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Frog Girl
First signs of a cold - what's good to take?
I don't get paid sick pay so can't really afford to take time off and have a party at my house on saturday and want to be well for it

John S
take one or two of every fruit available and put em in a blender with some yoghurt and honey and ginger. drink lots of water.

Elle J Morgan
Loads of chicken soup-

vicky l

Zicam, Zicam, Zicam! It does really work to either stop the cold, or minimize symptoms. Our family tried it last year & have continued using it.

A cold has to take its coarse,there is no cure.Take Paracetamol for the aches And have as much good sleep as you can in bed.

Bioforce Echinacea drops. Just put 16 drops in a tiny bit of water in the bottom of a glass and drink it. It will sort you right out. Works great for me.

da brat
i use a product called AIRBORNE !! it works fast!! it dissolves like alka seltzer. plus it works on hangovers just as good!! enjoy your party!!

london lady
vitamin c. oranges or tablets.

jennifer c
Nyquil. And allow yourself at least 8 hours of sleep for the next few days. Sleep helps build your immune system.

I take zinc. It is inexpensive, and if I start to take it at the first sign of a cold it really helps me. You can get it in the vitamin aisle anywhere. They lso make a nasal spray called Zicam. This is a little more expensive but works great.

Mad Roy
Cold-Eeze lozenges are clinically tested and shown to be effective if used as directed as soon as the first cold symptoms are felt.

my otherwise sensible daughter got me to rub garlic on the soles of my feet and on the outside of my throat at the first sign of a sore throat, i thought she was daft but did it any way.....also swallowing a bit of garlic just to be sure.
I t seems to have worked the times i have done it, beats me why.

Some garlic, and place some under your pillow slip.

I heard a doctor recommending this on TV and it works for me every time! Buy high strength Vit C tablets and take one at least every two hours. Your basically blasting your system so the cold doesn't get a chance to take hold. Vitamin C can act as a slight laxative, but I find it a small sacrifice if it means I can avoid a full-blown cold- it's my pet hate! Bassett's do really good Vit C tablets that you can eat like sweeties as their just like fruit gums. Drink loads of water too, keep warm and make sure you get enough sleep! Good luck!

santosh n
use the tablet called levocet (levocetrizine 5mg tab)
daily once at night before sleep dont use this in morning ok
its getting some drousy ness ok

I used to take Vitamin C and Zinc, and suffered no colds during that time. Zinc is thought to boost the imune system, though some studies link excessive zinc intake with enlargement of the prostate gland (obviously more of a problem for men than women, though I have heard that around 10% of women actually have a prostate gland).

Vitamin C can also be harmful IF TAKEN TO EXCESS, which can cause diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, high stomach acid, increased urination, insomnia, irritability, joint pains, osteoporosis (indirectly), headaches, hypoglycemia, weakness, anemia, PMS, may increase infections by causing copper deficiency, reduced estrogen, reduced progesterone, reduced prolactin (which reduces libido in men, not sure about women).

Vitamin C Sources:

Citrus fruit, green peppers, sweet and hot peppers, potatoes, spinach, parsley, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, rose hips, black currants and other berries, tomatoes, horseradish, watercress.

Suzanne S
My husband (who hardly ever gets sick) and I take a product called Airborne (there is a product through CVS pharmacy that costs about a dollar less). It was created by a teacher who got sick by being with all the children. It has herbal extracts (so read the ingredients and maybe call your pharmacist if you are on other meds) and vit. C. We have found that it significantly reduces the the down time when ill or keeps us from getting ill at all. Good luck! Suzanne

Wendy M
Garlic and lots of vitamin C.

Some friends of mine swear by Echanacia.

Tetanus Tim
Have a curry followed by a trip to your local booster juice or equivalent outlet for a carrot, orange ginseng and ginger juice concoction. Will blow your mind and your cold away.

Good luck.

Echinacea & vitamin c. You should take vit c & b vitamins every day, then you should find that you never get colds. Eat healthily-lots of protein & fruit & veg to keep your strength up, plenty of fluids. I always find wrapping up and going out for a walk in the cold helps give me energy.

The one
they say that keeping your vit c up is always good - but positive thinking also helps - not that it keeps the cold away or cures it, but positive thinking helps in all manner of things

massive 1000mg vitamin C tablets plus zinc and echinacea.

Garlic. It helps to prevent colds. If you're not a big garlic eater, get the capsules they don't taste of anything and they don't leave a smell on your breath.

Echinacea full stop a highly powerful immune booster 3 of these over 24 hrs will knock that cold right on the head! As long as you remain in doors for a day, without venturing outside otherwise your cold will turn into a Flu!
Echinacea is great and I have been taking it for yrs, and in the last 2 yrs I have had one cold and no flu what so ever. take plenty of VC also...feel better...

echinacea,for at least two weeks,jill

Echinacea Drops. The liquid is better than the tablets as it works faster. This is a herbal extract that you can find in any herbal shop...even boots the chemist do it now. works for me every time.

Lable is called:
Fresh Herb Extract
Echinacea Drops
For colds and flu

Vicks First Defense nasal spray works wonders.

Danielle T
vitamin C 1000mg tablets and Echinacea capsules.

loads of garlic. Best thing to ward off a cold.

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