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what do bloodtests feel like? do they hurt?
do they hurt more than a injection? holly long do they leave the needle in? does it take them along time to find a vein???

like smudger i too was on warfarin and had to have tests every 2-4 weeks,

honestly the thought is worse than getting it done, it is over in seconds, try and relax and you'll be fine,

i used to dig my fingernail into my thumb when i was getting it done, as it gave me something else to think about,
but you honestly get used to it and you will wonder why you worried in the first place

Laura H
One of the things that makes a massive difference as to whether the procedure is painful or not is the alcohol wipe that is used to clean the area first. If the alcohol isn't allowed to dry properly it can cause a sting when the needle first goes in. It's not painful though, it is just a sting. If the alcohol is allowed to dry properly first it shouldn't hurt at all. Be sure to ask whoever takes your blood to give the stuff a few seconds to dry before they put the needle in. And dont' worry too much, it's really less painful than an injection.

paul l

I have had a lot of blood tests. I guess it depends on your pain threshold personally I think they don't really hurt at all. It's very much like having an injection the level of pain is the same. It will take slightly longer as sometimes they may need several blood samples depending on what your going for. But they only put the needle in once regardless of how many samples they need. They put like a tiny bottle on the end of the needle jabbed into you. Then wait a few seconds till the tiny bottle fills up. When this process is complete they take it off and put another tiny bottle on. that's all there is to it. Veins are very easy to find on most people. If your skin is very white like mine it can be more difficult but it's really nothing to worry about. They usually take the blood from the middle of your inner arm opposite your elbow. They tell you to clench your fist while thy find a vein if they can see one they gently tap with their fingers this helps to determin that it is a suitable vein then they can proceed. It's really nothing to worry about and it will be over in 2minutes.

It does not hurt at all, do not take any notice of some wasters making stupid comments 'cos they are the weak s**ts! Take Care.

yes it hurts. you're having a pin stuck in you. and chances are it will be more than once as it seems they never find a vein the first time

It is a very quick sharp pinch. The needle wouldn't be in more than 30 seconds and if you drink plenty of water your veins will be easy to find.

Good Luck, Be Brave

Miss Crohnie
It's just a little pinch. If you're really nervous, ask for a very experienced phlebotomist. They won't mind at all. Do everything they tell you and you'll be fine.

I guess by your questions you are exteremley afraid???
Dont worry its just like a normal injection, only taking out instead of putting in,the needle is only in long enough to draw the required amount of blood and the people who do it are highly trained, most of the time you dont feel it at all....

im not a fan either!!!!!!

Christina K
It doesn't hurt at all and is all over in a few minutes. If you are squeamish let them know and I am sure they will make it OK for you.

Couture F
If One Cannot Find A Vein: "Work In A Quarry"

pj h
They are far less painful than a hypodermic needle everything considered. A experienced"vampire-in-white" can do it easily.The needle is irritating so just look awayor close your eyes and think of your boy friend/girlfriend.Good luck!!!

There is nothing to be afraid of. When you take a blood test, they will insert a needle into your vein. that needle is connected to a tube so that the blood can be collected. When they insert the needle you will see your blood shoot out and into the tube. If you get scared easy I would suggest you look away when they are drawing blood because when you see your blood squirting into a tube, depending on who you are, it can make you a little scared. After they have inserted the needle and the blood is drawn they simply pull it out and put a bandaid over it. Depending on how much blood they are drawing is how long it will take. Usually it takes no more that 5-10 sec. 10 sec being the max. It doesnt hurt anymore than a regular injection and depending on your body is how long it will take to find the vein. Usually they find them very fast.

Taking blood is as painful as giving an injection In good hands it's almost painless.The most common site is the front of the elbow joint where there are large superficial veins.Sometimes the wrist is used, but this is more sensitive than the elbow and may therefore be a little more painful. The duration of the procedure depends on the amount of blood to be taken the size of the needle used,the size of the syringe. In all it is usually a few minutes.

its a needle just the same u might end up with a bit of a bruise depending on how easy they find the vien

Dr Frank
They are only uncomfortable. Most are now done with a vaccu-tainer, rather than a syringe. The duration of the needle depends on how many samples are needed. It is generally less than 60 seconds.

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