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 Does anyone else have restless body syndrome I am calling it?
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Jessie J
sleeping at day awake at night?
my mum was telling that there is like a disorder were some people sleep at day and are awake at night
can anyone tell me if they know what this is, and what the name of it is?

no, it just the way they have their body's trained. i worked the midnight shift for years, and now i prefer to stay up at night, and sleep in the day. its not a disease, its what you get used to.

Zelophehad's Daughter
I don't know what it's called but I have it too.

Slow F
This is not a disease, please don't get worried. Just follow these instrustions.

What you have is a sleeping disorder, as you can tell.
Some point in time, you might have gotten a bad sleeping schedule, and messed up your whole clock. Quickly progressing to completly reverse your sleeping clock.

Just everyday, fall asleep one hour later that you usually do. forexample. One day fall asleep at 7, then nest day 8...and so on. Do this until you are back to normal sleeping levels and you can sleep at night, and you arte awake during the day.

IF there is a disease, im unaware of it.

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