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what is this eating disorder called?
someone who eat noting or very little then makes themselves sick, i now it might be bulimia but i thought that was when you binge eat and anorexia is when you don't eat.
Additional Details
i know the difference between anorexia and bulemia i was just wondering whether there was a name for this,
for example: i dont eat breakfast or lunch and if given the option i wont eat dinner. but most nights i do, after i feel the urge to be sick, i also self harm so i think its more of a contol thing becasue the self harm has been taken away from me.

it's still called bulimia because the person is purging the body

apparently throwing up only brings up 70% of the food that you've
eaten anyway...bulimia's horrible.

Anorexia =]

It is bulimia irregardless of how much you eat. Hope this helps!!

Diva Darling
Yep it's still bulimia. If you only eat a little but still purge....it's bulimia. Most people stuff themselves because they are going to throw it up anyway so they don't short themselves. Starving yourself is anorexia. Both are still very harmful.


football mad
Bulimia nervosa is when people binge eat and vomit before the food can digest, most bulimic people do this because they think they are overweight.

Yeah that's like a nasty combo of anorexia and bulimia. Which are mental disorders not physical. Those affected are unaware of the utter seriousness of their situation and/or cannot stop. But this is bulimia. There are different forms, most of which involve binge eating and then purging. But other forms including the use of laxatives to speed the digestion of the food in the intestines and greatly limit the amount of absorption of nutrients by the body, a much lesser common behavior is eating followed by exercise calculated to burn the amount of calories previously consumed. Point and case is that there are many different forms of eating disorders and those suspected of having an eating disorder need to be brought to help by some one around them.

a desire to be extremely thin

bulimia is the one where you make yourself sick and anorexia is the one where you don't eat

Anorexia is when you don't eat to lose weight!
Binge Diets are when you eat normally and then you don't eat to reach a weight goal. People who do Pageants tend to get caught up in this.
Bulimia is when you eat and then you make yourself throw up afterward. Another form of Bulimia is when you use laxatives to lose weight.

All of these have something to do with wanting to lose weight.

Its bulimia- where you binge and then go to the loo and regurgitate your food so nothing is digested so get no nutrients. Bulimics have a tendency to have poor teeth (from the acidic food coming up) and a risk of getting heart problems

Anorexia - You restrict your diet and have a very poor self image- you exercise excessively and stay very thin with a BMI of 17 tends to mean you are anorexic.

Binge eating is also an eating disorder it can come along with depression.

Hope you are less confused

The condition is called "Anorexic Bulimia" - Google it.


Jason M
People with Anorexia Nervosa eat, they just eat very little and have extreme guilt after they eat.

Your Friendly Jewish Accountant
No, it's bulimia, doesn't matter how much you ate. Some of them only eat a lot to make themselves sick w/o gagging themselves.

It is still considered anorexic.

A person who is anorexic may eat vary few calories per day, depending on the person it can vary from 100 to 500 calories per day ( usually more the person eats the more they tend to workout to burn off the calories they ate). They (like me at one point) are under the delusion they are not anorexic because they are eating something. ( I would eat an apple a day or like a sandwich with 1 slice of bread and 1 slice of meat just so people would have the illusion I ate something during the day)

Also, every anorexic at one point may binge eat due to the lack of food taken in during previous days/weeks and after a binge will vomit it all out but are still not considered bulimic because they will not do this consistently, its just your body is starving and when you try to eat just a little you tend to go overboard and the guilt afterwards make you want to purge everything.

a person who is anorexic not always just wants to be thin it could be they feel they have no control in their life and this is the only thing they feel they themselves can control.

is anorexia nervosa

i do the same. i starve myself, then when i eat anything at all, i feel like i should make myself sick - so i do
i was diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa when i went to the doctors about mine and I'd say this is the same

Sandy Sandals
I would consider that bulimic. Some people are both anorexic and bulimic, they just have episodes where one behavior is preferred over another.

Well you said that it involves eating very little and then throwing up. That sounds more like Anorexia, because in Bulimia the person will eat a lot and then throw it out (binging and purging). An anorexic will do lots of things to prevent themselves from eating or to get rid of anything they've eating, including throwing up. Hope this helped~

Some people can suffer with a combination of anorexia and bulimia, or anorexia can develop into bulimia.

Get In Line
Eating nothing or very little isn't necessarily due to anorexia. It could be due to just having a very poor appetite. But any time purging (vomiting) after eating is involved...it's bulimia.

Science H
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IVTR) indicates the diagnosis would be Anorexia Nervosa with Binge-Eating/Purging Type. The binge eating is not necessarily a part of that subtype. For it to be bulimia, there has to be a binge/purge and regular eating in between episodes.

Lauren S
well i'd say bulimia, if purging is involved, you dont have to binge to be bulimic, its the throwing up part thats the big deal breaker right there i would have to say

mommy 2b
anorexia/bulimia ... anorexia is when u dont eat anything .. or very little .. adn bulimia is when u binge and either purge or go exersice . u can have both if u eat little and have bulimic tendencies

The Cult of Chesire Cat
You're right. The textbook definition of bulimia requires both binging and purging. Eating little and then purging can be classified as EDNOS (eating disorder-not otherwise specified)..

However, it's normal for all eating disorders to have characteristics from another eating disorder.

Anorexia is when you don't eat.
Bulimia is when you make yourself throw up when you do eat.
What you describe is a little bit of both.

With bulimia they usually binge purge. Sounds like this person borders more toward anorexia.

i think its still bulimia...but like a very severe form of it :(

Lardy Taco
Eating very little and essentially starving yourself is Anorexia. Bulimia traditionally is a binge & purge. However there are gray areas to the two disorders - a person could be both as well.

Scarlet Begonias
it's called bulimarexia (mixture between bulimia and anorexia)

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