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george l
A pencil lead is stuck in my palm since I was 5 years old. I'm now 48. Is this poisonous?.?
There's no pain. But sometimes intimidating.

get it out quick it could really hurt you go to doctors now now now?!

If it was i sappose you d be sick by now

skenker w
No but you might wish to try an eraser...

My dad ate my homework
hee hee i got graphite stuck in my hand lol it's all green idk if it's poisenous for you though

NO, if it were poisonous, you would have cost your family a lot of money for flowers, a long time ago. It is not lead, anyhow, the "lead" from a pencil is carbon.
See a surgeon and have it removed.
Simple procedure.

No it is not poisonous I have one in my leg form second grade and I'm 50 now and it hasn't bothered me.

Very interesting that the majority of people that I know have a pencil lead (actually graphite) tattoo from some sort of accident. My mother, my brother, my husband and now my daughter do also. It is harmless, even less so than a professionally applied tattoo. Think of it as a "badge of courage" or "badge of youthful inexperience" or something of the kind. Unfortunately, the misnomer "lead" for the writing portion of a pencil has stuck with the language, and had lead (pun intended) to some confusion.

a little late to be worried about that..


Cornsilk P
I have the exact same thing in my finger. I can still see it but like you, it doesn't hurt at all. I don't really worry about it.

hasn't killed me yet

If it was you would be dead by now.

Curly Q Diva
If it was poisonous, I'm sure you would've found out by now. And since you seem to be alive and healthy, I think you'll be ok. But I'm surprised you haven't went to the doctor to check it out by now. You should do that to double check.

has it killed you yet?.......DUH STUPID......

Pookie's mom

it would have killed you a long time ago if it was poisonous... ignore it its there for ever...

If your not dead yet, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Pencil "lead" has been made from graphite for quite a long time, so, no, it's not poisonous.

m e
Pencil lead really isn't lead. It's acutally carbon, called graphite. It's obviously not toxic, since you've had it in your hand for 43 years.

Pencil lead is actually graphite, which is not poisonous. You have nothing to worry about.

The Oldest Man In The World
Well, since you are still here 43 years later....it's highly unlikely it will case any problems now. Is it poisonous? Maybe, around the time you are talking about there really was lead in a pencil. Now they used a structured polymer base on carbon. I think you are safe.

Yes, it's poisonous. People generally die 43 years after the lead is introduced to their system. Hope this helps.

My dad had one taken out of his hand when he was 65. Over the years it had worked itself to the bone and was causing some kind of bone damage. He said it was relatively painless and a quick procedure. You might want to get it removed just in case. It might be harmless but is that a chance you want to take?

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