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Baby Jack born 4/5/09
what could be wrong?
i have a sore throat and swollen glands. Do u think its something serious? i never get sick.

Could be strep throat, Go see a doctor is the only thing i can suggest
Most of the time strep throat occurs with a fever but NOT always my kids have had it 2 times between the 2 of them over this past winter and niether time did they have a fever, just a funky cough -sounded horriable (only way i could describe it is it sounded like a dying horse), and a sore throat, red raw throat and there glands were also swollen

it is most likely strep throat

strep throat?


Orazali A
everyone is getting that right now i think...everyone i know complain about that too...wait they are gonna say it's something very serious and dangerouse like ecoli stuff...haha good luck

JustMy Opinion
Take a look, if there is white bumps on the back of your throat it is strep and you need a doc for medication!! Good Luck

avoid eatin spice food

It sounds like strep throat to me. Go to the doctor and they will give you penicillin to help reduce the swelling.

allergies maybe?

Mono, Tonsilitis, Strep Throat,Viral Pharypgitis

It could be a series of things, maybe a trip to your Doctor should do the trick.

If you have white or yellow spots on your tonsils, it could be strep. Do you have a fever as well? If you do, you should see your doc for testing.

Neeraja Singh
No it is not serious.Just gargle with salty hot water and it would be all right.

Seroiuse like a sore throat!!
At the most it could be strep go to the dr or gargle with warm salt water

you could have mono, but you need to be tired/exhausted and your other glands need to be swollen like in your arm pits, i think. or you could have strept (sp) throat. you might need to go to the doctor if it gets worse and doesn't let up! feel better!

Go Bears!
No one never gets sick. You may just only get sick once in a long time. Take some Advil for the pain and swelling. If it doesn't go away in another day or two or if symptoms worsen - go to the doctor.

Feel better

sounds like a sore throat
you could go into the doctor to get a strep test, but im betting its not that serious
drink fluids, get those vitamin c cough drops and eat them like candy (which they taste like), and you should feel better


I love how everyone just assumes that a sore throat indicates strept throat. You cannot diagnose someone over the internet if they've only mentioned a sore throat and swollen glands. These are symptoms of infection/illness of ANY kind, but most commonly the flu, common cold, allergies, mono, strept throat, tonsillitis, etc. It is likely NOT serious at all and there is no way of knowing what it is unless you get a swab test done or see your doctor. Get better soon!

It could be a regular cold, strep throat of other things. No fever cancels out some, but the best thing to do is go to a doctor and get checked up so they can give you medicine to get well soon. Hope you feel better!

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