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Does anyone know if headaches are caused by tumors?
I get headaches frequently and last I went to the doctors which was about 7-8 years ago, I was told I get heat headaches and that was the end of it. Now I'm getting the headaches a little more frequently and I'm afraid I might have a tumor or something. I've heard you get headaches often due to a tumor. I'd go back to the doctors but don't have any insurance until August so I was wondering if anyone out there might have indication of whether the rumor is true about getting headaches due to a tumor.

pablo sanchez
you have a tumor

headaches can be caused by tumors but not in all cases!

Not a Daddys Girl
I don't know the real reason people get headaches, I have been getting migraines my whole life, sometimes it is cause you need glasses and that makes it better and sometimes it is due to stress, and possibly other reasons that no one really knows.
I think you need to talk to your doctor if you have tried everything else, sometimes doctors can give you a shot if your headaches are lasting more than a couple of days at a time and that helps some people.
Good luck and ask your doctor that very same question or a nurse , you don't need insurance to call the doctors office and talk to someone over the phone and set an appointment if you need to now for a day after your insurance kicks in.

4eyed zombie
Could be stress, might just be chemicals. But it could be a tumor, or maybe even a (now) harmless aneurysm (aka blood clot on the verge of bursting).

If you are that worried, see a neurologist

yes - or they may be caused by an anneurism , or be a pedecessor to a stroke- they can also be a sign of an infection , i would book the doctor's appt. now as you may not be able to get an appointment until AUgust- if they can get you in earlier ask if they will bill you , you may be able to make payments until your insurance kicks in

They are usually from stress not tumors.

dehydration and magnesium depletion could be the cause of your headaches
try a mag/cal supplement and drink more WATER not gatorade or soda

cutie pie
a lady at my office had the same issue as you, chronic headaches and she kept going to doctors and they couldnt find anything wrong with it, then she went for an MRI and actually had a brain tumor. She was rushed into surgery and now she is doing quite well. She was very lucky she caught it when she did. You should definitily go to the ER if you are still getting headaches!! Who cares about money or insurance, this is your life we are talking about!

Aaliyah's Mama
So many things can cause headaches from simple stress to tumors. Even certain foods can cause headaches.
If you are worried that you have a tumor, it is often better to see your doctor rather than wait.

How about just plain, old stress? That may be the cause of your problems.

There are soooo many reasons for headaches! Some of them are not bad....stress, sinus congestion, eye strain, high blood pressure, low blood sugar and things of that nature. Then there are migraines (nobody really understands those!).....and of course, really serious things like tumors, aneurysms, restricted blood flow due to clogged or blocked arteries...and I'm sure there are others!

I have to suggest that you seek medical advice as there is always the possibility that you have a life threatening condition that if caught early, may mean the difference between living and dying. The next time you get a headache go to the ER. You might be able to wait until August, but you need to tell a physician what your symptoms are like and he will help you decide.

Good luck and take care of yourself!

Headaches are very sever and i suggest that you do go to have a brain scan. I myself suffer from sever headaches and one done within the past six months. I was fortunate to not have a tumor but they did diagnose me with Cluster headaches which as very sever headaches that last for 4-6 weeks at a time and then they go away and possibly can come back. Mine were a result of stress and lack of sleep. You will never know until you seek for more information.

IT'S NOT A TUMOR! (in a schwarzenegger voice)

While it is true that some tumors can cause headaches, there are many other, far more common, things you might want to consider.

It could be your sinuses. It could be tension. It could be lack of sleep, or too long between meals. It might be migraines, which can be triggered by certain foods that you eat, the weather, hormone fluctuation, etc.

It could be TMJ (a problem with the disc in the hinge of your jaw).

These are just some of the things that I can think of quickly.

I'd suggest that once your insurance is active, you consult with a neurologist.

I hope this helps, and best of luck to you!

????????????i don't know.????????????

Scotty Wrotem
Could be a benign tumor on your pituatary gland-beware of any eye trouble.
Or it could be the hamsters that inhabit(but lie dormant)in our brains. Only one doctor in the entire universe has expounded this theory, but I believe him.

I use to get headaches all the time and there are multiple reasons...

1. Long hair ; I have long hair and it puts strain on your neck which gives you headaches!

2. Maybe a tumor, I would get it checked out (I did, but I didn't have a tumor)

3. Being out in the sun for hours long definitely gives headaches

4. Air pressure change

5. Eating alot of junk and non-nutritious foods

6. Not drinking enough

yes you can get headaches from tumors stress do you get migrains?
If you have migrains the best treatment for that is lay down in a quite room and try to sleep my husband gets them all the time also take asprain i wish you good luck.
If it gets to bad you may have to go to the er as the last resort

No you don't have a tumor!
Your just getting older and having more headaches. I would think with a tumor you would have more then just bad headaches. The only person I ever knew that had the headaches and really had a tumor later started having trouble seeing and would get dizzy and would almost go blind. She had it removed and it fine.
You are probably just having headaches from stress or might run in your family

Since you don't have any insurance right now just don't worry and don't calm having anything. Just think I'm fine but have a headache. Thinking about stuff over and over again can give you things. Think positive.

georgie g
i'd say "no" to headaches and tumours as a correalation!! Headaches can be caused by stres, too little food, too little sleep, allergies, etc. but never a tumour. don't worry

They can be, but if they are increasing you need to go to the doctor again. Try a couple of different doctors to be sure. You can go to a free or cheap clinic for now if you can find one. As soon as you get insurance in August, you need to go right away. You can read up about stuff like that at Web MD. Don't panic, but don't rule out the possibility of it being something serious.

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