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what is this?? :(?
headachs in different places of my head i have had dem for 2 weeks

dry mouth and lips
loss of taste
fills sick sometimes

Secret Squirrel
Think you need to see a doc urgently. Off you go!

suresh k
HI !

"something wrong somewhere" !

conatct your family doctor...immediately...

best wishes..

gary l
might be meningitis get to a doctor pronto ok

Your ill.

london lady
are you smoking, or drinking, it sounds like you are doing this to yourself by intoxicating your body. Your brain needs some energy. Maybe you suffer from servere migrains, go to the doctors though, you have to man, this is your head!!

sticky fingers
get off computer ,go see a quack.

Hi,get to the doctors & try sipping water.Goodluck hope you get better ASAP.

Go see a doctor now! He (or she) will be able to give you more help than us!

Migrane. I get them about once a year and they can last for 2 weeks.
Try either specialsit migrane releif tablets, or both paracetamol and ibuprofen together.
Try and avoid dairy products as for some people this can make them worse.

It is probably due to lack of water intake, not fizzy drinks, but clean, filtered water is what you need.
If your headaches still persist after you drink at least 2 litres of water each day, then you need to try naturals like I did. I used to get headaches and migraines every day. I have only had two slight migraines in the last two years since starting on these naturals. Sorry can't name them here.
Keep away from aspartame which is an artificial sweetener.
Take care

Smile :)
Maybe flu....

carla s
Go to the doctor, it sounds like stress to me but I’m not a doctor.

i think you should have a doctor find out what is wrong there are many ways to get rid of a head aches but if you don't know what is causing it you will get it back,you may have a virus and you don't know it

go see a doctor does not sound right

k.p d
consult your doctor

Seek the advice of your GP

*Care Bear*
See a doctor! Sounds like some of the symptoms of flu but you never know, could be something else.

I'd be worried about the headaches. Why haven't you been to the dr.s? Go now.

Ashanofy Frederick Dixon
You are probably dehydrated. Consult your doctor for medication

not sure but id get down to local GP or ring NHS direct if your in uk and are worried?

who me?
could easily be dehydration........ the dry mouth and lips/headache are the first symptom...... loss of taste and nausia could be extreme symptoms of it.

Are you muslim and fasting for Ramadan? Drink more water!

Are you smokin crack? Seek Help

LLL H =]
i think ur ill bud, see a doctor

Sounds like you are dehydrated.
Try & drink plenty of fluids & See your doctor if you are at all worried

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