don't rush it.

Don't add water to your ear. The best solution is too use ear drops. They work quickly and effectively. Also, don't go sticking your finger in your ear, it can make the problem worse.

try an ear irrigation kit, they sell em at the drug store.. or go to the Dr.

Jim Z
Please, please, please don't ask questions about your health on this site! The chances of getting an answer that could make a bad situation worse is far greater than getting a real answer.

Go to your regular doctor, and if you can't then ask the pharmacist at your grocery store... at least they have some training.

nigel v
please go to a doctor

you will cause much more damage (maybe permanent) attempting to fix this problem yourself.

good luck

Well, first off: DON'T DO THAT!

Those are not "ear cleaner things", they are cotton swabs and should not be jammed in our ear, not only for the reason you just described, but because you can rupture your eardrum if you are not careful.

You can buy an ear cleaning kit at the pharmacy that consists of a bulb syringe and some drops that loosen the wax, but I have found them to be less than effective. Your best bet at this point is to go to the doctor's office and have them remove the impacted wax.

Roger N
Try taking a hot bath and laying with that ear underwater.
BTW...No. It doesn't hurt but it does feel weird. I went to the doc one time and had it done.

try an ear bulb(available at most pharmacies) filled w/ hot water (not too hot mind you) and flush out your ear!!!! they also sell ear wax kits that come with the bulb!!!!!!!!

Mark S
Use the ear drops. I had the same thing happen, and used the drops and you would be amazed at how much wax comes out of there. You should be able to find it at any convenience store or grocery store - in the pharmacy section.

You need to see a Doctor to rinse out your ear with lightly pressurized water. This is normally done with a syringe.
Sorry honey.. no quick solution.

You could also try ear drops if your ear is sore. AND NO it doesn't hurt :)

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