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Do any of you use cough syrup or cold medicine when you need help falling asleep?

Pepsi Chick
No but good idea

i use nyquil... or how ever you spell it ... make sure you get the night time formula... take the whole cup full you will be out in like 30 minutes and will sleep well...

No, self medicating never helped it only made me feel groggy and slow the next day. I read a book. It stops my mind from racing and helps tire my eyes. Good luck

You shouldn't use that use valerian root or melatonin

my 19 year old daughter does, I think it is not good for her though, if you can not sleep it might be good to see your doctor. sometime hot coco, or tea will help me go to sleep

you could use tylenol pm or night quil.. but if you have a problem sleeping.. it could be insomnia its very serious and need to go to the doctor if you have it.

i use tylonel pm when i cant sleep but i dont really know if it helps and sometimes i use benadryl

If you have trouble getting to sleep, try Melatonin...its a natural chemical produced by your brain to fall asleep. It can be purchased over the counter at just about any drug store.

No. TYLONAL SLEEPY TIME put's me to sleep just fine, on those restless nights when I can't sleep.

I used to, until I found Sominex. A great over the counter sleeping pill.

Nope, but I've tried warm milk mixed with honey.

i tried once, it's a cold medicine and it helped me sleep because i felt drowsy...the feeling of you really wanted to lie down on bed and SLEEP.

Nope... that's abuse.

when i was younger i used to but the best thing is a tylonal pm

Cough & cold medicine can be used on occasion for this. Just don't make it a habit. Tylenol PM and Benedryl can also be used. Incidentally, in NyQuil, it's primarily the alcohol that puts you to sleep.

nope i drink water

YUP! I just took my second set of Tylonal PM's (which contain the ingredient to Benedryl)... and I have no headache nor a cold/allergies, or anything of the like.

I gotta get to sleep somehow.

And if I was out of cold medicine, and the only thing I had was Nyquil. I would take that.

No,but I know people that do.

Careful, those products are easily additive.

Truth Hurts
nyquil, benadryl, actifed, or you can try simply sleep, unisom, tylenol pm...they all do the same thing.


no, because that is drug abuse. The best way to go to sleep is to lay flat and relax and close your eyes. If that doesnt work, then talk to your doctor.

Rex R
Why skate around the real issue. Just have some drinks to go to bed. You'll wish you had some cough medicine around when you really get sick.

Astro;Andy H.
There use to be a street in St.Louis Mo..called cough syrup ally.On the weekends you may see lots of cough syrup junkies out there.What do you think?Try Melatonin,its natural and safe.

i thought i was the only one. one time i really needed sleep and i took nyquil. it was when i got my wisdom teeth taken out.

no its not healthy.

Better don't do it.

I used to take a Benedryl... after all, that's what's in most over the counter sleep aids...

Yes, I do, but only on an occasional night I just cannot sleep.
I have seasonal allergies, and find that 2 teaspoons of children's
Benadryl Allergy ( cherry flavor)(I'm an adult) does the trick for me. It contains no alcohol.
But I would never recommend anyone take something to get to sleep on a regular basis, because even the non addictive stuff, can be psychologically habit forming.

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