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sometimes when im awake, i forget to breathe. is this a condtion? whats wrong with me?
so i get anxiety attacks from time to time. my mom says i may be short-winded but im convinced that i hold my breath without trying to. is this a condition or am i just wierd? lol i dont have allergys and this happens alot. if u could say the name & info

Alex k
if you don't die while your sleeping, you should be fine

Your just an idiot. Who forgets to breathe? Your the reason why people think Americans are stupid, assuming your American.

go see a doctor cuz it can be serious if it happens in you sleep for too long

Yes, you have too much time to think about what could be wrong with you. Get a life and you won't notice anymore.

sleep apnea go see a doctor

Insanity Wolf
Yeah, you're either really blonde or really sick.

Roland M
I think the word for this is "Apnea."


bekah <3 <3
yeah i would go to the doctors and get that checked out.

it could be nothing...but better to be safe then sorry.

You sure your not a blonde? They forget to breath all the time...

John Cipolletti
FIRST, breathing is normally automatic. If you are holding your breath to long the body will make you pass out to protect you. Your problem is that you are full of anxiety and need to talk to someone who is a professional. Many young people have anxiety problems.

i have a general anxiety disorder and often "forget" to breathe, especially when i am feeling anxious. so it could be an anxiety disorder..

It's possible it's asthma, most people think it's a problem with breathing in but it's actually a problem with breathing out. Otherwise it might just be down to the anxiety attacks, stress affects different people in different ways. Some people get eye twitches, some get headaches, some feel faint but in your case it affects your breathing. You might not realise you're stressed it is subconcious a lot of time. I'm not a doctor I'm speaking from experience.

Probably nothing big. Just remember to breath! I sometimes forget to also, especially when I sleep.

It's a little unusual but not completely weird. When I actually think about the motion of "breathing", it actually makes me conscious of my breathing and I'd have to remind myself to breathe. Like right now, haha since you've mentioned it, I've had to consciously take in breaths. Just don't think about it too much -breathing should be a natural instinct.

i do that

really all it is ur thinking about breathing then u get focus on breathing and ur breathing pattern mucks up and u end up holding ur breath or taking shallow breaths

play PS3 pr X-box for awhile and forget about breath (lol not really just dont think about ti) and you see ur thinking to hard bout it

I've had this happen before. I don't think its a problem. If you hold your breath too long either you'll notice or someone around you will. You'll pass out and continue breathing before you die.

If it happens so much that it becomes a problem you should probably see a doctor though. Yahoo answers won't give you a good answer. There's probably a whole bunch of people who would love to just screw with you.

Hope you find out whats wrong and get better soon.

and its not sleep apnea, you're awake. Apnea is the right term but its just a general term for holding your breath which doesn't help.
just to clear things up =)


Joe D
SLEEP APNEA S L E E P! The person wrote sometimes when I'm awake. What a bunch of goofs! Go have a drink or see a shrink!

Dog Nutritionist and Trainer
Not sure, but this happens to me sometimes too. I'll always gasp and everybody will look at me and I'll say "Sorry, forgot to breathe!"

The condition is called apnea. For apnea treatment, see a doctor specializing in sleep problems. Sleep centers are clinics with such specialists.

Forgetting to breathe, is actually more like forgetting how to breathe.
Conscience of every breath you take and not sure you are doing it right.
The anxiety attacks are causing this sensation.

You should treat the root of the problem and try to find out what is making you so anxious.

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