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Does anyone get pins & needles sitting at computer?
I get pins and needles almost everyday sitting at computer whether it be at work or home. In fact I got it 2 mins ago hence the question! (It is always in my feet) Is anyone else getting this problem. Ok it isn't a big worry or problem but what does it mean? Do I have bad circulation?

Stel 1
no i never get that dont know what u have thats weird.

♥♥♥ Dolly ♥♥♥
Dont worry it depends on how you sit mabye just try sitting another way... it always happens to me when i sit with my legs crossed!!

You don't say where you are getting pins and needles. Is your posture poor while at the computer? You could be putting pressure on a nerve. Make sure your set up is ergonomic, use a good chair, sit straight, put support behind your lower back to force yourself into good posture.

keith s
bad circulation ?may be.
but it means you need to move around

judith b
There could be any number of things that bring on this effect. For instance, it could be simple ergonomics, which is a fancy term that means your workstation needs to be adjusted (fitted) to your particular height. This is important in promoting correct posture, particularly if you spend a LOT of time (and most of us do) sitting at a desk.

Ergonomically-correct workstations can also help to alleviate pain associated with corpal tunnel -- a very PAINFUL disorder. I'm not physician, but the fact that you're only feeling the effects while at your computer suggests that this might be the cause.

There are some things you can do to help, until you're seen by a doctor, such as wearing a wrist brace (found at most pharmacies), and making sure your keyboard is adjusted to the proper height.

You might want to check out www.ergonomics.org for more info. Or type in "carpal tunnel" on your favorite search engine, and get more answers that way.

Hope you get the answers you're looking for!

im just a flea bag
i have them now coz im sat on the floor coz my battery went dead in my laptop, so i got to sit next to my power point. you may have poor circulation,

I do and the muscles in my calf twitch,if i keep sitting i start to shake and am sick,so i stand up and am dizzy and weak but by walking i come around a bit.I am not going to win this battle


[email protected]
I get it in hands and feet but I have spinal damage, perhaps you should get it checked out.

michael s
no its just your body telling you need a cup of coffee

dareena q
Yes i get them in my arm, because i use one hand to type with the other hand goes dead, maybe get away from computer for a while go for a walk around office as the circulation will correct its self.

It just means that when you sit in one place for any length of time you're cutting off your circulation. And of course that could be do to poor circulation to.

sounds like a circulation problem to me, see your doctor and in the meantime keep wiggling your toes and stretching your legs whenever you can

means ur not moving annoth , to stop it when u hve it put ur feet on somthing cold it gets rid of it

No don't get pins and needles in my feet but my right hand (I'm right handed) gets very cold when I'm using the mouse alot, your problem is prob due to bad posture which is causing bad circulation check your sitting position, maybe adjust your chair and see if that helps

Lot's of people do. If your chair is too high, for instance, it will cut off the circulation to the bottom of your legs and feet. The pins and needles feeling comes into play when you "adjust" and oxygen is let into the affected areas. If you like to sit up really straight, as I do, try tilting your chair a bit forward or lowering the seat a bit. Best of Luck! (hate that feeling myself)! Friend2Friend, J

probably bad selection;

stretch, move around, etc

it won't hurt you


i do as well but a walk around sorts it out also get it when driving a long distance.

I would suggestion you are too much and too long at your computer - sitting in one position too long actually is not how the body was intended to be used.

My advice is you get up and go out for a walk and if it is raining get up and do some housework, move your body about - Do some exercises including ankle rotations - make a cup of tea.

Just get moving - I'm sure you will find the problem goes away.

My bottom always goes to sleep whilst I'm at the PC,in fact its been snoring all morning.

we all do it and do not sit in the correct position hence the pins and needles,we all sit for hours and never think to go for a change in our position so get up and go for a drink or something let the blood flow and exercise for ten Min's or so I am away for a drink of water to change my position ta ta the noo.

you just need to get up and walk around probably every 20 mins or so to get your circulation working, i know if i sit too long on mine i get pins and needles.....if you're worried though go to the docs just in case.....

phil W
poor circulation, find the cause?

Billy T
Poor circulation from the way you are sittng.Try a more comfortable chair .The chair you are using is not suitable for your build and posture

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