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bee loving.
Does a "growling" stomach really mean you're hungry?

Sarah N
my tummy growled yesterday! x]
and i did get hungry! x]

I think so. Whenever my tummy is growling, I eat. Then the growling stops! =)

Tommy M

Not always. It could be digesting food. Dont our body make sounds at times that embarras us. lol

кαη∂ι¢єє =)
I really don't think so.

I think its just your food digesting.

Getting ready to eat.. not desprate to eat.


its means its empty that sound is your stomach making room for food. If your not hungry most likely you will be soon after

Michael B
I believe so, at least in my experience

no, I've had my stomach growl AFTER I've eaten a bunch. I think it's the sound of your stomach digesting. if it lacks food, it might try to digest whatever it can find or has left over. Im in no way a professional, but thats my logical opinion. :D

Basic answer=no, it doesn't always mean that.

a "growling" stomach may not mean you are hungry, its your brain that decides that. A "growling" stomach means there is an empty stomach. The growling is the product of the digestive system digesting nothing.

Alpha Kenny 1 was not here

yes..... roarrrrrrr im mad at u!!! give me food now!!!

No, those are worms, i had that and my doctor gave me worm medicine to stop them. When they rub themselves together you hear the sound.

It also could mean you need to take a dump....

its angry if it growls AT you

im not sure its been a while since i brushed up on stomach growls.

tom my
There is a baby alien within....


John J
It's the noise that your stomach makes when there is nothing but air in it. When it digests food it kinda squeezes together to help break it up, so if there isn't any food in there, air is going to get pushed out.

No, It may just be gas.

Hope this helps.


no it means its mad at you
ahaha it does

Big C
It doesn't always mean your hungry it could also mean you have a lot of gas.

no if you wanna see blind look in the mirror

Miss Victorious>is all smiles
You could be.You could also be nervous, getting ready to have a bowel movement or just have some gas. I hate it when it happens in public. I once had a loud growl every minute in public and was embarrassed. I'm not sure if it was because I had to go to the potty or because I was nervous, maybe a mixture of both. If your stomach is growling because you are hungry you will know.

First NameAlex C
mine always growls. I drink a lot of water to stop this.

It just means that your intestines are working, in other words moving things along as they should. There may be a bit of air in between causing the growling sound. You know automatically when you are hungry, and the growling doesn't indicate that, unless it is happening while you have that hungry feeling, and you associate the two together. One of the first things nurses do when you are returned to your room after some surgery, is listen to your intestines, and if they can hear them making a growling sound, they know you are wakening with everything going right. If they don't hear anything, that tells them your intestines are still asleep, which happens when you are put out with penathol, all inside parts of the body go to sleep. So growling, think of it this way, your insides are working. Wishing you the very best young lady.

Either that, or you accidentally swallowed your chihuahua.

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