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 Anyone know anything about the causes of headaches?
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 what's the most (physically) painful thing that you've ever experienced?
mine are childbirth and an aterial blood test oh yeah and a tooth absess......

 What damage will this amount of cigarettes have done to me?
Over the course of the last 4-5 weeks I've smoked approximately 20 cigarettes. I wouldn't be worried, but I've got a reoccurring cough that won't go away, and I'm wondering ...

 when i try to talk woman,my face getting red and i feel like my heart is ponding,what should i do??/?

 I found a tick stuck on my head..............?
......my husband just pulled it out and cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol and antibiotic cream.

My question is should I take the tick to the doctor and have it send to the laboratory ...

 how can i get myself to vomit?

i just wanted to make it clear that i'm not doing this to lose weight. i have a VERY bad stomache ache and i have tried all theese ...

 Help! My fingernails smell like poo and its making me feel sick but, I can't stop smelling it!?

 What's the best way to clean Ear wax? My doctor told me not to use a Q-Tip!?
My Doctor said Q-tips only push the wax futher into the ear and causes more problems....

 I ate too much, now I feel like vomiting. What will stop the feeling?
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 im always cold, why is that??
i drink water. i eat normally. i have a normal weight. when people think its hot, i think its just perfect. thats why i love the summer and hate the winter.
what could be causing me to feel cold ...

 What should i eat?
I'm feeling a little under the weather right now. I have a sore throat and a little diarrhea. What should i do to help my throat and what can i eat that wont bother my stomach? Thanks....

 Why does my 12 yr. old son occasionally feel light headed.?
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 What is the best way to get rid of cold?
I understand that it may last a little while but I want to get rid of it quickly.
A few things:
-don't just name medications
-I wont use a steam inhaler-type object


 i didnt eat anything today?
because im sick and i lost my appetite. im really hungry but i feel nauseous when i try to eat.
anyway im 16 and at a normal weight...could i pass out today?
what are some signs to look out ...

 Pleas help me becuase i fell as if i am dying and i am only 16?
the past 4 days i have been peeing blood
and the past month sleeping 12-13 hours a day
what will the doctor check for
i also have extreme headaches, abdominal pains, no energy, and my ...

 What is Down's syndrome? ?
hi there.
what is Down's syndrome in east to understnad english i heard of Down's syndrome but not sure what it is....

 How can i make myself throw up?....?
I've already tried the finger and toothbrush method and it doesn't seem to make me throw up. My stomach flexes and i'm almost there but not all the way. How long do i have to stay ...

 Is it possible to die from eating too much soy sauce?
Someone asian guy said he grandpa died from eating too much soy sauce I thought it was funny, but is it true?...

what would happen to a 13 yr old trying cocaine?
my friend is gonna try a line of cocaine sometime soon, so i wanna inform him on anything, what would happen if a 13 yr old just had 1 line of coke?
Additional Details
its just trying it, but anyways i talked to him and now he doesnt wanna do it, hes to scared, thank god

Your friend isn't that smart. Not only is it bad for you, he will most likely get addicted and waste his money buying cocaine.

lewis M
theyd get the desired effect.altho best having someone to keep them calm an reasure them its ok encase they panic on it...an just let them .enjoy... not good to be tryin at 13 to be honest but dats life i suppose

why would your friend want to this drugs are a mugs game and he could die seriously go on the frank website gives you all the info on there http://www.talktofrank.com/

Irish Cutie-★Ŋᴑllàıɢ Shᴑŋa★
Don't try it it will probly become addictive!!!!!!!!!

it's a path you don't want to go down. don't do it

şαƒιиα (aka The ONLY Musketeer)
if he is caught with a small amount he will be fined. If he is caught with a big amount, he will probably be sent to juvi

talk to frank and advise him that its not worth it

Eeeew thats so disgusting and sad. Please tell your friend not to do it. He will most likely get addicted and end up have a very sad, messed up life. He will eventually die at a younger age than most people. He will also be affecting the lives of others, and could get them hurt too.

Don't do drugs, because what's the point? It has absolutely nothing good to it and will not help you in anyway, unless you want it to help kill you.

Javier H
his face will go numb

Our Mutual Friend
your friend is a dumb ***. NO ONE should do coke or any drugs.

tell him to grow up and go straight edge

oh BTW he probably will pass out and go into a coma then he will either die or he will have to go to the hospitle and everyone will know he is a lame and sick 13 year old junkie

Jasmine La Maravilla
Uhhh he could get addicted then end up poor.tell his mommy

Shuggles S
Addiction is VERY VERY VERY VERY easy at a young age. (Because your brain is developing, and if you try cocaine while it's doing that it's only natural for it to be developed too)

It's also super unhealthy. :/

Why would you want to do cocaine? You can have the same amount of fun AND remember it all.

Tell him not to be silly.

you will get highly addicted and your dreams are going to be crushed.
DO NOT TRY cocaine. especially if ure 13. why whould u even want to do that???

one line of coke wont do anything.
its the line after that and the one after that etc that does

here are some link for you:

You can die..
Even the first time. )=

your friends blood pressure and heart rate will increase. He will feel a great sense of well being and happiness. and probably more confident
and chatty although there is a Chance that he may become paranoid and suffer anxiety attacks too these effects will last for around twenty minutes maybe longer it depends on the size of the line. when he comes down from the high he may feel depressed and will all most certainly want to get back to the high he just had (unless he got paranoid)

he could die!!!!! tell his parents you idiot!! this is a life and deaf situation

cameron m
Either get a fine or go to jail for a short amount of time.Dude if your friend is really gonna try it stop him. Once you try it you cant get off of it. And trust me it disrupts your body.

WOW do you know thats agenst the law? Somebody could track down your computer and have your friend and/or you go to jail? Why would anyone ever even think thats ok?

Well get yourself out of this mess fast!

It could lead to death...certainly a lot of pain.

Matt K
can hurt well bad afterwards

I am a reformed cocaine addict it took me four years too quit that garbage all it took for that addiction was one line

Well....cocaine affects your heart rate. It could cause a heart attack. It could cause permanent damage to his heart and respiratory system. It is also very addictive and can lead to stronger and more dangerous drugs. It can affect his brain, and cause serious problems mentally. He's just stupid.

your friend is stupid.

tell his parents.

doing it one time can get you to want to keep on doing it. so just dont.

he'll end up wanting more and ruining his life

He'd get a cocaine buzz. He will probably want more soon thereafter.

Charlotte Brown
he could die

Nicholas A
Idiot. Tell his parents.

Changes the receptors in your brain and at that age could make him bi-polar.

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