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what are various disease that occured during summer and rainy season?

sukhi g
For summer, diarrhoea, dyhydration, basically water born disease.....

vijaya l
In summer actually diarrhoea, which is caused due to abnormality in water intake or food infections.

In summer food gets spoiled very fast when compared to other seasons. Then by unknowingly if we take the food, then we get attacked to diarrhoea. Then intake of water is compulsory. Take as much water as u can. We should take electrolysis sachets mixed with warm water, as per the instructions given on the sachet. Take only Dal rice and with curd. Take butter milk if available. Then they advice to take warm water mixed with pinch of salt and a spoon of sugar. It will take care of both vomiting and also motions.

And another main thing which occur in Summer is skin tan, and also sun stroke. Keep ur skin covered with cotton clothes, or use some sun expert creams while going out.

And in case of sun stroke, pl. lessen tea or coffee, and inc erase intake of coconut water, sugarcane juice or any other fresh juices. And even butter milk before going out or lassi, helps u to get attacked from sun strokes.

chikun guniya

The most common monsoon disease is diahorrea which is a typical water borne disease.The second common ailment is cold and fever due to getting drenched in rains.Have Waterbury's compound Red lable or Seven seas regulary to build up your internal strength.
Summer it is migrane and giddiness.Migrane due to going in the hot sun without any protection for your head and giddiness and throat parchment due to dehyderation.Drink plenty of fluids and carry an umbrella before going out in the morning.

common cold and it will be with us for a week or tendays wheather you take medicine or not. better enjoy cold

Syed Zohaib A

rakesh joshi
In addition to cold, cough,fever,maleria,alergy, various types of skin deseases,influeza

The rains have arrived and so have health hazards like leptospirosis, dengue, malaria etc. Leptospirosis is caused due to contact with water infected with rat or dog urine. Possible ways to prevent this is to avoid stepping in mucky puddles as much as possible and washing feet throughly after a soujourn in the rain.

Shridhar M
In Summer season mainly hilf headache,skin problems, in rainy season cold,fever etc

hepatitis and typhoid..

common cold
n headaches

a n
viral fever and cold

sagar jsaud
allergy,but dont worry too much.enrich strength

in summers i face a lot of problem with sun burns
in rainy season -cold & cold

shasha j
dengu,malaria,n the funtime disease the 1 n only unreal 1 rainomania

Prem Sinha
The most dangerous disease of this season is Cholera. Some another disease is eye flu, chicken pox and many more.

Sweta A
influenza,fever,coldare common.

Hi I am Gantav
Dengue, malaria, filaria, chickengunia.

Nirmal N
coryza dysentry pharyngitis tonsillitis collitis

diseases can happen irrespective of season. But you can experience changes in bodily symptoms during the seasonal variation. In Summer, be careful about dehyderation. In eainy, be ware of fevers, food poisoning etc.

rainy:pink eye ( conjuctivities), water- borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, etc then other diseases like dysentry,fever, cold, etc

summer: skin rashes, chickenpox and sometimes fever if you stay in the sun 4 a long time


the various diseases in summer include allergy, skin diseases, diarrhoea . while in rainy season plenty of diseases like typhoid, jaundice, malaria, dysentry etc become rampant.

rahul N
u should aware frm dengu...and above all virul fevermost common disease during the monsoon
and plz stop eatin junkfood bcz it will cause infection....
hey u can try a cup of tea frm unusaul headache

hello i came back ask me any question

crezy arvind
dierria,womiting and skin infection

In rainy season asthama or allergy and water borne diseases in both summer and rainy season

Lakshmi N
various diseases fever with cold, and if occur fever with cold take aruveyic medicine, hot water

the main disease that occurs in summer is the skin disease..we sweat a lot in summer,wen we *** back frm skool,college or office,sometimes we feel tired & we 4get to wash our hands and legs..a special kind of bacteria settles and starts to eat up our skin slowly.years later we will be affected to an extent that makes a paralysed..this is caused because of our dirty sweat..so please wash ur hands and legs..and in rainy season if we step into the water tat ha settled on the ground,we get leptospirosis..which puts r life in a risk!

Asim B
viral fever and gastro-intestinal diseases are common in our country. But comparatively viral fevers are more dangerous and even fatal for vulnerables. During the recent past years infectious diseases like pox prevalenced for a limited period mainly in spring time. But this year I witness its prevalence throughout summer. My neighbours are suffering till now. All the members of a household are suffering one after one. So I think it is due to climate change.

Common diseases are cholera caused due to contaminated food and water. Jaundice, typhoid, dengue, malaria, viral diseases.

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