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jojo, thanks!

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Can you give me a list of reasons I should quit smoking?
I really want to quit but I am missing a motivating factor to stop, I think it might help to hear a list of the cons.

Sillie Jean ♫♥ OO LA LA♥♫
U will die
U will look ugly
Your heart will decay
Your mind will go crazy
And you ruin your life

stay above the influence

if your a woman then it-s weak if u smoke...i look at women that smoke and it-s kind of disgusting...even if i smoke too....it-s just not...delicate and girlie..

Peter G
I am on day 6 of my Quit smoking programme. And yes motivation from cons/damages is key so for me (and I'm an addictions counsellor!!! and its tough). Here are are my reasons:
1. Freedom from constant fear that I'll get the lung disease my mother died from (smoking related) - she died prematurely.
2. Thus, longer life.
3. Longer time to love my kids (I felt robbed when she died prematurely)
4. I have so much to still accomplish with my life - life legacy to leave behind
5. Saving money - Lots - from health hazards, indirect costs etc.
6. Shame - I'm 52 and still I hate to smoke in front of my kids (bad example to them as I used to be an ultra-marathon runner!!! Does that make any sense? It's the insanity of an addiction). So...
7. Return to sanity and serenity (I live with a low grade agitation/impatience since I started years ago)
8 to 100. Sure there are plenty more. What are yours?

2nd Corinthians 7:1 states: "Therefore, since we have these promises, beloved ones, let us cleanse ourselves of every defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in God’s fear."

1st Peter 2:11 states: "Beloved, I exhort YOU as aliens and temporary residents to keep abstaining from fleshly desires, which are the very ones that carry on a conflict against the soul."

I know you have asked questions about what the Bible says, so I figured I would share these scriptures in hopes you look them up yourself and keep them as a reminder.

Since smoking defiles your lungs, throat, teeth and breath it definitely defiles the entire body when the bad air goes into your blood stream.

Enough said.

My grandpa died of lung cancer 3 months, 3 days and about 4 hours ago. Thats why.

Laa Laa
If you care more about health, think about:


If you care more about beauty right now, think about:

you will get more wrinkles in general
you will get more of those tiny wrinkles around your mouth
you will stink all over

I was surprised after I quit smoking (smoked for 10 years), how much people who smoked just stunk in general. It smelled bad just to be next to them. Think about all of the people you are offending with your bad smell. Some people you wouldn't care about, but if you are talking about a love interest, maybe you'd care about that.

You also do damage to anyone you care about who happens to be around your smoke. That was a big factor for me to quit.

you get cancer you smell nasty you could die your teeth turn yellow and you look much older and many people think its nasty and repulsive because it smells bad and you save money and many many more things i cant think of right know

DEATH. Painful cancer. Bad breath. Getting rained on. Overpaying for death sticks. Costing the rest of us a fortune in insurance costs because you are electing to kill yourself.

jason r
I have been using green smoke for a while now and i can tell u its 100% a healthier alternative than smoking! no carcinogens carbon monoxide or tar, just nicotine and u can use it to ween yourself off if u like....... but the best part is it looks and feels like u are really smoking but its just water vapour!! check out the website and read up on the benefits I'm sure u will be as impressed as i was!!! u can also use this code disc10-7097 to get 10% off the price should u decide to join us green smokers lol hope this helps


2.skin decay.
3.bad teeth.
4.make you look ugly!
5.hair loss.
5.You will start to smell.
6.lung ulcers.
7.heart attack.
8.you could lite your house on fire.
9. when you get older there is a chance you could die from suffixation because you could start coughing up pieces of your lungs!!!!!

Shall i go on???

you start getting yellow stains every ware
you need to stand out in the cold when you go out
it looks well tacky
its evil

I think this is one of your best decisions. You must know what are the advantages of quitting:

This will keep you motivated throughout. My friend was chain smoker and he quit. He use to say, just be mentally strong and you can do it. Here are some tips that helped him:

1. some people find smoking a major turn off
2. expensive
3. ur family will be sad if you die (hopefully lol)
4. bad influence on children
5. you'll look like crap

ryan von rider
There isn't a positive thing about smoking everything about smoking is gross!!!

* Cigarette smoke leaves an after smell on everything around you: your clothes, car and home.
* You may not be able to breathe properly.
* A nagging cough may bother you day and night.
* You may suffer from severe headaches and even occasional migraines.
* A feeling of dizziness after smoking cigarettes too fast or after having too many of them is very common.
* Cigarettes may leave you flaunting yellow skin, teeth and fingernails.
* You may have lot of phlegm, which may force you to clear your voice continuously and may even make you lose your voice in middle of a sentence.
* You may suffer from increased rate of hypertension.
* A feeling of inadequacy and substance dependence may take you over.
* Suffering from nausea after too much of smoking is common.
* You may feel anxiety and no relaxation throughout the day.
* You may lack motivation as well as the energy to do anything.
* The sense of smell and taste may diminish.
* Smoking is wastage of your hard earned money and health.
* You may also suffer from lingering colds and bronchitis.

Joseph the Second
It can Kill You. And if THAT isn't "Reason" enough to quit indulging in a Bad Habit- 999 other ones are not going to do the "trick"- either. Stop making up "excuses"- & DO it. Or ONE of these years you're going to end up on a "List" of your OWN. -The Obituary List in the back of your Local Newspaper ! :o So take the "hint", & good luck. :)

U Can die a slow death
bad breath
no one will want to be around you
second hand smoking and it may not hurt u but can kill someone who inhales to much of the smoke because of u
u can get cancer:
mouth cancer
brain cancer
lung cancer
throat cancer

ur voice will sound old and nasty
u will age faster

1. you'll probably die if you smoke too much
2. you'll lower your life expectency
3. who wants to date a smelly smoker?
4. there are over 200 posionous things in a cigar that include rat poison
5. you think it looks cool? ignore the commercial and go to a hospital. You'll definitely find a smoker in there with their skin shriveled and their lungs broken
6. kiss your lungs goodbye
7. tar sinks into your lungs and if you smke for 4 years it can fill a pint (4 cups :o)
8. It's expensive
9. if you smoke, you choke
10. because there are so many ways to look cool in front of your friends without having to resort to suicide and failure

Lady Gaga Fan !!!!
you can DIE of cancer, you may think oh no biggy nut cancer is horrible to go through. It's just stupid, your shortening your life every time. You know you shhould ju8st quit if you love your self, and be healthy. Not only that but your teeth will be yellow. Your fingers will look yuck after smoking so much. and much much more but if you wanna live more an look beautiful QUIT! and if not, its your life.

It looks super gross
it can kill you
torture you with cancer
your lungs turn black
you can get asthma
it's addicting
it is expensive
filthy habit
bad influence
makes you look trashy
you will be degraded and looked down upon
it is uncomfortable for others
it can make others sick as well
it's downright inconvienient.

Nicole loves Amo x
- Leaves you with no money
- Bad Breath
-Rotten teeth/Yellow teeth
- Leaved thick tar in your throat
- F**ks your lungs up
- Makes you smell
- It would hurt your loved ones to know that you got cancer from smoking :|.
- Heart attacks
- Die younger
- Make you unhealthy

P.s. im a smoker and im only 15:( i now regret starting :|
hope i helped anyway xx

It will kill you is all you should need to hear.

but if you want more, you save money, you won't smell like cigarettes, you will look younger(smoking causes wrinkles), your food may taste better, you will probably have more energy.

teenage mutant ninja guy
It can give you lung cancer.
It makes your hair and clothes smell bad.
It will eventually turn your teeth yellow.
You'll be spending tens of thousands of dollars on cigarettes over a life-time.
Some people find smoking to be a turn-off.

naturally hawaiian
1.it can kill you
2.lung cancer
3.it can make u look older than u are
4.ur hair will smell
5.ur breath will smell
6.ur teeth willl turn yellow
should i go on.....

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