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Joseph Mansell
Cant Fall Asleep!!!!! Please help.?
I cant fall asleep to save my life even if i only have had teo hours of sleep the night before. I never get sleep and its effecting my whole life please help me.

james c
try sleeping pills

try sleeping Phil's

Go to the doctor, do you have insomnia or something? :S

Ellie Sporty Chica
Maybe you re too stressed.. thats one of the main reason people are ansomniac. Try some pills and go to a doctor!

cold medicine helps. haha. I would talk to your doctor. they could prescribe something that would help you get to sleep and stay asleep.

christine ♡
go to the doctor, YA can't help you..

Bdub **
go to a doc im sure he could help u better then yahoo answers...

You know you love me xoxo

Go to a doctor. If it isn't that bad, then light up a few candles, read a book, and put on some relaxing music. Or take a long bath before you go to bed. Get yourself tired. do NOT take pills.

go to the doctor.

I think you should go to a doctor
there maybe some thing wrong with you
go to the doctor and get help

Try increasing exercise and physical exertion. Try drinking more water. Try white noise apps via iTunes, rain or airplane noise worked well. Also, 30 minutes of meditation daily can begin to put your mind at ease and train your mind and body to switch into relaxation mode more effectively. Finally, watch what you eat (sugars, caffeine, alcohol, starches, meats) and don't eat too close to bedtime. And remember, sleep is all about the quality of sleep, not so much the quantity. Hope this helps.

Just a suggestion, why don't you go to the doctor? They'll find out if anythings wrong.

I'm not a doctor by the way and don't work for one .

Joshua C
Seek out a sleep specialist or sleep center. There can be a number of medical reasons, and you want to rule those out first.

If your sleep cycle is way off, I've heard (and tried) a method of 'resetting' your sleep cycle:
1. Find what time you want to be waking up.
2. Figure what time frame would be 16-12 hours before it.
3. Fast (do not eat or drink anything but water) starting anywhere in that time frame.
4. When it comes time to wake up (the time you want to be waking up) eat a regular breakfast meal.
5. Your body will 'reset' it's wake up time at that time.
6. After a day or two your body *should* naturally be waking up at that time, then stay alert for 12 hours, then start to get more and more tired over the next 4 hours, then naturally be ready for sleep after a total of 16 hours after the 'wake-up time'

See a doctor, maybe you have insomnia. Do you have depression or anxiety or anything? That can be a huge factor. Some tips-excersize during the day, don't watch too much t.v or spend too much time on the computer, if something is stressing you out, write it down before you go to bed and say to yourself you'll worry about it later. Be sure to free yourself of any stresses before going to sleep. Don't drink too much caffeene or any at all, don't take sleeping pills-there addictive. Instead, try benedryll for a while. I used to have a hard time falling asleep and my doctor suggested it- she said anything that helps you fall asleep better and clears your sinesis is ok and its not addictive (I mention bendryll because it tends to make you groogy. It helped me, maybe it can help you. I don't take it anymore, but it helped.) Anyway see your doctor, anxiety can be a big factor. I have that and I know it affects my abitily to sleep. I've recently developed depression and it makes it hard to sleep. So know that those can affect it. See your doctor. Hope I helped! Turky and milk make you sleepy btw.


I had the same problem of sleep disorder during my college days. Those days were stressful, studies and then uncertainty about the future. I would suggest try to relax, read a book and try to divert your mind from things that might be troubling you.

My favorite sleeping tactic was take a book and read it before going to bed. I am not talking about interesting murder mysteries but what I felt as boring history books. I slept like a baby after implementing some of these following tips:

Take melatonin (from Whole Foods Market of Walgreen's) and watch Dane Cook try to be funny. It puts me to sleep. Also get exercises like swimming or running, eat good portions of food but not too much to the point where you'll be obese. No zero calorie foods because although people claim it's healthy, it's like being anorexic. Try reading for about 30 minutes to an hour before you go to sleep. Cover up any lights in your room (clocks, windowsills) with a thick washcloth or what I use; boxers (not on windowsills though).

Sit on your bed, and commence screaming your head off for 3 hours, you'll be fried as hell. or go swimming, but I recommend the screaming.

Brett C
Well not being able to sleep can be for a few reasons if you play alot of games

Like i'f i play games before i sleep my mind is very active and wont let me sleep.

Other reasons could be drinking too much caffaine perhaps not doing enough exercise

A tip for me to sleep is to do something i hate doing something boring.. I went through a stage where i could sleep too

The Clown
Record a boring lecture, and listen to it in bed. It will knock you out. Try it.

you need to do something to tire yourself out. try working out and going to the gym, some kind of physical activity to use up your energy. plus you'll get into shape.

my suggestions:
lots of exercise
read a book
go to your doctor

it could be because you're stressing about an issue you don't want to deal with but if you just confront it it might help. and completely clear your mind before you sleep. try listening to music try falling asleep with the tv on try turning a light on. if none of this works doctorr

I have this same problem, watching tv or a movie that I have seen 1,000 times puts me right out.
I have a portable DVD player that sits on my nightstand, pop in a DVD, hit the repeat button and I am out like a light.
Once you get sick of one movie then switch to another, thats what those of us without health insurance have to do.
Sleeping pills are addictive and for me I sleep right through my alarm clock and end up late for work.

You can visit a sleep clinic where you will sleep and doctors will observe. Afterwards the doctors can explain the problem and recommend medicine or give you advice.

im the same way, i cant sleep at all! but what i usually do is i do something that makes me really tired by the end of the day so i sleep right away. if that doesnt you should go to a doctor.

Dave Smith
you'll have to fall asleep someday

Susan Yarrawonga
Perhaps you can find some useful information in a web search for "how to fall asleep faster".

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