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Liz L
Do I go to the bathroom too much? ?
I have to pee a lot during the day. How much is too much? Could there be something wrong with me?
Additional Details
I normally pee like 8 times a day. I've always been like that.

Its valerie sucka!
you are weird. how many times do you pee a day? maybe you should stop drinking water or something? you should really put how many times a day you go pee...... man you are really really really weird!!!

If you pee more than once a day, there is definitely something wrong with you.

-Erin Miles

Sexy Mc-Sex-a-Tron!
I pee 20 - 30 times a day.

Not kidding either unfortunantly.

Yes you do check it out by your doctor

It all depends on liquid consumption, the more your drink the more you pee. That's all there is to it.

If say your drinking a lot and not peeing then you should be concerned and seek a doctor.

Black Flag!!
um maybe too much is like 15 times or more and normal about 5-8 times

It's normal if you've drunk alot of liquids, such as water and tea. Too much water makes my bladder feel full and piss alot.

I pee maybe 3 times a day.

Mmmdude Y
I pee a whole lot, its probably nothing to worry about unless it burns when you pee, or you're hurting

Maka Albarn
It depends on how much you eat/drink through out the day. Obviously the more you eat/drink the more you'll have to go to the bathroom. And some people just have weaker bladders. If you are seriously worried ask a relative, maybe weak bladders run in the family, or go to your doctor.

umm why dont u c a doctor???

[email protected]
Umm you need to go to the doctor about this there is a medicine to treat this google it

If you drink a lot throughout the day, then don't worry but if you go ALL the time no matter what, mention it to your doctor. If its a bladder issue, there are exercises you can do as well as prescriptions that help.

i pee like 10 times a day

Lou C
losing weight, beginning period, kidney infection? drinking water is great therefore peeing is good.

roberto o
u dont say how old u are or how long this has this has been going on but have u thought maybe taken a prego test i know i peed alot more then

Leah J
I have a really small bladder and drink way too much liquids. I constantly pee a lot during the day, but there is nothing wrong with me. I'm sure you're just fine, but if you want to double check, just go to your doctor. Hope this helps!

Personally, for your own peace of mind, if you are even asking this Q, I would see a doc. Couldn't hurt, ya know?

u should get ur kidneys checked r u might have a urinary track infection

if you often drink fluids specially tea and coffee (w/c are diuretics) then its only logical to pee a lot...however, if you feel thirsty, and/or hungry n pee most of the time..then u need to have your blood sugar tested

Okay try not to worry about it, because it could be just you drinking a lot more water and stuff recently.

But if you are feeling thirsty a lot too and you are going to the bathroom a lot, you might want to check with your doctor because those are signs of diabetes.... kind of... well i just did a research paper on it and when your blood sugar isnt right then the kidneys try to get rid of the extra glucose by making you pee and then you have to drink a lot...it could be serious...but DONT freak out because I really have no idea what your situation is. Just keep track and if it gets worse or is consistent....idk i probably sound really stupid I mean this is about peeing for crying out loud......

hahaha. idk. its okay.

If you drink the average amount of fluids its normal.
I pee about 5 times during the school day.
There's nothing wrong with going to the bathroom too much, it's good to get bacteria out of your system.

I think it all depends how much you drink a day.

lol at the answers

immediately consult Doctor.
It may be diabetes
Thanks for reading. Regards

Waldo Wasnt Here
Perhaps you drink water a lot, or some other kind of beverage. also, drinking and getting used to green tea and maybe caffeine as well for more than a week can cause frequent visits to the bathroom, but don't worry because this is not bad. Just see a doctor and have him or her check what seems to be the problem in more detail and specific terms.

curious cat
It really all depends on your body and how much you drink. If you're extremely worried you may consider talking to your doctor about the matter.

Hope this helps some. :-)

Rachel K
If you pee more than 7 times a day you have some sort of infection

It depends on how much you drink...but if you pee and you still have a pressure to go again in a few minutes, or your urine has an odor or burns, then you need to see about it..you might have an infection. Some people have sensitive bladders especially to caffeine drinks, which can make you urinate more frequently. If it bothers you a lot, go to the Dr. just to make sure. Many woman suffer from frequent urination because they have a "kink" in their urethra(the tube from their kidneys to their bladder is crooked) making it hard to fill the bladder properly...it is called something,sorry, I do not remember the name, but that can cause frequent urination and also frequent infections.
Concerned? Go to the Dr.

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