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Additional Details
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 Why can't I sleep?
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 What do you do to avoid smoking?
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 What 's the fastest way to fall asleep?? When I go to bed, it takes me max 4 hrs to fall sleep, any ideas???
nothing that unvolves taking drugs or pills though....lunesta etc....

Does Lying awake with your eyes closed count as sleeping at all?
If you lie in the dark in complete silence, but you are awake, does this count as sleeping at all?

no dont be silly

i class this as forty winks or napping. It's not as if you are wide awake and taking everything in. you are still awake but most of your mind is shut off and you do feel a little refreshed afterwards

I dont' think that it counts as "sleep" but it is resting your system.

no it doesn't, so when you were a little girl you were fooling your parents, into thinking that their angel was sleeping. it could rest you or relax you, but I for one know that the mind can be very active, and that neither of those are accomplished either at times.

No. It just means you are relaxing with your eyes closed.

Andromeda Newtonâ„¢
it counts as resting i think but not sleeping because, well, you're awake!

I call that meditation, not sleep. You need sleep....

Nope, it'll only relax you and that's it.

no but you are resting so when you get up you might feel like you have slept.

no. That's just considered resting.

depends on what you're counting. Your heart-rate and metabolism drops to near-sleep like levels, but your brain is not in its restitutory "sleep mode".

Blah Blah Blah
No, but at least you are giving your eyes a rest which is important. In order to sleep you have to go into that different trance known as sleep. I love to sleep...it's one way to get away from all these a**holes.

I don't think so, because your body does not go through the changes and relaxation that occur while you're sleeping.

My Evil Twin

no but it is rest

no this is just considered resting

Possibly. What if you think that you are just lying awake with your eyes closed when in fact you ARE asleep and you are just dreaming it and dreaming the darkness. I've felt that way and have tried to tell myself to wake up, but it was impossible to lift my eyelids.

no. awake is awake. sleeping is sleeping. its called resting if your eyes are still open, and possibly day-dreaming... (though you're still awake). confused still?!!

No not at all.

Well it depends if you're sleepy when it's time to get up.

no i really would not of thought so...id call it resting!

Your body is resting i suppose but your not actually "sleeping" because your still able to do anything you wish. When your asleep you can't because your body stops you.

I wish!!!!

I suffer with bad insomnia sometimes. I have found though that if I listen to boring political speeches it often helps me to get to sleep. I used to have tapes of speeches made by John Major when he was prime minister. When I played these I was flat out within a few minutes.

I have recently tried listening to speeches by George Bush, but unfortunately this does not help as I usually end up laughing.

Well no - not really. That's not to say that you aren't RESTING which is good; but no, unless you are actually asleep, then you're NOT ASLEEP!!!
You can help this by trying a drink called Calmax which is calcium and magnesium; totally relaxes you and helps promote a good night's sleep.
Also, some soothing music sometimes can help too; ensure it's a tape that ends on it's own though!

megan a
No.. as you say in your question, Lying awake.....

officially yes.

No, this is not a form of sleeping. The definition of sleep is when you are still alive but not awake

However, resting on a bed or sofa with your eyes closed reduces your heart rate and the energy consumed by your brain, so it is between one third to half as effective as actual sleep, depending upon your state of relaxation and/or anxiety

It doesn't count as sleep, but has been proven to be almost as restful, and re-energising.

no..its relaxing :)

James T
It may rest your eyes

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