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omg. brain tumor. dear god. ?
so i went on webmd because my pupils have been really large lately and i'm not doing anything different in life, but after i took the quiz to fill in my personal answers it said the conditions could be meth use, cocaine use, and brain tumor. and i don't do drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im freaked out .. now that i think of it every once in a while i feel nausea randomly and feel sick at night sometimes. and i have never had headaches my whole life and recently i've had a throbbing pain in above my left eyebrow and I can't see right for a second and i have to like close my eyes to make it better..... help please im scared

Kimber Lee
First of all, relax-you could just have a tension headache brought on by the stress of self diagnosis of a brain tumor. MANY things can cause your pupils to dialate-over 138 things on the website below alone. If you're really worried, go to the doctor and tell him your concerns and have him test you. I doubt it's a tumor-that's rarer than you think. Check out this website:

Don't get anxious about it. Just make an appointment with the doctor and tell him or her all of your symptoms, in detail. If that doctor doesn't take you seriously, see another one. Get them to give you an MRI and/or a CT scan just to rule out any tumors. Also, go to an opthamologist (different from a regular eye doctor, which is "optometrist") and have your eyes checked out. If you have pseudotumor cerebri (which seems like a tumor but isn't) or something else, the opthamologist might be able to tell by checking out your eyes and seeing if there's pressure on them, etc.

Anxiety won't help anything, though!

Consider what Christ said:

"Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?" (Matthew 6:27)

Sєxual Ħaяassmєηt Pαη∂α
it's called a doctor i don't have a PHD in medicine ...... see one

No it isn't a tumor. Your problems are related to eye strain. You are likely near sighted. If you wear glasses, it is time to get your prescription checked, and if you don't, it is probably something you need to get and exam for. Eye strain can cause the pupils to dilate, can cause headaches as you describe, and even feelings of nausea or vertigo. If you had one pupil large and the other small... that is a problem. But both equally big, that isnt a brain tumor.

i feel your pain!
i once put in the symptoms when my mother was ill and all sorts of complicated and fatal diseases were coming up! i was soooo worried! turns out, it wasn't serious at all!
webmd is a very scary website when it comes to that stuff
remember, it's only a website.
have a real doctor check you, preferably an ophthalmologist.
feel better!

josh r
Don't be Afraid but Go This week to get a CT Picture of ur head at a local area hospital somewhere... tell them ur symtoms an say you want to be sure u don't have a growth or a tumor up there. Get it done because what you are saying about the Head aches can indicate that and it is nice to know... You would want to catch this immediately so that you can get help! Please don't wait... just do it... if you check out... keep healthy... exercise and eat well and don't sweat it no more, thx.

Well, i wont say you don't have one but i wont say you have one. The best advise is to go see a doctor and let him decide no-one on yahoo is going to be able to tell you if you have a brain tumor or not unless they have saw you!

maybe you need glasses but i would go to the doctor

In my experience, sites like that are rubbish and just get people worked up over nothing. For example, one of those sites told me I either have the plague or leukemia.
It could be something as simple as needing reading glasses, but if you are really worried, go and see a doctor:)

Ginny Jin
You are probably dehydrated. Do you drink enough water.

First step to curing it is notifying a relative or a doctor. You need to do that.

Hope you feel better. Try not to worry.

Doctor Click
I wondering if maybe you see a eye doctor. Don't rely on webmd. You need to see a real doctor. It may be nothing at all.

Those web based diagnosis can only be used as a guide. Quite often, their "diagnosis" aren't even close to the actual problem.

What you need to do is to calm down first, and make an appointment to your doctor on Monday. Only a trained MD can make a diagnosis and only after using many modern diagnostic techniques, such as CAT scan and blood tests, not just via series of simple questions.

Go see your family doctor and have a checkup, and describe what you've been noticing and feeling.
A medical website cannot determine your condition from a series of fill-in Q & A; only your doctor, with a full understanding of your medical history, as well as some testing, can begin to tell if there's something seriously the matter.
There are any number of possible conditions that might bring on headaches and changes in your vision. A brain tumor is only one possibility out of literally hundreds.
I'm not telling you not to be concerned, but I am telling you not to jump to conclusions before you get a thorough examination and diagnosis from actual human medical professionals.
Medicine isn't an exact science, and every person is unique. You can't depend on a computer for exact answers as far as your health goes.

talk to a doctor and get a mri or catscan or whatever.

take a deep breath...then go to the doctor its gonna be alright.

Make a doctor appointment asap. God bless you.

internet medical references, like WebMD are good for just that, reference. There are an infinite number of variables when it comes to medical diagnoses, and it is never advisable to jump to any hasty conclusions based on information provided from these sites.

That said, when you start to have any symptoms that effect your life --like frequent nausea, a sudden string of headaches, and blurred vision-- you should always visit a physician. It is also best to give the doctor a detailed account of your symptoms ONLY and see what she/he comes up with on their own. If they don't mention any of your suspicions then you should mention it to them towards the end of your appointment; you just want them to go through their own diagnosis process.

I sincerely wish you the very best of luck,


Sarah [Tennant]
they have places for this...its called the DOCTORS!!! Good Luck

go to the doctor, try not to be so scared. you dont want to worry yourself.

Andy H
First off, I would definitely see a doctor VERY QUICKLY. If it is a brain tumor, I pray you are completely fine, but you need to get it checked out quick.
If not a brain tumor, there is something wrong maybe just a newly developed allergy or something. in any case, see a doctor very soon and tell him everything and anything he needs to know.

webMD is not an actual doctor. relax. don't worry until you talk to a professional.

Cat B
Plz go to a docter

Go to the doctor's. Webmd can't run all the tests they can.

You need to see the doctor asap.

It will be ok. Don't worry too much.

I hope everything turns out ok for you!

:) cheaa.
only way to know is to go to the doctor.

go to the doctor! webmd cannot diagnose you.

Krista P
Thats what happened to my mom. And it was brain tumors, but she started radiation for it and it completely cleared everything up.

Why do people ask these questions online???!!! Go see a DOCTOR.

Gary D
Don't worry. You could simply be experiencing migraines. The one way to be certain is to go to a neurologist and have a CAT or CT scan done and they'll be able to tell you whether there's a tumor or there's some other cause.

please often look for stuff online to help themselves and they freak out at the end over nothing. later they imagine that they have what they read about...
QUIT, go get some help from a DOCTOR!

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