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 What's wrong with me???
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 I'm 26 and have never burped, this is not a joke, can anyone teach me?
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 How can i Quit my Smoking habit?Tried many times but could stop onlyfor 3 mnths max. Cant we stop it4ever?
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 What is it called when you eat a lot and don't get fat?
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 Do I go to the bathroom too much? ?
I have to pee a lot during the day. How much is too much? Could there be something wrong with me?
Additional Details
I normally pee like 8 times a day. I've always been like that....

 It's past eleven thirty at night.. Who else is tired and going to bed now?

 Is that true lack of sleep will cause to death? Why?
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 I'm very tired.What can i DO? :)?

 I've never smoked..but want to?
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I'll probably not like it anyway, but I ...

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 What 's the fastest way to fall asleep?? When I go to bed, it takes me max 4 hrs to fall sleep, any ideas???
nothing that unvolves taking drugs or pills though....lunesta etc....

 i get a lot of sleep at night and I'm young, however I'm always feeling tired and never want to get out of bed
why do i feel this way?
how can i be more awake?
( preferably without coffee or caffine )...

 Is this normal?
Whenever I stand up abruptly, or walk suddenly from a darkened room into a lightened room, I get dizzy, I lose my vision for around ten seconds, and I feel like passing out.
Does this ever ...

 Does a "growling" stomach really mean you're hungry?

 My stupid alarm won't wake me up anymore!! Suggestions?
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Jennifer K
Does anyone else do this?
I wait until i have to pee reaaaallllllyyyyy bad, then i do sit ups and jumping jacks and see how long i can hold it in. I also put rags in my underwear to soak up any spurts or leaks

just go to the bathroom!!!!!!

sounds like you have lots of time on your hands, and not to mention the infections you will get...NO i dont do this

you have a fetish.

cheesecake is disgusting
I don't do that. I hear holding it in too long gives you kidney stones

No and I hope you're just playin because that's really funny!!! I can't see anyone doing jumping jacks if they have to pee really bad!

Holding your pee will build up kidney stones (I forgot the name) and sooner or later you will have to get them surgically removed.

no? wowwww. you're a freaky little dude! to quelch your masochistic tendencies, I would suggest wearing a rubber band around your wrist and snapping it when you want to cause yourself discomfort.

cookie monster
okay i never do that but hey do whatever you want
if you are a girl then dont do that cuz it is bad for us

John K
thats ****** up
you got some big as problems
i think you got pms

Mz Dr3a

NO. Do NOT do this. You could explode your bladder or something.

Ian M
i sometimes hold it in because it feels better when you use the b-room

Quicj Fook

What the ****?


Anna Banana
no thats insane!!!!!! :D :D :D lol

Actually I have never done that, never had the least desire to do it.. And i don't think you'll find anyone that does that.

You Belong With Me .
uhhhh. no.
not really.

Army Wife and Mom
Your question made me laugh really really hard. Well, my bladder got too full when I was in labor because the catheter was blocked, and it got so full it became distended. I had nerve damage and I didn't pee for 5 weeks. I had to have a foley catheter to keep my bladder drained. It is a very painful experience, trust me. You have to be kidding if you are trying this.

If you have spurts and leaks you are incontinent. It is a bladder condition where your urethra is too weak to hold in a full bladder so it leaks out every now and then to relieve the pressure. You are going to have to wear pads for the rest of your life if you keep this up.

Stop this unless you want to get catheterized. Its when they shove a tube up your pee hole to void your bladder. Believe me, it doesn't tickle.

That's how you get kidney stones..

ceza b

WTF Just go to the bathroom before you fu*k up your bladder dumb a**

eww what are you thinking? you have a problem.

Caitlin R
haha no, but you know that's bad for your bladder right?

you can get an infection doing this sicko

Kate G
no. you're just weird ;]

amy ♥
um no ? i just go pee if i have to

Charles H
Thats ****** up

thats not good for your kidneys

you have an issue

Joe Biden VP
all the time and it's SO fun

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