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my son has upset stomach please help?
my 7 year old son, ate some sushi today with raw salmon in it... a couple of hours later he starts throwing up. he threw up 2 times and seems to feel better, but he still does not feel completely better... should i take him to the emergency room or should i wait it out..? he has no fever, and for now he is not throwing up... but not sure what to do...

have u ever heard of a doctor???

It is okay. You need to make him drink lots of water or juice. Not too much sugary juice. let him drink till he wants to pee or throw up. if he is not a water person. tell him to drink two glasses and let him lie down for a while. then he may feel like throwing up again and he will do it. throwing up is always good. if you are still not satisfied, please go to emergency room. don't give him milk.

yea it is just food poisoning. it should just pass through him.

married & still inlove
maybe he is not used the raw salmon maybe you should give him some pepto bismol or tyneol, advil of course the correct measurement for a 7 yr. old

I'd wait it out. If his conditions get worse, take him in to see a doctor. More than likely, the raw salmon just didn't settle well with his stomach. I'm not an expert at this, but I'd just do whatever feels right to you.

I don't have any children, but when I was a kid my parents usually waited it out for a dayand things turned out okay. However, to be on the safe side you might want to take him to the ER because it could be worse than whatever it was that i had as a kid.

Sounds like the worst is over. Give him some Pepto Bismal and watch to make sure he doesn't get feverish. Hope he feels good as new tomorrow!

give him room temperature coke, or pepsi, or one of the dark colas, and crackers. A doctor told me this was the easiest thing on my tummy when i had food poisoning, and it worked.

Eating raw foods when not used to it can cause vomiting.

He'll be okay. He just needs to rest a bit. At this point it's not the food, it's the vomiting that's making him feel bad.

that 240 guy
call your doctor and just ask him about it, it might be nothing, or might be a little more serious, such as something really wrong in the fish, but for that, dont take any pills, doctors just do it for the money

The fish in the sushi could have been old or bad. I would let him throw it up a little more, to get it out of his system, then I would take him down to the doctor, just to get him checked out. He could be having some sort of reaction.

Best of luck!

call a cil;inc and ask about it..

idk...his body can handle it so just let him throw up let hm clean out..
then give him flat 7up after....

but if he gets a fever then go to the emegency room

good luck

test pilot
Sounds like food poisoning for sure. Some seafood like salmon can cause bad food poisoning, especially if eaten raw. It depends on how sick he is and how he is feeling as time passes. Try ginger, either capsules available in most vitamin sections of stores or in rraw form from a health food store. Also try giving him some ginger ale to drink. If he keeps showing signs of stomach problems take him to a doctor or ER.

Allison C
Umm, give him flat lemonade.
He will be alright.

Your son is most likely a victim of food poisoning. There are minor cases of this but there are also fatal ones.

I recommend you rush him up to a medical center ASAP. better safe than sorry.

Kati S.
wait out, things should get better. give him sum sprite to calm his stomach and stuff but only let him take sips not too much at once.

No, it just sounds like food poisoning! It will pass thru his system soon....just keep him hydrated.

Make him throw it up once more.One time I ate too much nachos with cheese and threw up 4 times(every other hour at night) and felt better, but couldn't go to school the next day.Too throw up faster, drink lots of cold water and have him walk around.I don't know why, but it helps you throw up faster when you have like food poisoning or something.

don't u worry.just give him a glass full of lemon water and let him sleep for a while.

Lindsay's Putative Sangfroid
Sleep on right side, drink water. Call your doctor and ask what to do.

The Monk
give him some rehydration solution "pinch of salt, teaspoon of sugar in a glass of water", let him throw up so that the problem is out. but if he throws up more than six - 8 times imdtly take him to a doc. most probably he is okay now, u can also try a half sliced lemon with salt & pepper on the sliced portion which he can keep licking

i dont think feeding sushi to children is safe.. their systems cant handle it like adults ... see a doctor

Please please for the sake of your sons health SEE A DOCTOR

It could be food poisoning, most likely.
But you could try (seeing as he might have wind or something) putting a hot water bottle on his stomach for say 15-30mins and see how that works out for him.

I hope it nothing too bad!
Good Luck!!

Definitely try to keep him hydrated with some pedialite, water, gatorade, etc. If you ate the same thing, are you sick as well?? If not he may just have a virus but if you didn't eat what he did it is very possible he has food poisoning. Make sure you keep track of when he goes to the bathroom, try to pump fluids in him. If he doesn't urinate by morning please take him to the ER. Sometimes IV fluids are the only way to fix dehydration.

Princess Veronica's Mom
If he continues to throw up uncontrollably, then yes, you must take him to see a doctor. If not then keep a good eye on him thru the night and he will probably be fine. Call the Dr. in the morning if you have any concerns.
* Please, no matter what any one else says (or for that matter what I say) use your best judgment....

Sounds like the worst is over and his body has taken care of the problem. As long as he has stopped throwing up and there is no fever just keep him hydrated and comfortable and he should be ok tomorrow. If he isn't, take him to a doctor. Sorry he feels so bad.Hope he feels better soon.

give him liquids so he wont dehydrate. water, gaterade,and even popcicles are good. wait a few hours and if hes still feeling really bad then i would go to the er. i hope everything goes well for him and yourself.

Ronda B
He could have food poisoning or he could be allergic to what he ate. I would watch him closely and see how he feels in a few hours. If he keeps throwing up or comes down with a fever I would go to the emergency room. Try to get him to drink clear liquids.

you should givehim a white softdrink like sprite,added with piece of lemon,and warm his belly by rubbing it with your own hand ,that should help him.

Probably just food poisoning. It will pass through his system in the next day or so. In the meantime offer plenty of clear fluids and don't push him to eat. Things like broth and crackers will be easiest on the tummy. Bananas are supposed to be good for cleansing the system too.

If He is continuing to vomit, get him to the hospital. If the throwing up has stopped and he can hold down both liquids and solids he should be alright. That being said, you should not take health advice here and just give the doctor a call. He will most likely say the same thing but you should be sure.

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