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 Does a "growling" stomach really mean you're hungry?

Do you ever have that feeling in your mouth where you think you're going to vomit?
I dont know if anyone had that feeling, but sometimes after i eat either cholcolate or milk, i get this weird sensation in my mouth where I feel like vomiting. My mouth basically starts to salivate a lot then the gagging relfexes begin. I dont actually vomit, i just want to. I wonder why?

I dont think its a disease i have or that im lactose intolerant, it just happens every now and then, My brother gets the same feeling sometimes.
Additional Details
by the way, it doesn't JUST happen when i eat or drink something dairy, i actually switched to soy milk this year and it still happens. I had a brownie today and i just got the feeling. i dont think its a serious condition or an allergic reaction. I just wanted to know if there was something that triggers the flow of saliva into your mouth.

One of the answers said they get the feeling at its kinda tangy, or they get it from food thats sticky like peanut butter. Thats exactly what im talking about.

Da when i see bird or dog ****


No, but if you keep asking this question I might...

Thanks for playin'

when i lie

Meredith L
I got that feeling when I read your question.

yes, i have that horrible feeling sometimes, it happens to me when i eat meat, or something that i don't like and i am not hungry, i think it's normal, don't worry about it.


I'm thinking it has more to do with the fact that you don't need what you are eating that causes that. To get across my idea, when I was younger I was having a strong craving for steaks. I told the doctor, who did a test and found out I was anemic.

But I would assume the opposite of that could also be true. You are drinking milk or eating chocolate (usually made with milk). but the vitamins and/or minerals that come in milk you may have too much of already (our bodies are made of a balance of various chemicals and nutrients and so on). You may be tipping the balance too far by adding more of that one chemical or nutrient that milk has and that you have too much of already, so your body may be attempting to flush it back out of your system before it gets to the cells and starts wreaking some havoc among them. I would start limiting your milk intake until you begin to crave it again (not so much want it because you like the taste but at the point when you have a real strong craving for it) because that is a sign you need those minerals again. And if you really love chocolate, switch to dark chocolate (made with less milk, the darker the better).

You may be lactose inntolerant. When you get that feeling sprinkle a little salt into your palm and lick it. The feeling will go away.

Andrea B
Yeah I do sometimes and I end up vomiting too. It happens every time I get sick. I don't like it either.

I usually have that feeling just before I actually vomit.

i get that sometimes, but if chocolate and milk give it to you, dont eat or drink them. but maybe it is your family, i dunno, go to a doctor, that is their job to diagnose things

are you lactose intolerant?

yeah when something gross' me out.

go to your doctor , i get that feeling all the time and it turns out i had gastritis and if you don't get that taken care of it can get bad.

I hate that.

my little sister does that she saids it feels weird and gets this tangly feeling. she does that MOSTLY with milk.

Uncle John
Last time I had that feeling, I eventually did vomit. Fortunately, I was quick enough to get, to the toilet before it happened. And my cat asked me, if I was all right. I had a cold bottle of water, when it was all done.

yes i do. i got that feeling this morning.

No, usually i have the feeling in my stomach. U should see a dr.,

Allergic reaction --- take some deep breaths, should help.

sounds like an allergic reaction. I would check with your doctor or if you can go to one straight off, go to an allergist and check for everything that makes you feel weird. It could just be lactose intolerance but I find that hard to beleive because for that to be true you would have to be seeing alot more symptoms then that, cramping bloating diarehhea etc etc.

Just go see a doc

Maybe your system needs to be cleaned out if you know what i mean you might just need to have a bowl movement or eat vegetables.

yes lots of times but i never actually vomit .... weird

yes all the time.

Special K
sounds alittle along the lines of lactose intolerance

nona b

yea when i eat too much my stomach says to stop but my mouth says keep goin cuz itz so tasty

I sometimes get that barfy burp.

That is one nasty boy.

prince uranus
hmmmm---that sounds bizarre.

have you checked everything out? like---is the milk old? are you mixing the milk with the chocolate? is the milk warm? too warm? is the milk cold? too cold? does this happen only on an empty stomach? only on a full stomach? on both an empty and a full stomach? does this happen after spicy foods?

i'd try and remember, hell, write it down--all the things that happen before and after one of these bouts. there has to be a common thread that runs through it.

good luck.

yesss i get that when i experience motion sickness except whne i get to the stage of salivation there's no turning back for me.

you probably just have a weak stomach i also feel like i may throw up after i eat certain foods, not all the time tho.

Yes, it happens to me every six months or so. It usually happens after I've eaten a food that can leave residue on the roof of the mouth, like chocolate, peanut butter or milk. It is totally normal, but that taste of "almost vomit" is disgusting, eh? I sympathize with you.

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