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ashish p
when i try to talk woman,my face getting red and i feel like my heart is ponding,what should i do??/?

Mary G
being nervous isnt bad iits makes getting the girl better...it also shows the girl that your really into her. but sometimes reminding yourself that shes as nervous as you and taking a breather helps

1st, learn proper grammer and spellingg.
2nd. be gay? lol.

Chris D
dont do anything, in my opinion girls like that, it flatters them.

Rachel D
take yo more girls...

you will grow out of it!

its not a disease like u put it in ur category

hi sully i know its you

Have a friend that is a girl to help you out with talking. Or take social classes

Revise your grammar and spelling!

your just nervous around women man, just try calming yourself down the next time you try, and try to talk to girls as mucha s you can, so you get used to it.

Happiness Lies Within Us
Keep doing it! As with everything the more you play the better you become. Also read some books so you'll have something to talk about! lol.

its natural.

just take a moment, breath, dont be so nervous and try again

jst take some cool in ur hand- like ice cream or cool drings thn after finishing ur cool eatings go and try to talk easy in ur body language and in ur own mother tongue.... dont try any uneasy language always give a smile when u r talking and talk loud but not disturbing the other.... thats a small trick.........

Dana :]
everyone gets nervious, just try to relax!

aha, blushing much ? well i never really had that problem, but really go talk to yourself in the mirror and take some deep breaths, make sure no one see's you ! and uhm just chill relax its a girl not a alien

keep talking to more girls, it will go away
i did the same thing

Know who you are. Know what your intentions are and see her as someone will and can talk to you. Calm down! Women can sense your nervousness and see your confidence level as you approach them.Do think about it and just try to make it a normal reaction-Be pleasant.

well I would first recommend that you know what the conversation is about when she is around people.
Then 2ndly I would reccomend you just feel comfortable with talking to women and just feel and act like youself.

just another chica
talk to more women you will get over your fear after a while of talking and it will feel more natural

its normal, some people are shy and some get over it when they get used to talking to women
try talking to more women to get used to it
take care

Like most have already said, breathe in and out deeply, try to tell yourself to calm down. Take small steps, like be around them more often, then smile, then say hi, then progress to how are you....then do a full conversation. It's is normal for guys to feel this way when they're talking to women they like. Best of luck to you.

I swear you just made me laugh soooo hard as I found this question under the diseases section!!! LOL! Sorry about that, I just had to say it.

Nowhere Man
Don't think- do. In time you will get used to dealing with women. Now you are nervous because it is all new to you. You may find that your arousal around a female that feels the same way about you might be fun for her too. She may be flattered. Think of how you would feel if some girl said "you are just so cute, I find it hard to talk to you." I don't know about you, dude but I would take that as a compliment. Don't be so hard on yourself. If some girl laughs at you and makes cruel comments, she's a b'yatch and a waste of your time anyway. But hopefully most women you meet won't be like that.

act like your talking to a gay guy a normal guy

syd o
when you talk to a woman, look at her like your sister or mother or friend. don't let yourself get all wigged out, don't give her that power over you that she doesn't even know she has......you don't even have to be sure of your words, if you flub a word, play it off like you would if she was a family member or friend. good luck from someone who flubs her words alot...........

Just be yourself! Its normal to get nervous. I know b/c i do the sae thing w/ guys. what i try to do is to keep things light- dont think too much, just be yourself and live in the moment and dont think to hard about "what will she do if i say this or that". you can tell when ppl are thinking to much. thinking causes hesitation and hesitation may make her think you arent interested. like i said, just be lighthearted and care-free and be yourself. Hope this helps!! Good luck!

Jennifer S

just stay calm, the worst thing she can do is say no.
But if u have a nice personality, then dude, your on your game!

good luck :)

pretend she is naked.

Patricia P
just be chill

get your self around alot of woman to brake that. Woman are not much different from men. Know you are the king of ones own self.
find groups that are mostly woman, talk to woman more.
Tell woman how you are felling when hearts bounding woman like that, you just need to find a way to be around woman more and talk to them more and you will grow out of i.
YOu make your world what it is. Try telling your self over and over that you fell calm or what ever words make you calm down.
like i can do this she doesn't bother me what ever works.
This comes from when you are having a bad day you tell your self i'm happy over and over or i fell good over and over and it changes your mind set. You wont be jumping for joy but it will make you able to deal with your day more.

Anastacia B
Breath! It sounds simple but it helps. Jsut take some deep breaths. I do this when I get nervous or have to speak in public it really helps..in through your nose out through your mouth. Big breaths.

This is actually the one of most common yoga technique used to relax. It really calms you.

There are aspects to your shyness, particularly related to your culture.

You should realize nothing will happen if you do talk to women.

It's ok to be nervous but realize nothing will happen.

Look at the people around you, if they can do it, why can't you?

Get to know people, be social. Don't worry about what anyone thinks of you, boost your self esteem.

That's all.

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