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 What is the best way to get rid of cold?
I understand that it may last a little while but I want to get rid of it quickly.
A few things:
-don't just name medications
-I wont use a steam inhaler-type object


 i didnt eat anything today?
because im sick and i lost my appetite. im really hungry but i feel nauseous when i try to eat.
anyway im 16 and at a normal weight...could i pass out today?
what are some signs to look out ...

 Pleas help me becuase i fell as if i am dying and i am only 16?
the past 4 days i have been peeing blood
and the past month sleeping 12-13 hours a day
what will the doctor check for
i also have extreme headaches, abdominal pains, no energy, and my ...

 What is Down's syndrome? ?
hi there.
what is Down's syndrome in east to understnad english i heard of Down's syndrome but not sure what it is....

 How can i make myself throw up?....?
I've already tried the finger and toothbrush method and it doesn't seem to make me throw up. My stomach flexes and i'm almost there but not all the way. How long do i have to stay ...

 Is it possible to die from eating too much soy sauce?
Someone asian guy said he grandpa died from eating too much soy sauce I thought it was funny, but is it true?...

 i have a lisp its where i cant pronounce my S's properly how do i get rid of it?
my lisp is ruining my life people make comments which realy makes me upset no wounder guys dont want me i have a lisp how do i get rid of it its ruining my life please help ...

 emergency please read?
my dad was moaning from he said his lower stomach. he said it hurts alot and he keeps moving from it. and then he said he feels like his back is broken so theres pain there too. and he also mentioned ...

 Experiencing a relative dying for the first time?
A few minutes ago, i got told that my grandad who is in hospital recovering from lung cancer, has been taken off all medications, and now their giving him morphine to make him comfortable... so that ...

 I'm always cold. I wear pants and hoodies year round...?
Well, I'm constantly cold, and I've just really started to take it seriously in the past week.
I went to the beach today with a few friends, and I was wearing pants, sneakers, and a ...

 I am a millionairess trapped in the body of a poor person: Is there a name and/or cure for this condition?
Deep down I've always known I was meant to be wealthy - and that it was a freakishly cruel twist of nature that decreed I be born into the body of someone without lots of money.
That being ...

 Alcoholism - I've drank a lot for the past 5 years. I stopped and now my entire body?
aches, my wrists hurt really bad, my arms and my upper back is in a TON of pain.

Is that from stopping drinking???? Or is it just a coincidence?...

 My mother is an alcoholic, but she won't admit she has a problem. What can I do? I'm 19, and I'm feeling lost.?
I'm away at college most of the time, but I'm back on break through half of January. My sister is no help whatsoever, and my dad is extremely aware of the problem, but he has so much to ...

 how many times should you go the the toilet..?
i wil call them 'stools' (haha)..
o.k, ive been on a diet for like my whole teenage life, im 16 now..so since i was 12-13.. ive restricted so much of what i eat... i use to starve my ...

 Alcholism....a disease or not?
In Britain, Alcoholism is now recognised as a disease, and I for one think some of us are certainly set up for it, sometimes whole ethnic groups appear to be set up for it, like Native Americans and I...

 My mom has been having a burning/tingling feeling in her feet, but we don't know the problem. Any suggestions?
We know that the problem is not from the nerves through tests....

 HELP!!! I'm in some serious pain and don't know what to do....?
I've had RA for 2 1/2 years now and I've tried everything (I work closely with my Rheumy) from the latest drugs to accupunture. I can't even cry anymore it hurts so bad! Does anyone ...

 Is it true that they won't do liver transplants on alcoholics?

 Today I went to the hospital thinking that I would end up staying there, but instead the doctor gave me some?
percription for my gallstones and told me to come back for another two months. I mean don't you guys think that they should have kept me there in the emergency room instead of sending me home in ...

 I'm afraid I may be really sick.?
About 2 days ago, I had terrible pains around ,my ribs and in my legs. Also my stomach had hurt alot. Then yesterday, I felt ok but not the best. Now today, I havn't eaten like anything, and my ...

what's the most (physically) painful thing that you've ever experienced?
mine are childbirth and an aterial blood test oh yeah and a tooth absess...

Child birth.

No contest. ;-)

i can ignore physical pain and i;ve broken bones before a rib a wrist lol a tow too! i've been jumped before and gotten beat up pretty bad, but i think sorry to ignore the physical part but a beign in love and not beign able to see her hurts the worst i dotn care what anyone says

lara h
I have hypermobility and when my shoulder pops out it is the worse pain worse than having my children,sometimes it makes me pass out lol

gotta be a tooth absess..agony and trapping your willy in your flies

my frontal labotomy using only hypnosis instead of anesthetics

walking 4 tow days with trench foot blistas and a huge 65 l back pack on ur bak (berin in mind im a 14 yr old girl)

when i came off my scooter fratured my arm had to ride my bike home as it was on a long lane with no house near

It really has to be a pop up between getting my leg amputated and having my abdomen cut open from my belly button to the top of my chest. That was by a doctor.

larry g
the death of my mother

Emma Woodhouse

getting electrocuted - when the electricity is preventing you from letting go of the cable its pretty damn scary & it hurts like hell

Trigminal neuralgia

having 2 fingers snapped completely into two peices.

passing a kidney stone

Having a molar extracted without any sedative or painkiller, I've had 4 kids but this was the sorest thing I've ever felt.

jane c
Giving birth to my second child, without pain relief, then he got stuck, facing the wrong way round, forceps delivery.
Having a blood clot in my spleen, painful wasn't the word!!

Acute bout of tonsilitis, I wanted to put a pair of pliars down my throat and tear the buggers out myself

Having an injection through my gonads!! OUCH!!

I believe it was broken ribs from rolling my car

Brain Surgery, WOW that is exceedingly painful. They did it while I was awake as well so I saw everything. Even when they pulled the skin of my forehead and drooped it over my eyes and then I heard the saw starting to cut my skull... NICE

Hands down.. Liver biopsy.. that hurt so much, I thought I would actually faint.. and I was given a sedative before hand..

Wife found her way home...

I would definitely agree with the abscessed tooth, but also passing a kidney stone.

Yep, tooth abscess for me too!

I would have to say a tooth abcess as well :)

Same here tooth abscess and being bit on my outer leg by a dog. It swelled up to the size of half a tennis ball and there was a massive bruise. I couldn't go anywhere for 2 weeks except limp around the house in agony. I still have the hematoma now 14 months on and debating surgery or just to leave it.

[email protected]
Getting my left leg ran over by a school bus

Kreb D
Following a motorcycle accident, I had glass embedded into my foot bones, which was very painful to remove despite local anaesthetic which didn't work on the bones, and by comparison didn't feel the stitches put into my feet and legs.

ruptured 2 disc's in my back. had to have surgery. took a year for insurance to step up for the surgery. was in such terrible pain for a year. could hardly stand up. after the surgery im 90% better. wouldnt wish it on anybody

I have two children!!!

One was born in the posterior position (this is head first but back bone to back bone) there are no contractions with a gap between just a pain that gets worse and worse no breaks..

Having my ankle reset after breaking it skydiving! It was completely broken and facing 180 degrees backwards, (looked funny as hell!).
Lying face down on a gurney, the doctor was down at my feet and then pulled and twisted my ankle in an attempt to align it back up for temporary casting until I could be driven 60 miles away to a hospital that my insurance would cover!! He had to do this (3) times before getting it right...OOOWWWWW!!!!

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