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Sam M
why is there so little support available for males with anorexia nervosa or other eating disorders?

becasue its way more common in girls.
probably because guys don't really wanna look super skinny.

Because very few males suffer from it.

actually i read in a book tat its in males as common as it is in girls but the difference is often it doesnt come out, i mean ppl dnt get to knw but in girls they usually get all too lean in a few days n get caught ..n boys rnt tat bad.

Because its most common with young girls and ladies, stemming from the media and models who also starve themselves like victoria beckham, etc.

Mizz Unique
I guess because it's not nearly as common as female anorexia, there for not as much support groups are available. But I do believe that a male can join an all female group and it would work out :)

ya there is support you just have to look harder, but people think guys are man enough to not starve themselves because of emotions of something, even though it is out there.

Doctors fail to recognize male eating disorders. To date the evidence suggests that the gender bias of clinicians mean that diagnosing either bulimia or anorexia in men is less likely despite identical behavior. Men are more likely to be diagnosed as suffering depression with associated appetite changes than receive a primary diagnosis of an eating disorder.

Research into male eating disorders
A large US study of adolescents reported in 1995 does show that significant numbers of young males experiencing problem weight control behavior.

2%-3% of males diet all the time or more than ten times a year.
5%-14% of males deliberately vomit after eating.
12%-21% had a history of binge eating.

Hope this helps!

Its not that there isn't much support, its just that very few men admit to it, or are diagnosed. The same support for women applies to men. A mental health professional can help get to the root of the problem. Some benzos are prescribed, but avoid SSRIs (antidepressants) as they don't help. Anorexics actually have excess serotonin, so SSRIs only make the problem worse. Hope this helps.

because it usually girls. but boys do have the problem and they should support them as much as girls.

people don't suspect males to have it as it is thought to be a female thing with males they are good at hiding things so you can't tell with the symptoms

The ideal male body is muscular and fit in the media. Guys try to get that or just eat a lot and don't care. Being skinny is more mainstream for women and young women got caught up in the act thinking they are fat. It's more common in girls and not in males. I don't understand why breast cancer charities are getting more money than lung cancer charities. More women die from lung cancer.

i agree it appears to be more sociably accepted as a girl 's illness and the support fo boys is practically non existant or harder to fight for go see your GP and get support! Maybe it is harder for boys to express themselves? in order for family and health proffesionals to take them seriously

I think because men themselves don't open up about it where as women will talk about it. Men seem to worry that they are percieved as not being in control or weak in someway if they admit to something like this and that's a shame. I wish men would talk about it and get the help they need.

because men generally are too shy to get help thats why things like rape in men go un noticed its all about male pride they thing people wilkl think their a wimp if they tell but THIERS NOTHING WRONG WITH TELLING thats whyy though their is so little support available for men

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