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Sarie quite contrary.
started getting bad headaches in July, MRI,CT scan both OK. Neurologist says they are migraines..BUT....I also
have dizziness, feeling faint at times,esp. on straining like coughing, standing, etc. Very sensitive to certain sounds. Tinnitus, Put on Elavil. Headaches better, still have dizziness, feeling faint.ringing in ears. Feels like a bad sinus infection.Vision is shaky at times, especially during times of LOUD sounds.Dr. says they are cluster-migraines.Anyone else ever have this??? I can't find anything on migraines acting this way. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Also, eating sweets seem to make things worse. HELP!!!!

SanMateo dad
With the tinnitus, sensitivity to loud sounds and dizziness, your Dr. should consider a low pressure headache. This type of headache is often markedly worse when standing and improved by being flat. The most common cause is after a spinal tap or spinal anesthesia, but low pressure( of the spinal fluid within your brain) can also be spontaneous.

The mom
You do describe a cluster headache and a good many of the symptoms associated with them. They are a type of vascular headache, and they think they are triggered when the veins and arteries dialate and put pressure on facial nerves- especially the trigeminal nerve which supplies sensation to the face and has three branches- one to your mouth, one to the nose, and the third to the eye. And unfortunately finding something to relieve them is something done by trial and error a lot of times. There can be triggers, as with migraines- and it sounds like you may have found one of yours with the sweets. A sudden change in blood sugar level can trigger a migraine or cluster headache, which may be why sweets do it for you. I don't suffer from them myself, but have known several who did and it doesn't look like anything I'd care to suffer. I know of a couple who had good relief using Ergotamine, as long as they took it right at the onset, and that might be something to look into. But yes, the things you list are all pretty usual in migraines and cluster headaches, some folks just suffer more of them than others. If you haven't already done so, start keeping a headache diary. Try to note things like what you have eaten and when,what time the headache started, how much sleep you've had previously, and where you are in your menstrual cycle. Some doctors think there is a hormone component as well, and note they are sometimes linked with that. You may find the pattern develops after a few weeks that will let you identify most of your personal triggers, and that may let the doctor be of more help to you getting some relief. There is also a support network for folks who suffer cluster headaches- I can't find the website at the moment, but a quick websearch should bring it up for you. That should let you talk with folks who suffer like you, and together you might just get some more answers. Good luck.

Well first off, brown chocolate will give you headaches, you said sweets.
MSG used in chinese food will give you headaches.
Artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, in bottled water, pop, will cause mood swings and headaches.
Are you on any mood altering pills? Do you take any kind of anti oxidant pills of larger doses of vitamin C?
If you have poor blood circulation to the brain ( feeling faint on straining like coughing) If the brain does not receive enough Oxygen some of these symptoms including headaches can occur. Also a sinus infection will work it's way to the middle ear causing dizziness but I assume that you were checked for sinus infection.
Maybe just migraines, but their is an underlying cause, how old are you, maybe the early onset of Alzheimer's. Good luck.

I have a child with migraines. We have a great neurologist at CCHMC. Here is a link to info on headaches and prevention-- we found this helpful for my son:


Family website: http://www.shwachman.50megs.com

Key P
Yeah, the sweets thing is normal. I would suggest that you ask your doctor if he thinks they could be mingrians from food sensitivity. When the doctors were trying to figure out my 'stressors' they had me stop diffrent types of food to see if it was what was causing it. But yeah I understand the pain, I can remember times were the sound of me blinking feelt like the end of the world, so I would sit there with my eyes closed in a dark room, refusing to open them and the sents ....oh they could drive me insane. Make sure you are prestent, that you keep your doctor uptodate if the med. isn't working, there are so many diffrent types of mindgrian med and you have to find what works for you. Good luck.


I hope this helps. Try Imitrex. They make tablets and a nasal spray that works faster. It is expensive and insurance will usually only give you 9 a month. Hope that was helpful.

Nicole B
First off, have they checked your pituitary gland? Most CTs and MRIs only look at the brain as a whole, and a specific MRI is done to look at the pituitary. That might be something to get checked out, and the test is called a Dynamic MRI of the pituitary WITH contrast. Secondly, you say sweets make it worse. Have you been tested for diabetes? The other thing that comes to mind with the food making it worse is MSG. MSG can trigger HORRID migraines, and I would watch for this in your foods. It can also be labeled under hydrolyzed protein, and I think a few other names. I would google MSG and see the other names you need to look for. I cut out MSG in my diet, and the headaches improved dramatically. If you do consider a migraine med, I would advise against Imitrex, only because the possible blindness is a scary thing, and I know MAXALT works quite well. However, seeing your doctor is the only way to know for sure. Good luck to you, and I hope you get some relief.

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