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Easy Ten Points (maybe).....zzzzzzzzzzz?
I can't easily get to sleep, I try reading, watching TV, staring off into space, replaying movies in my head...there is nothing wrong with my mattress or pillow and my bedframe is fine.
HELP PLEASE!!! Just give me a few suggestions and you may win!

BBall_Samurai (Fear the Turtle)
Before going to bed (but not directly before going to bed), do something active, like go for a run or a jog, do some exercise, or play some sort of activity in the day. Sometimes watching TV or just doing nothing active prevents you from getting rest because your body has stored up energy that needs to be used up. Mental activities can help. You said reading doesn't help, but try puzzles or mind games or something like that. Try either of these ways (or both) with people too. Being around good buddies does make you relaxed and whatnot. Hope I helped a bit! Get some sleep soon!! *looks at clock* Yeah, I need to catch some z's myself. Later!

Gee... staying up watching late night TV works for me though =P
Seriously, try taking a warm bath to calm the nerves.
Another would be to drink warm milk, you may also try reading a book, that always knocks me out. A final insomniac cure is to play an easy listening CD that plays neutral sounding music (e.g. instrumental, spiritual, etc)
Hope this helped.

Read the Bible. I'm very serious.

take 2 bennidrill , it was the only thing that worked for me when I had insomnia! I had tried eveything even warm milk..counting sheep ect(which only made me think of my Aust.Shepard that had died the yr before..she would and could herd anything good luck

I had that problem and my shrink put me on anti-schizophrenic meds to clear my mind. It seriously helped. I'm not saying that you are schizophrenic but your mind is too busy and it needs to be cleared. Don't watch tv or read because that engages your mind into activity. Just lay there in the dark, and eventually you will fall asleep. I have also tried melatonin to help me sleep. Good Luck!

What is keeping you from falling asleep then? Usually stress is the answer, and many forms of stress can cause insomnia. Most people try to drug the problem away, this works, temporarily until their body is used to the drug that it doesn't even work anymore. This is where you need to do some work on yourself, figure out the source of the stress. Usually working things out in your head about things you did during the day, and things you need to do tomorrow is what causes this problem. So before going to bed think about everything you accomplished for the day, scratching them off your mind's list, then think about your responsibilities for tomorrow, your brain will be cluttered with this crap, write the things you need to accomplish down on a piece of paper. This helps put your mind at peace over what you still have left to do. Try this, and see if it works, I am willing to bet your problem is your mind is busy with all of the crap that you have on it, so empty it out every night before bed.

A good warm bath or shower will help.
Good Night... zzzz

Possibly have a little something to eat. You could also try thinking. Just think about how stuff is going and sometimes your brain just decides its tired of doin this and goes to bed.

Have you ever read 'War and Peace'?
It was my sleeping pill in High School :-)
The best part is the five pages describing a man's hand!

maybe take a tylenol pm once in a while?

i also heard that doing deep breathing exercises or meditating before bed can help you fall asleep faster.

if nothing works you may want to talk to your doctor and they might prescribe you ambien or something...sweet dreams!


I don't have this problem but my morning radio show (about as reliable as any other source!) swears by this and people call in all the time to say that it works. Count from 25 backwards, but visualize each number, like on a page of a calander that you tear off, so you'll be doing it slowly. So you count the number, see it and throw it away. Also, I have to ask, are you tired when you go to bed? Maybe you don't need as much sleep as you think? (I'm not being condescending, really asking!)

drink milk.
look directly on the fan or aircon.
watch tv while lying down.
walk back and forth
don't ever sleep during day.

Susan O
Go invest in a College Chemistry book, or Calculus, or Anatomy. Try to force yourself to read twenty pages. I guarantee you will exhausted and ready to sleep after three! Works for me, but (rut-roh) I'm supposed to be reading them!

Warm milk, sleeping aid such as unisom.


I have the same problem. I can never sleep right away. I've stayed up, just lying there, for 2 1/2 hours before. . . .Listening to soft music helps me. By the time the CDs about halfway through, I'm usually drifting off. Maybe try reading a book about an hour before you want to go to bed, to get you relaxed. Don't watch TV, or play on the comp, it will only make it worse, because it wakes up your brain. Try keeping busy during the day, so your mind and body are tired at night. Idk, nothing has worked perfectly for me so far. . .

Jacob R
warm milk



Before you go to bed, like about 30 minutes before, eat a small snack. I suggest 1-2 oz of turkey (triptophan - spelling approximate), a cracker or a cookie, or if you are concerned about your weight - a low glycemic carbohydrate and some nuts - almonds or peanuts are best. This is a recipe for some slow burning energy that will help level your blood sugar out for the night.

If your restlessness is due to your brain seeking blood sugar, because it is getting low in the middle of the night, this recipe will help that.

If this works, and you should know it in about 3 days if it will, you may want to check out www.hufa.org for more info on low blood sugar, its causes and things you can do about it.

Try listening to some soft music,or nature sounds.They reall soothing.Read before you go to sleep.good- luck and happy zzzzzzzzzzzz

A glass of warm milk

I drink a full mug of cold chocolate milk to get a better sleep....

Enjoy :)

well make sure you tired when you go to bed and just try to think of something that makes you happy and yo wil just drit off try that hope it works

but what will 10 points do for me? nothing!

what i do is i put a wet rag on my eyes
it really works!

get comfortable,eat some turky,dont smoke (if you do) ,and put yourself in thought of deep relaxation

Try meditating. No TV, reading, or other activity. If you are not asleep in 10 minutes, get up. Try again in a few minutes. Don't do busy things in your mind just repeat one word and consciously relax your muscles.

Aimee B
I have been told that Benadryl helps. I have taken it in the past and it can help you sleep. Don't get the stuff with diphenhydramine in it, but the other one. It is basically the same as sleeping pills, but non addicting.

I know that I do it all the time...but they say watching TV to fall asleep is one of the worst things you can do...it stimulates the brain to much and stops you from relaxing.

I know when I can't sleep it is because of all the stress of the day that is still on my mind. Have you tried Yoga? I just started it last week and I know it helps the night I do it. (I am taking classes to teach me all the moves.) It helps you to learn how to breathe the right way to help you relax. If you can, go to the library and either get a book on Yoga or on relaxation.

I know I am no expert on this because I too have a hard time sleeping at night. I know mine is because of anxiety, but that doesn't mean your's is. But read up on ways to relax....you can find all sorts of websites that will give you info on it....and that might help.

Do you possibly have a problem with anxiety? I know that is why I can't sleep most of the time. Stress can cause anxiety and depression and that can cause sleepless nights.

They also say not to drink alcohol before bed. Even though it will make you tired to begin with...once it wears off then you will be wide awake.

someone in the world
drink warm milk? talk to your friends until you get so bored you fall asleep, or rewatch movies.

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